Lost World: Sonic MMORPG

Lost World is a fan made game created by Tye. It's a MMORPG featuring many characters from both the Fanon and Official universe. It is the first game in its series where you create a player and take a journey across various places to stop the new evil rising called Gaia.


A new has arisen from the ashes of the worlds seeking domination. Who seeks this destruction ,Gaia. He has spawned minions to take over both worlds and create it in its own image. It's up to you to team up with famous sonic characters and even fan characters to stop this new evil.


It will be full posted on another wiki…


Full list of characters are on another wikia (Mostly or at least one of many user's character will be in the game)

Sonic – Main Protagonist and Guild Leader (Team Heroes)

Shadow – Supporting Hero and Guild Leader (GUN)

Silver – Supporting hero and Guild Leader (Freedom Fighters)

Tye – Main Protagonist and Guild Leader (Team Allstars)


This game draws many elements from other famous MMORPG’s (like Lost Saga and Others). This game have you take control of a customized avatar as they go on the quest to stop Gaia. You can't do this at the condition you in at the start of the game so you gonna have to go through a lot. The game is in third person view with a HUD which makes it easier for some players to see how much HP they have or experience they have. The environments are remaster and very large with some fast travel places along with vehicles to get you there faster. The game focus on the interaction between the heroes, villains and the created character.

Customized Characters

This is one of the key factors to the game itself. Once you are signed up for it you can build up to eight characters. In the game you can Chang anything to them except the height. You can buy outfits and accessories for your character. You can purchase weapons also to help you battle as well.

Features in Creation


Fur Color:



Eye Color:

Eye Shape:




This is an excellent feature to the game next to chao’s. These chibi’s are miniature versions of characters created with special abilities to help you. They have three abilities which could be anything from Speed Boosts to Special Attacks.

Skill Tree

The game includes a skill tree that can help decide what weapon skill you want to level up. You can earns these by leveling up or completing certain quest. These skill points can help you unlock special skills or new classes. It is really help and smart to have in combat.


This isn't your typical rpg where it's turned based. Your have the ability to run past them or Attack them. During fighting you could die in combat you could either resurrect your self with your chibi or let yourself die and be resurrected to the nearest rest area. In terms it's basically a different way to roleplay. Certain buttons allow you to use your acquired special attacks or you can click list to use one.


You can purchase a chao as a pet or buddy to show off or help you in combat. You can customize or change their look to something you like. These little chao's have special abilities too that can also help in combat. Make a right decision and use a certain combo to create a good combat style.

Restricted Zones/ Gaia Zones

These Zones are where some places where Gaia made a huge impact on causing things to go berserk. There are huge pools of dark matter even worse there are Gaia spawn points to cause even more trouble. Tails made fields to stop the spread of the matter and make this less complicated for them. Many mission involve you to go to the areas and most lairs are there too.

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