Lord Shinsa is a honored member of the Chi Branch Council. He is the eldest member in history, being 134 years old. Many find it odd that he could live for such a long time without any physical enhancements and still look so in shape. Despite the fact that he does appear to be old, Shinsa is incredibly powerful. He uses the "Eight Staffs of Judgment" for of which carry negative properties while the opposite four carry positive properties.



Lord Shinsa is a kinda and caring man who believes in the rights of the people. Despite popular belief, his ancient fashions do not sway him into conservative beliefs. Shinsa is very wise, but has a joyful nature about him that can make anyone comfortable around him. He is quite a noble presence about him, and many honor his incredible abilities. He often makes remarks about his age, and will warn anyone not to judge him based by appearance. Lord Shinsa is a tactical thinker, and years of dedication to the Grand Council and the protection of the Clan have sharpened his intellectual and tactical prowess. Shinsa is a generous man, and believes in the freedom of the poor. He is also an activist of the environment as well as a vegan.


Lord Shinsa wields eight powerful staffs that he can control through mental force due to magical bond. They are known as the "Eight Staffs of Judgement". These ancient staffs are possessed by ancient spirits known as; Wrath, Sorrow, Gluttony, Pride, Fidelity, Charity, Hope, and Justice. These eights staffs are decorated differently, and are color coded. Their main source of attack besides being used as weaponry is to expel magic color coded to their specific affinity (ex. the Staff of Gluttony shoots out green magic). Though Shinsa prefers to use the staffs themselves as weapons, he will use the magic in some cases. Having been trained in multiple forms of martial arts, Shinsa is surprisingly nimble and strong. His abilities along with his Sacred Art techniques allow him to compete with even the most fearsome supernatural or otherwise powerful foes. Lastly Lord Shinsa wields the Anagami Eye.


Base Stats
Spcl. Atk10
Spcl. Def8.5
Total 90.5/100
Other Stats


Sacred Art: Divine Fist- Shinsa is capable of summoning a giant hand. Shinsa then jumps onto the back of the giant hand. This giant hand crashes down onto the ground as ripples in the earth erupt from it's fingertips potentially injuring the opponent.

Sacred Art: Reckoning Alignment- One of Shinsa's most powerful attacks, Shinsa uses his Anagami Eye to see the opponents energy movement. He then hurls staffs at them threatening to pierce through their soul.

Sacred Art: Mummified Earth- A truly devastating attack. Shinsa is capable of lifting earth from the ground and allowing it to latch onto a victim. The earth is capable of slowly turning them into stone if not dodged or escaped.

Sacred Art: 8 Pillar Justu- One of Shinsa's most powerful attacks. His staffs morph drastically into tremendously large pillars that rise of the opponent. The pillars shoot at combined ball of energy at the opponent knocking them down. The pillars then drop on the opponent with Shinsa's command. If the pointed pillars connect with their target they drive through the very soul of the opponent.

Sacred Art: Earth Eruption- Shinsa can cause the earth to explode. This ability can drain his energy and is used more sparingly than not.

Sacred Art: Final Judgment- Shinsa channels the energy from each staff into himself. Through meditation, the energy shoots out at the opponent. If all forms of the energy flow into the foe they may possibly be torn apart by the wild and powerful movement of the energy flows. This move will kill Shinsa in the process, having the same effect on him as it would the enemy.


Lord Shinsa is weakened by slightly by wind attacks. Lord Shinsa is also a rather poor swimmer. He is a very sparing person, which some can take advantage of. Some of Shinsa's techniques require time to perform. He can be left open during this time. Lord Shinsa is exteptionally fast and strong for his age, meaning that while he is rather fast and strong, he pales in comparison to those in their prime.



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