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What mysteries lay in the cold depths of space? Well, one rag-tag band are about to find a few.

Included Characters


  • Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • GLaDOS


  • Zonic
  • Eclipse
  • Wheatly

Chapter 1

Unknown Planet. Crash site.

Shadow kicked some wreckage off of himself and stumbled up. He brushed dirt off of his shoulder and his knees. He looked around. Not much to see other than a crash site with burning wreckage. Sonic pulled himself out of the wreckage and held his arm.

"Humph. So much for your piloting skills." Shadow spoke. Sonic rolled his eyes and looked into the distance. Shadow folded his arms and tapped his foot.

"Wasn't even my fault." Sonic spoke. "Oh really? Do tell how you are so innocent." Shadow retorted. "Well i had everything under control until you woke that AI..." Sonic responded in a cynical tone.

"So, how are you two? Because i'm nearly dead!" GLaDOS spoke as she rose from the wreckage. "Great... Now i have to put up with both of you..." Shadow mumbled. "Touche." GLaDOS spoke. "Great... This day can't get any worse." Sonic sighed, looking into the sky. He could see the two Moons of the Planet up above. "You could screw up again." Shadow berated. The two Hedgehogs began to argue. "My project better be fine... For their sake." GLaDOS mumbled. She disappeared into the wreckage.

After a while, the new GLaDOS emerged, but Sonic and Shadow didn't notice. They were still arguing. GLaDOS had gained a new body. She appeared as a young woman, around 20, with long, flowing, white hair that reached her back; she had smooth, peach skin, with two differently colored eyes. Her right eye, purple, and her left eye, yellow. She was wearing a silver skin tight suit with yellow lines down her arms, sides, and legs. The lines stopped at her wrists and ankles respectively. Over that she was wearing a black, sleeveless top, with a yellow line down the middle, and black sleeves from her wrists to her forearms.

Sonic and Shadow stopped arguing. "I hope you fools are done now. You were very aggravating." GLaDOS spoke. She still had her cynical and seductive tone but she no longer sounded robotic. Shadow just folded his arms and looked into the distance, but Sonic couldn't look away. He had to keep his jaw from dropping at the sight of the new GLaDOS. GLaDOS just looked at the holo-pad she had generated and held in her hands. Sonic got a nosebleed and fell backwards. Shadow looked at him with a confused look. GLaDOS glanced over at Sonic. His foot twitching as he laid there. "Must be the crash. Such a fragile creature." GLaDOS spoke.

Chapter 2

A short while later the trio were trudging through a snow covered jungle, with GLaDOS at the front of the group. She was still looking at her holo-pad as she walked. Sonic and Shadow were stuck with carrying a box each. Shadow hated being forced to perform such a task, but Sonic had no complaint whatsoever, he was determined to impress GLaDOS. As you could guess the other two were completely oblivious to Sonic's new love interest. 

"Hmm... You may stop for a rest." GLaDOS spoke as she came to a halt. The other two stopped and placed their boxes on the ground. They then sat on the boxes. But Sonic decided to stand up.

"Here GLaDOS. Take a seat." Sonic suggested. GLaDOS looked up from her holo-pad. "Very well then." GLaDOS spoke before sitting down. "May i ask where we are heading?" Sonic inquired. "You just did, so i will provide the answer." GLaDOS replied. "Ok." Sonic spoke. "We are heading to a location atop that mountain in the distance. I've pinpointed an area with a concentration of energy around it." GLaDOS informed. "And that is why you're a genius." Sonic complimented. "No. This is what anyone would do, even you two." GLaDOS spoke, not caring for compliments. "Uh... Of course! How could i not think that..." Sonic responded. "How indeed." GLaDOS sighed.

