Lolita the Dead
(undead) Hedgehog
Fur: (Alive) soft blue (dead) pale mint blue

Hair: (Alive) Blue (Dead) teal-aqua(?)

Eyes: (Alive) Sapphire Blue (Dead) Red
A ripped up, holed Gray dress Matching boot like shoes

Possessing objects

Phasing through objects

Lolita is currently a dead (or undead) Hedgehog girl who has died sometime back. Why has she come back to life? She doesn't really know but is trying to determine the answer. Beautiful in appearance, her past consists of heartbreak and a tragic ending...

Lolita was made by Chrismh


Lolita is (was) a very cute Hedgehog girl who died at the age of 13, just when she had become a teenager. She is currently single but then again who'd want to date a dead girl? A neutral character, she currently resides at Pumpkin Hill with Wisp the Bunny.


  • Being undead/a ghost, Lolita can phase through objects, as they do the same to her currently...
  • She can posses small objects (usually for the children furries to cheer them up :3)
  • She can also float just a bit.


  • Living or dead, Lolita was always sensitive about everything.
  • Easily scared or nervous, to the point of going temporarily invisible.
  • Light can be a little bit harsh on her. So she mostly stays out of it...


Before Death: Lolita was known to be a very beautiful, pretty girl. A lot of guys desired just a glance but she didn't give anybody the time of day. Lolita always wore fancy gowns and had soft blue, curled pigtails but often wore her spikes down as well. Her skin a fair shade of peach, her eyes a sapphire/royal blue. She really liked the color pink and normally her dresses were this color, or a crimson color.

Currently: Lolita's skin has turned a soft blue color while her fur is a odd green-blue color. The inside part of her eyes are pure black, while the eye itself is red. Her bangs are very messy and cover her eye, her side quills and hair aren't brushed and messy along the edges. She wears the dress she had died in but due to aging it has become a dark, dingy gray dress with many rips, holes, and tears in it. She also had on a pair of silver boots with pieces of them now missing, and noticeably her tail is pretty banged up and she also has a hole in her chest.


As she lived: Lolita was rather vain and full of herself and grew up to be very spoiled, cursing out those who so much as gave her a look. However, when she found herself attracted to a boy who didn't like her because of this, Lolita tried to please him by offering him many wonderful items, she even tried to use appeal but nothing was working... Although she was beautiful, she was ugly inside. Which made her begin to rethink things and she realized that without being kind, she would never be truly liked or desired. After promising to return to him once she had changed, she soon met her unfortunate end...

Currently: Lolita is nothing like previously, she is the total opposite and still pines for the boy she loved. She had gone to meet him, but he honestly did not like her anymore after thinking she was only faking death as a joke and to avoid really changing herself. She begged to get him to listen but it was no use...

Now she spends her time wandering the world in search of someone to really accept her but she keeps hoping one day her love will realize she really has changed. She often sees a crying furry child and will go to comfort them.


  • Originally when made, Lolita was to be covered in blood.
  • She has no organs, which is why only a black void can be seen through her.
  • Its often rumored she's missing her right eye since its usually covered with quills/hair. Though when revealed, she really isn't.
  • Her ghostly color scheme was inspired by the ghost paintbrush on Neopets.


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