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Lois the Rat is a soldier specializing in anti-vehicle and demolitions operations within the Pyranic Empire.


Lois hardly meets any of the criteria expected of a rat. Rather than being short and wiry; she stands slightly taller than most Mobians, with dense muscle across her body from her military training and heavy combat loads. With thick black fur and cunning blue eyes; the only sign of any "weakness" comes through in her hairless tail.


The young woman is almost always seen wearing her Pyranic Empire uniform; especially as the country moves towards war. Consisting of a red mottled camouflage jacket and slacks and a pair of black leather boots, in conjunction with a simple black t-shirt, the only thing Lois has to provide a hint to her Inferno Tribe background is a fire-shaped charm on the end of a golden necklace.




Having grown up in the Inferno Tribe; Lois is exceptionally talented with pyrokinesis. Wielding fire for her is almost as natural as breathing. What is not so natural to her is raw power. Lois lacks the raw elemental power of many within the tribe, and often has to supplement her fire with additional sources. Part of this is theorized by tribe elders to be because of her abilities in toxikinesis, granting her some level of poisonous breath and acidic combat. However; this reason is regarded with some level of skepticism.

More likely; the lack of raw power behind Lois's attacks is due to her locked potential. It was revealed during her military training that the woman has a genetic evolution that is believed to be triggered by exposure to a certain compound, currently theorized to be Flare Crystals. Due to the expense and rarity of these items, this is not something she currently has the means for; though she is interested in the hopes of increasing her combat strengths and physical prowess even further.


In her role as a demolitions trooper in the Pyranic Empire's army, Lois has been trained in the use of a Hammerforge Industries EEH-38 Portable Missile Launcher. This high-powered explosive device is somewhat slow to reload; but highly effective against armored and fortified targets within a range of up to two kilometers. In order to defend herself in close-range, she is also a trained and practiced hand-to-hand fighter, with her long, hairless tail often serving as a powerful whip.



The young rat is not without weaknesses. Unlike many of her race, Lois lacks the flexibility and speed that most rats have to call upon. Instead, she has trained her body for strength, in order to handle her portable missile launcher and it's associated ammunition. Similarly; she cannot really fight Earth-wielders without her rocket launcher. While she can defend against some level of Earthen assaults; her twin elements pose no threat to an Earth wielder in return, while stronger Earth techniques simply punch through her defenses like butter.



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