"What is your problem circuit brain?" Shadow growled. "I could have 99 problems in a minute... You not being one." GLaDOS grinned. "Wanna test that?" Shadow glared. "I love to test... I get a lot of pleasure from testing." GLaDOS replied. "Shadow! Calm down... The lady is trying to get us out of a bad situation, which i alone am responsible for." Sonic interjected. "Sonic... Did you just admit you screwed up?" Shadow spoke in a surprised tone. "Yes... And if GLaDOS needs to punish someone for stupidity, let it be me." Sonic replied. "Hmm... Humility. This isn't a competition, but if it was, i'd like the blue one more." GLaDOS muttered. Sonic felt accomplished upon hearing that. "The crash must have damaged your brain." Shadow spoke. "Hmm... I'd like to test that." GLaDOS spoke. "Go right ahead." Sonic smiled. "Very well, come on then." GLaDOS replied, patting her leg.

Sonic walked over and GLaDOS motioned for him to sit on her lap. Sonic was confused but quickly obeyed. He gently sat on GLaDOS' lap and she put her left hand on his back. Sonic found the touch very gentle. GLaDOS clicked her fingers and a spark appeared. She scanned through Sonic's head and he found it to tickle a bit. Unlike everybody else, Sonic was not unnerved by GLaDOS' gaze and he found the purple and yellow eyes looking at him to be rather hypnotic. GLaDOS just gave him a casual look as she scanned his mind.

"Well... No damage detected. Though you have a... fascinating mind, Sonic... Very fascinating." GLaDOS spoke, giving Sonic a somewhat suggestive grin. "Good to hear then." Sonic replied as he got up. "Yes, well, break is over. We should get moving." GLaDOS spoke. She stood up and began to walk. Shadow and Sonic picked up the boxes and followed.

Chapter 3

After an hour long trek; the trio were finally on the mountain, in a heavy snow storm, while GLaDOS was not affected due to her android body, Sonic and Shadow were freezing. But they refused to let it get to them, since Shadow has his superiority complex, and Sonic has his desire to impress GLaDOS.

"Not far now." GLaDOS spoke, twiddling her thumbs. Sonic and Shadow continued to trudge forward, braving the elements.

"Are we there yet?" Shadow asked. "Yes, actually." GLaDOS replied. They stopped. GLaDOS walked into the cave at the side, followed by the two Hedgehogs. "It's just a cave." Shadow growled. "To your blind eye, yes." GLaDOS chuckled. She clapped her hands together and sent a bolt of electricity into the wall... Revealing a metal door.

"That was cool." Sonic spoke. "I expected you would be easily amused." GLaDOS responded. "Hmm... It's not opening." Shadow spoke. "And the award goes to..." GLaDOS mocked. "Allow me." Sonic grinned. He homing attacked the door, causing it to malfunction and open. "Hmm... Lucky." GLaDOS acknowledged. Sonic picked up his box and they walked through the door. "Time to make some home improvements..." GLaDOS spoke.

Three hours later.

Shadow was trying to put a panel on the ceiling in place. He was trying hard not to fall of his ladder at the same time. Sonic was working on reactivating a generator. Somehow he managed to get it to work... After many shocks. "Got it GLaDOS." Sonic called out. "Ah, good." GLaDOS spoke. Shadow managed to fit the panel on the ceiling. "A-ha!" Shadow grinned. He stumbled and fell off the ladder. "Damn..." Shadow muttered. GLaDOS sighed at his failure. A panel in the next room fell. "Oh for the love of..." Shadow growled. He stumbled up and ran into the next room with the ladder, closing the door behind him. GLaDOS sat in her chair as the computer attached to the wall booted up. Sonic walked up.

"Is there anything else you need, GLaDOS?" Sonic inquired. GLaDOS looked up from her holo-pad. "Hmm... Would you be a dear and see if we have an Apple in storage? With this new body, i'd like to test out a few things." GLaDOS spoke. "Sure thing, GLaDOS." Sonic replied. He went and rummaged through the storage box. Eventually he found a shiny green apple. He took it straight to GLaDOS. "Looks good." GLaDOS spoke. She took a bite and chewed. "Hmm... I expected less, but i find it rather nice. Much better than Potatoes." GLaDOS spoke. "So can you really taste it?" Sonic inquired. "Why yes. I can choose to feel, smell, and taste whatever i wish... Did i mention you have very soft skin and fur for a Hedgehog?" GLaDOS informed. "Um... Thanks... I... Uh... Didn't know." Sonic stuttered. He didn't think she'd of took note. "I detect you are feeling worn out. If you so wish, you can go and sleep. Shadow can too after he finishes. Rest assured... I have everything under control." GLaDOS spoke. "Uh, thanks, GLaDOS." Sonic replied.

