Loucetios the Fox

Biographical Information
AgeEarly/mid 20s
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Grey w/ white tail-tips
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Muzzle: White
  • White labcoat
  • Black elbow-length gloves
  • Bands aroubd wrist and right below elbow
  • Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Loucetios the Fox is a bright grey Tails recolor, and head strategist and tactitian of The Nine Raiju Fangs.


Loucetios is quite cold and apathetic, rarely showing any emotion aside from condescendence and arrogance towards those he believes to be less intelligent than him, and a maniac zeal when fighting opponents directly, overwhelming them with his strategies. Contrary to what many believe, Loucetios is fully willing to fight at the front lines; however, he prefers to fight under circumstances favorable to him and his allies, and is not above taking a strategic retreat. Loucetios shows very little respect for people who are merely very powerful; he will only respect those with great intelligence. Despite this, Loucetios loyally follows and greatly respects his leader Suarra, seeing him as a great man and even greater leader.


Loucetios is a bright grey Tails recolor, with orange eyes and white muzzle, chestfur, and tail-tips. He wears black elbow-length gloves, with metal bands on his wrists and a few inches below his elbows. He also wears a white knee-length lab coat, which is open from the waist down. In addition, he wears a pair of basic black shoes with matching soles.


Loucetios is extremely intelligent and tactical, able to think up complex and effective strategies in mere moments. In addition, Loucetios controls the Magnetism element with great capability. Loucetios can input a magnetic charge in his surroundings in a near instant, then control said surroundings with full control and seemingly little effort. Loucetios can control the size and shape of the material he pulls out, but can only alter (i.e. bend, contort) the shape of naturally ferrous material. Loucetios can control large quantities of various materials with little strain, and control their movement perfectly.


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