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Longmire the Cat is a tall male anthropomorphic white cat(breed unknown, possibly American Shorthair) wearing a brown fedora and matching overcoat. He also has black fingerless gloves. He is a somewhat minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave, though he plays a major role in the Prologue of the story Storm's Battle. He is a Storm Fighter, and a sharp-shooter, as well as the former mentor of Dallas until the young dog became a warrior.


Longmire is about as tall as Fox. He has short white fur, blue eyes, a long scar on his belly(caused by Sonic.EXE), and wears a long brown overcoat, a matching brown fedora, and black fingerless gloves.


Longmire is stoic, stubborn warrior who feels a strong sense of loyalty toward Fox. He also feels a strong loyalty toward his Teammates-helping Austin to SwiftClan's camp when the young dog collapsed due to pain in his back. He is also apparently attached to his fedora and overcoat, stating that they were gifts from his father.


Before the Series: Longmire's past is largely unknown. He was born alongside his sister Willow to their parents, Cloud and Feather. Much like Fox, Longmire lost his parents at a young age and was separated from his sister(although Longmire so far never managed to reunite with Willow). At an unknown point in time, Longmire joined the Storm Fighters, soon becoming a senior warrior.

Shadow of Sonic.EXE: Longmire makes a minor appearance here. He enters the prison with Fox, catching Blitz the Arcanine and Dragon the Luxray screwing around while acting as guards. After Fox suffers a seizure, he awakes to find Longmire angrily berating the prisoners for mocking his leader.

Hunt for a Storm Fighter: Longmire first appears in the Prologue. Austin calls out to him before heading into the Lamarkie Forest. In the first Chapter, Austin asks Longmire to keep an eye on the pups before heading off.

The Lost Fox: Longmire is mentioned when it is revealed that Dallas and Dakota have been made apprentices. It's revealed that Fox made Longmire Dallas' mentor since they both had white fur, and Longmire knew how to hide effectively even though his fur was so bright.

Raging Storm: Longmire assists Splash, Braveheart, Austin, get Nomis, Dallas, and Dakota over to SwiftClan, where the two apprentices will stay with the old Noivern. Longmire worries about what Finitevus will do to them, but Austin(in contrast to his deep fear of the mad Echidna) scoffs that they have nothing to worry about, until Finitevus himself states that he can find a way to get rid of them. When Braveheart gives the signal, Longmire, Nomis, and Austin flee with the pups. Longmire and Austin later return to take part in the Storming Revolt. After the failed Revolt and Shane's death, Longmire is mentioned when Austin says the white warrior wants to stay with SwiftClan to keep an eye on the boys and avoid Finitevus, saying that he's coming as well. A couple weeks later, Longmire and Austin flee to SwiftClan's forest. Longmire later returns to take part in the second Storming Revolt, slamming into Scourge after the Moebian hedgehog is distracted by a furious Redwhisker. After Finitevus escapes, and Fox orders the arrest of the Destructix, Longmire sneers that Scourge will get the cell that Eggman had until Zorro's Shadow.

Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble: Longmire appears in the Prologue, helping Austin get to SwiftClan. He carries Austin when the young dog collapsed when his legs gave out. He and Austin make it to the camp after meeting Reedheart, and Longmire delivers the sad news of the failed Storming Revolt and Shane's death.

Austin's Adventures: In the chapter Dawn of the Storm Fighters, Longmire is mentioned to be training with Thunder the Tabby.

Storm's Battle: He only makes a physical appearance in the Prologue. He's guarding Finitevus with Michael, and is later knocked unconscious by Dark Enerjak when he returns to free Finitevus. He is later mentioned to be brought back while Austin and Storm are watching Dallas and Dakota together.


Longmire is a master sharp-shooter, similar to Julie-Su.


Longmire 2
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Longmire's weaknesses are unknown, though it's possible he finds it hard to hide due to his white fur. Longmire feels insecure without his hat and coat, revealing that they are gifts from his deceased father and that they once belonged to Cloud.

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