Chapter 4

Sonic was in a deep slumber on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed in another room, he shuffled about a bit as he slept.

'Sonic slowly opened his eyes and looked at the metal ceiling above him. He sat up and pulled himself out of bed. He looked around the room. Shadow was fast asleep on the top bunk, snoring heavily. Sonic sighed and walked to the door. He let it slide open and he walked out of the room. He walked through the main room, thinking it was empty. But GLaDOS was sat on the floor to his right; resting in a position similar to a french-girl pose, with her right arm resting on a companion cube as she held her holo-pad in her left hand, she deactivated her holo-pad and looked at the Hedgehog. "It appears you couldn't sleep." GLaDOS spoke, catching the Hedgehog's attention. Sonic looked to his right. GLaDOS had a contempt expression, almost as if she was bored. "Uh... Yeah... Something like that." Sonic replied. GLaDOS motioned for him to walk over, and so he did, sitting down himself. GLaDOS took a bite out of an apple before looking at him. "If you like, i could perform a few tests to see what the problem is." GLaDOS suggested. "I don't see the harm in it." Sonic spoke. "Good to hear." GLaDOS spoke. She moved the companion cube away. GLaDOS scanned Sonic's mind. "Hmm... It appears there is a lot of tension... Have you tried to relieve the tension at any point?" GLaDOS informed. "Uh... No." Sonic replied. "Hmm... Then i doubt you'd have any ideas on how to start... But i do have a few. Let's test." GLaDOS grinned. "Umm... Ok then." Sonic replied. GLaDOS pressed her Lips against his, catching Sonic off guard, and allowing her to take control. She pushed him to the ground as she continued the kiss. She finally pulled away before Sonic lost all of his breath. "Hmm... Tastes like chili dog." GLaDOS chuckled as she pinned him to the floor. "What... The..." Sonic was out of breath. "Like i said... I want to try new things... And you look delicious..." GLaDOS purred. GLaDOS moved her long, flowing white hair out of the way and locked lips with Sonic again. Sonic wrapped his arms around her as she ran her hands along his head spikes. "Best... Test... Ever..." Sonic mumbled as they kissed. "Come here my test-hog... I haven't even began the test..." GLaDOS chuckled in a sinister and seductive tone.'

Shadow was standing over the sleeping Sonic; holding a glass of water, and wearing a red night hat with a yellow ball on the top, that hung next to his face. Shadow had a confused expression as Sonic developed a nosebleed and began to mumble. A question mark popped up above Shadow's head.

"He has serious issues." Shadow mumbled, before drinking his water.

Chapter 5

Sonic truly awoke from his dreams this time. He could hear the sounds of movement. He looked at his pillow, the blood from his nosebleed was still there.

"Oh crud... Even in my sleep." Sonic sighed.

"You need to get that looked at, Sonic." Shadow spoke as he walked into the room. "It's probably nothing." Sonic defended, since Shadow wasn't familar with that kind of stuff so he could easily hide it. "Sonic, it's happened twice now, even in your sleep. The crash may not have damaged your brain, but it did something." Shadow replied. "I'll be fine." Sonic insisted. Shadow just sighed and shrugged. "Anyway... Time to get up." Sonic spoke. He jumped out of bed and put his socks; shoes, and gloves on. Then he exited the room. "He wants to get to work now!? It's as if he's trying to impress someone." Shadow spoke.

GLaDOS was pacing back and forth in her lab, trying to figure something out.

"Hmm..." She was pondering something. She took a bite out of an apple and looked at her holo-pad on the side of the table next to her. "Hmm... Could it be used?" GLaDOS questioned. "Hmm... Of course! Now how will i retrieve it?" GLaDOS followed up. She folded her arms but lifted her left arm so she could place her hand on her chin as she thought. There came a knocking behind.

