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Longmire the Cat is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a Mobian white cat born in SlugTerra. However, he was recruited by Fox the Brave to join the Storm Fighters, and went with him. Currently, he is a warrior of the Storm Fighters living in Alola in exile with other refugees, due to the spread of the Metal Virus


Longmire is a tall cat with thick white fur, and blue eyes. He has a long scar on his belly, and wears a brown fedora, overcoat, and black fingerless gloves. He also wears a belt on which his blaster hangs when not in use.


Longmire is stubborn, fiercely loyal, and has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Despite this, he is a calm, friendly person. He is welcoming to newcomers, but wary around strangers, and protective of kids


Before the Series: Longmire's past is largely unknown. He was born alongside his sister Willow to their parents, Cloud and Feather. Much like Fox, Longmire lost his parents at a young age and was separated from his sister(although Longmire so far never managed to reunite with Willow). At an unknown point in time, Longmire joined the Storm Fighters, soon becoming a senior warrior.

The Legend Begins: Longmire is found by Fox and Cori, practicing his aim with his blaster. Fox sees this and recruits him into the Storm Fighters, where he remains for the rest of the series.


Longmire is a master sharp-shooter, similar to Julie-Su.


Longmire 2
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Longmire's weaknesses are unknown, though it's possible he finds it hard to hide due to his white fur. Longmire feels insecure without his hat and coat, revealing that they are gifts from his deceased father and that they once belonged to Cloud


Longmire is half-Mobian, as his father is from Mobius

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