Cquote1 Did you really think you could get away from me that easily? Well, I've got news for you- it's jail time. Bye bye. Cquote2
Loki the Lynx

Loki Chronos is a cryokinetic male Mobian Lynx who was born in the world of Mobius Prime. He is an inventor, as well as a secret part-time vigilante. Loki is also the creator of Lithium, as well as her brother.


Early Life

Loki's Technological Empire

Astrid's Death and Lithium's Creation

Running Away

Lithium the Lynx: The Rise of Enerjak

The Ultimate Test of Might


Loki was at one time an outgoing individual, proud of his inventions and showing them off to everyone. Eventually, as he built up his technological empire, he became the Mobian equivalent of Tony Stark- arrogant, boneheaded, and taking everything as a joke. It wasn't until his sister Astrid died that he became the reclusive, dark person he is today.

After Astrid's death, Loki abandoned his technological empire and closed himself off entirely from the world. He became obsessed with androids, along with other types of A.I.s, believing he could "resurrect" his sister by building a robot that resembled her. This delusion made him believe Lithium was Astrid, despite her frequently telling him that she wasn't Astrid.

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Loki is a pure white Lynx with pale blue, almost silver, hair. His eyes are a dark brown that's almost black, and has several scars on his ears and chest, as well as a scar on his left eye. Loki also almost always has his claws extended, except for when working on his inventions.






  • Loki is naturally voiced by Tom Hiddleston, not only as a reference to Marvel, but also because let's face it- the guy's hot. :)
  • Although Loki Chronos is named after Loki from Marvel comics and is voiced by Tom Hiddleston, the two characters have lots of differences- in appearance as well as personality. While Marvel's Loki hates his own brother (mostly), Loki Chronos loves his sister Astrid to the point of obsession, and is willing to do anything to be with her former. Which is what led to Lithium's creation...


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