"Hi GLaDOS, i was just wondering if you needed anything?" Sonic spoke as he stood in the doorway. GLaDOS turned around. "Ah Sonic, from that brain scan before i never expected you would wake so early." GLaDOS responded. "Well, i guess there must be a reason, hey?" Sonic chuckled. "Indeed... Hmm... life has given me lemons today." GLaDOS sighed. "Lemons, hey? I have a little thing about life and lemons. What would i want with life's lemons? I never asked for them! When life gives you lemons, throw them in life's face! Demand to speak to life's manager! Do they know who i am? I'm the one who's going to burn their houses down, with the lemons!" Sonic ranted with a grin. GLaDOS developed a small smile as she watched the Hedgehog rant. "What a great perception on life, Sonic..." GLaDOS complimented. "Gee, thanks. Now, can i help you with your problem?" Sonic replied. "Hmm... I'd appreciate that. I need you to retrieve an object from this location." GLaDOS informed and showed Sonic a holographic map. "No problem!" Sonic grinned.

Chapter 6

Sonic ran through a snow covered field, leaving a trench in the snow behind him as he ran. He jumped over a ravine and ran up a tree, upon reaching the top he mimicked a sailor looking out while on a ship mast. He jumped down and spindashed forward through the snow before running up a hill and jumping at the peak of the slope, as to propel himself into the air. As he glided on the air currents he looked below him, locating anotner ravine, he dived down into the ravine. Before he reached the bottom he curled up into a ball before uncurling and spreading himself out to slow his descent. He flipped around and landed safely. He stood up and looked around, trying to find something. He picked up a stone and chucked it at a wall. The wall flickered as if it was an illusion. Sonic moved his glove on his left hand up to reveal a wrist communications device.

"Say GLaDOS... Could you send me a device of some kind that saps power from machines?" Sonic spoke into the comms.

"I'll do what i can... Hold on." GLaDOS' voice sounded from the comms. "Thanks." Sonic replied. There was a bit of a delay but in a few seconds a blue portal opened up in the wall behind him and a box fell out of it. The portal closed. Sonic walked over to the box and kicked it open. A triangular device with a glowing light in the middle was within. Sonic grabbed the device and looked it over, he pressed the button on one of the edges and threw it at the fake wall. The device exploded and electrical based currents sparked everywhere, the wall disappeared. "Not bad..." Sonic spoke.

A gigantic sealed doorway was where the fake wall used to be. Sonic walked up to it. Scratching his head, he looked it over. He stroked his chin before shrugging. He kicked the doorway... Too hard. He grabbed his foot and yelped as small red icons resembling a medical cross appeared around his head. Steam puffed out of his ears and he grated his teeth. He ran backwards before jumping up and homing attacking the doorway multiple times. He jumped away and looked at the doorway. Nothing had changed.

"Have you tried the button at the side of the doorway?" GLaDOS sighed over the comms. Sonic looked at a button on the wall next to the doorway. He grated his teeth in frustration. He ran over and pressed the button. He walked over to his previous position as the doorway slowly opened. A blinding light emerging from the opening as the two halves moved away from each other. Sonic put his arm in front of his face and looked away as the light shone. The process ended and the light disappeared, Sonic looked at what was before him... A normal metal door with a seat next to it. A question mark appeared above his head.

Chapter 7

Sonic walked through the ancient hallway that the door lead to until he came to another door. He let it open then walked into the room. It was a large hall with stone pillars and broken statues.

"And the device is right in there." GLaDOS spoke over the comms. Sonic walked over to a rectangular stone crate of some kind. Sonic scratched his head as he looked for a way to open it.

"Hmm... It may be broken in some way... Maybe if i used force..." Sonic pondered. "Whatever you do, do not damage the device!" GLaDOS ordered over the comms. "Don't worry, i got this." Sonic assured GLaDOS. "Now i'm worried..." GLaDOS sighed. Sonic charged up his Spindash but a mysterious assailant attempted to drop kick him. Sonic rolled out of the way in time, making the attacker kick the stone crate, cracking it. The attacker was wearing Zone-Cop armor and appeared to be a Hedgehog. The mystery guest freed his foot and activated the energy tonfas in his hands, twirling them about. A shoulder cannon also rose up from the attacker's left shoulder. "Who the hell is that!? And why is he getting in my way!?" GLaDOS shouted through the comms. "I don't know." Sonic replied. "Turn him into a mark on the sidewalk!" GLaDOS growled. The attacker's visor lifted up and underneath was Zonic the Zone-Cop.

"I'm afraid that won't be an option..." Zonic spoke. "Get out of my way, Zonic." Sonic ordered. "The device belongs to me." Zonic retorted. "Very well then... Let's tango." Sonic grinned.

Sonic jumped up into the air and charged a homing attack, propelling himself at Zonic. Zonic blocked with his energy tonfas, and sparks flew as Sonic grated against them. Zonic forced him back and Sonic crashed into a pillar. Zonic rushed forward in an attempt to slice Sonic; but the Hedgehog had jumped out of the way in time, so Zonic sliced the stone pillar in half instead, Sonic then spun round in the air as he headed towards Zonic and roundhouse kicked him. Zonic went flying into a wall but sent out two laser bolts from his shoulder cannon in retaliation. An orange portal opened on the ceiling and an energy sword with a resemblance to Caliburn dropped in. Sonic caught it and deflected the laser bolts.

"Thanks GLaDOS." Sonic spoke. "Just deal with him." GLaDOS replied.

Zonic rushed forward, holding his energy tonfas in an icepick fashion, and collided the tonfa beams with Sonic's sword beams. Sparks flied and the Hedgehogs growled at each other. Zonic kicked Sonic backwards and he managed to land on a bench. He sat back in a mocking manner and twirled his sword left and right as it leaned against the bench. "I got time to play..." Sonic grinned.

"Tough guy, hey?" Zonic spoke. He rushed forward, knocking more benches towards Sonic, but Sonic jumped over him. Sonic landed and looked behind him. Zonic was sat atop a pile of benches.

"Getting better." Sonic grinned. The two Hedgehogs charged at each other again and clashed with their weapons in a power struggle. Sparks were flying and energy was surging. Zonic overpowered Sonic and knocked his energy sword into the air. Zonic was about to run Sonic through but a blue portal opened below Sonic, who fell in. It closed and reopened behind Zonic. Sonic homing attacked Zonic as he shot out of the portal, sending Zonic crashing into a pillar and knocking him out. Sonic walked over to the broken stone crate and pushed the top off. He reached in and picked up a glowing orb. Sonic looked at the defeated Zonic before leaving via the portal, which closed behind him as he left.

Chapter 8

Sonic walked out of a blue portal and into the lab of GLaDOS' base. Shadow was wearing a blue cap and mopping the floor. He was grumbling as he mopped past Sonic, who was stood there confused. Shadow stopped moving and looked at Sonic. 

"How was your little adventure? Did you have fun kicking ass and taking names? Because i, the ultimate lifeform, have been reduced to janitor work!" Shadow growled.

"Not my fault... I just offered to help out." Sonic replied. Shadow stopped mopping. "Wanna help? Grab a mop!" Shadow snapped. "I mean help GLaDOS." Sonic smirked. "I was asked to help out too... By cleaning the base!" Shadow retorted. "Well come with me next time." Sonic spoke. "Maybe i will..." Shadow replied. "Very well then. See ya." Sonic grinned, as he re-adjusted Shadow's blue cap and gave him a pat on the back. Sonic walked off as the red anger symbols popped up around Shadow's head.

Sonic went and found GLaDOS to give her the device he had taken. GLaDOS was reading something on her holo-pad as Sonic approached.

"Good to see it is in one piece." GLaDOS spoke.

"So, what is this thing anyway?" Sonic asked. "I'll put it simply so you can comprehend it... Imagine a powerful battery that would never run out." GLaDOS informed. "Sounds simple enough." Sonic spoke. "Of course. I explained it in lamen's terms, in truth there is a vast amount of science involved." GLaDOS replied. "I expected that..." Sonic chuckled. "I expected you to expect that, after all, i scanned your entire mind before." GLaDOS responded. "Uh... Yeah..." Sonic spoke. "How's your sleep anyways? Shadow told me." GLaDOS followed up. A sly grin across her face. "Umm... Alright..." Sonic gulped. GLaDOS looked at her holo-pad. "Really? Nosebleeds during sleep can't be a good sign." GLaDOS grinned. "I'm fine, honest." Sonic insisted. GLaDOS pressed a button on the computer. "Shadow, feel free to go out and try and track Zonic." GLaDOS spoke through the PA system.

Shadow fist-pumped the air; threw the cap and mop away, grabbed his Katana from storage, and ran out of the base. GLaDOS just looked at her holo-pad with a grin as Sonic stood there, looking awkward.

"I'll ask again, are you sure you're fine?" GLaDOS spoke.

"I'm perfectly fine, trust me." Sonic insisted. "Physically yes, emotionally no." GLaDOS smiled. "Well, maybe it's just the air..." Sonic suggested. "I could do this all day and watch you try to hide it, and i would love every second." GLaDOS chuckled. Sonic scratched his head. "Sonic i scanned your mind and you thought i wouldn't know? How pitiful..." GLaDOS sighed. Sonic gulped. "Ok, ok... So i have a bit of a... Crush on... You... I'm only Mobian." Sonic spoke. GLaDOS had a devilish smile on her face and she juggled an apple in her left hand. "Well... I'd of thought your courage wouldn't have faltered over such a menial thing. You know i had a lovely time studying your mind?" GLaDOS taunted, as she had a metal claw pop out of the ceiling and grab Sonic, bringing him over to her. GLaDOS took a bite out of the apple as Sonic hung upside down. "And i must admit, it was so nice having a man do my dirty work..." GLaDOS continued. She took another bite. A hole in the floor opened up below the dangling Sonic. "How could i of been so foolish...?" Sonic sighed. "You're right... You wern't honest. How foolish." GLaDOS grinned. Sonic closed his eyes and the claw dropped him...

He opened his eyes, he was on GLaDOS lap and not in a pit. GLaDOS looked down at him as she took another bite of her apple, her purple and yellow eyes staring straight at his green eyes. GLaDOS placed her hand on his head and gently stroked him.

"You are a cruel, cruel, woman..." Sonic sighed with relief.

"The funny thing is, i wasn't even planning to kill you at any point... That pit has a spring that would of bounced you back to me... I missed." GLaDOS informed.

"So what now?" Sonic asked.

"Well i could toy with you... I have you wrapped around my finger anyway..." GLaDOS grinned.

"So cruel..." Sonic sighed.

"Having an interest in me is like having a contract with the devil... But i went to the effort of getting us alone... So Sonic, your dream is here." GLaDOS spoke with a sinister tone.

Chapter 9

Shadow walked through the snow covered jungle, following a trail of footprints. He looked left and right at times in case of an ambush. He had an accomplished grin upon his face.

"How the tables have turned. I am out hunting down our foes while Sonic is stuck in the base, stuck with a boring task of some kind. I hope he is being forced to clean everything. Now i have all the fun." Shadow spoke. He had no idea that back at the base Sonic was having the time of his life, and not on house cleaning duty. "I bet he is so bored right now." Shadow grinned. He was completely clueless. "I have such a fun task that will surely lead to adrenaline filled action, and he is scrubbing the floors!" Shadow gloated. Shadow could not be further from the truth. "The ultimate life form always wins." Shadow continued to gloat. You know GLaDOS even gave Sonic a CAKE since he was hungry? "I bet he's starving as well!" Shadow chuckled. Getting colder Shadow. "I can't wait to rub it all in his face... He'd be so angry he missed out on such fun." Shadow continued. Oh he wouldn't want to be anywhere else Shadow, trust me. "But i must push on now. Gloat later." Shadow grinned. The cake was chocolate as well... Had icing... And cherries... He's still gloating isn't he? "I have great luck in the end! I always win!" Shadow chuckled as he walked off. Hold on guys... *tears down the fourth wall* Shadow! They're in bed together! Sonic was given cake as well! *Hides behind the fourth wall again* "WHAT!?" Shadow screams at the top of his lungs. Sorry about the intrusion folks, on with this anime style story.

Chapter 10

Eclipse was helping Zonic to walk by holding Zonic's arm over his shoulder as the two trudged forward through the snow covered jungle.

"Next time we both take on the Hedgehog..." Zonic mumbled.

"You told the boss you could handle him." Eclipse sniggered. "I underestimated him... I will not be so careless next time." Zonic snapped. "Humph. I blame the idiot for having so much faith in your abilities." Eclipse retorted. "Humph... Say what you wish, but you too would of failed." Zonic scowled. A chaos spear hit the duo and they went flying into a tree. Eclipse stood back up and crushed a shard of tree in his hand as he growled. Shadow jumped down from a tree and scowled at Eclipse.

"It's been a while. How about a hug from your Brother? Or better yet... A hug from this!?" Shadow exclaimed, throwing a chaos spear. Eclipse caught the chaos spear in his hand, making it crackle and spark, he threw it back at Shadow. Shadow used his katana to cut it in half, making it dissolve afterwards.

"Ah Shadow, what brings you to this rock?" Eclipse growled. "Truth be told... I was told there would be a party." Shadow mocked. The brothers walked in a circle, on the opposite side from each other. "I have no time for your arrogance." Eclipse scowled. "Humph, then we should get this over quickly." Shadow grinned. They stopped walking. "Good..." Eclipse spoke. They charged at each other; with Eclipse teleporting his Black Arms sword into his hand, the brothers clashed, both holding each other's blade, blood dripping from their hands. They kicked each other away.

They glared at each other before charging again. Their blades clashing as they ran past each other. Shadow used his katana to fire dark chaos energy at Eclipse with a slice to the air, but Eclipse deflected the curved bolt with his Black Arms sword.  They charged at one another again and each began to slash at the other with rapid slices, though they were just deflecting each other's attacks with their own. They began to power struggle but they both knocked each other's blade away.

"Very well then..." Shadow spoke.

Shadow homing attacked Eclipse; knocking him back, but Eclipse grabbed onto a tree branch and swung around. Letting go, and propelling forward, he kicked Shadow in the stomach. Shadow grunted as he was forced backwards but he knocked Eclipse away with a chaos spear. Eclipse tumbled about until he dug his claws into the ground and came to a halt. He rushed forward as Shadow fired multiple chaos spears in mid air, side stepping each one and punching Shadow in the face. Shadow recovered and dodged a claw swipe, giving Eclipse a knee to the stomach and a kick to the face. They landed on the ground and Eclipse uppercutted Shadow. Shadow flipped and landed safely, then using a spindash on Eclipse. Eclipse went flying into a tree. Shadow grabbed Eclipse's Black Arms sword and threw it, impaling Eclipse on the tree. Shadow picked up his katana and put it in it's sheath.

"Getting better." Eclipse spoke. He pushed himself off of the tree and landed on the ground. He pulled his Black Arms sword from his chest.

"Humph. I thought you would just give up." Shadow scowled.

"Maybe i'll pay Rouge and Silver a visit when i get off of this rock and let you rot here." Eclipse grinned.

"You got a jacked up notion of fair play, pal... And it's starting to piss me off." Shadow replied, pulling out his pistol and shot Eclipse twice. Eclipse shrugged and the bullets were pushed back out of him.

"We had better report to Wheatly. Come on." Zonic interjected. He ran off.

"Sayonara, for now." Eclipse spoke. He ran after Zonic. Shadow put his gun back in Hammerspace and walked off.

Chapter 11

Shadow walked into the base and looked around. Nobody was about.

"That mysterious voice wasn't lying after all." Shadow spoke.

Sonic walked out of a room to Shadow's right. He had a sort of a bed hair look, as his spikes were sticking out and not straight like normal, a bit like Sonic Boom Sonic only all of his spikes were messy. His gloves, socks, and shoes were also gone. He had a sly grin across his face and he was eating a slice of cake from a plate. He looked over at Shadow.

"Hey up Shadster." Sonic chuckled.

"Dear god... You only just finished? I was gone for 3 hours!" Shadow exclaimed. Sonic gave him a plain look. "There was breaks... There was a big cake to deal with..." Sonic replied. "Must resist USB jokes..." Shadow mumbled. "Don't." Sonic frowned. "You know she can control you know, right?" Shadow spoke. He sat down on a couch and put his Katana to the side. "She can do whatever she wants, i don't give a damn." Sonic chuckled. He took a bite out of the cake slice. "This is why i call you blue idiot." Shadow sighed. "Hey. Your girlfriend is in another galaxy far, far, away. I don't see you getting lucky like me anytime soon." Sonic spoke. "I wouldn't call it luck." Shadow responded. "And there was cake." Sonic followed up. "Shut up! You know chocolate is my favorite!" Shadow snapped.

GLaDOS was stood in the door way, holding a silver quilt around herself to cover up. Her hair wasn't straight and formal anymore as it was sticking out and curled at times.

"If you want cake so much, there's another over there." GLaDOS informed. She pointed to a chocolate cake with icing and cherries on top over on a table. Shadow rushed over but a glass box shot up and encased the table. Shadow could not reach the cake and could only look at it from behind the glass.

"Noooooo!" Shadow cried out and dropped to his knees. GLaDOS and Sonic laughed.

"That never gets old." GLaDOS chuckled. Sonic put the empty plate on a table next to him. He put his arm around GLaDOS' waist and they locked lips. Shadow had his hands and face pressed against the glass box as the other two walked into the other room.

"What am i supposed to do?" Shadow asked.

"Oh, go play a game or something." GLaDOS sighed before closing the door. Shadow looked at the closed door with a frown. Shadow sighed.

Chapter 12

Shadow was sat at the computer, asleep and with a chicken leg in his hand, he was snoring as he slept. Sonic and GLaDOS walked out of the room, fully dressed again, as they chuckled and giggled. GLaDOS stretched and yawned.

"That was a nice break away from everything else." GLaDOS grinned. She looked over at Shadow and frowned. She clicked her fingers and a metal claw dropped from the ceiling. It grabbed Shadow and brought him over to GLaDOS. The claw shuck him awake. He screamed like a little girl as he was forced awake. He was hanging upside down and could see GLaDOS standing there, arms folded and frowning. "No eating chicken on my seat." GLaDOS growled.

"Ye... Y... Yes... Yes, ma'am." Shadow whimpered. GLaDOS glared straight at him, as if she was looking straight into his soul.

"Very good then." GLaDOS spoke. She let him go and he face planted the floor. Sonic tried to hold in laughter. "Anyway. What was the result of your recon earlier?" GLaDOS questioned as she sat down in her chair. Shadow stumbled up. "Well... I located Zonic. He was traveling with Eclipse the Darkling, a Black Arms super soldier... And my brother. I got into a fight with Eclipse but then they retreated. I believe they mentioned they had a boss... I'm trying to recall the name..." Shadow informed, stroking his chin. GLaDOS sighed. "Oh, now i remember! They mentioned a guy called Wheatley." Shadow followed up. GLaDOS clenched her fist and electricity swirled around her arm. Her eyes glowed with anger. Shadow and Sonic looked afraid.

"Bad... Memories... GLaDOS?" Sonic inquired. "Yes! That blundering fool took over my old facility once and turned me into a potato!" GLaDOS growled. Sonic and Shadow were confused at the potato part. "I am going to hunt him down..." GLaDOS growled, a raging fire in her eyes. A dark aura surrounded her and she grinned, revealing fangs. The aura disappeared. "Let's get to work!" GLaDOS cackled.

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

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