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Lois the Flying Squirrox is a powered trooper assigned to G.U.N.'s Sixth Army Division. Skilled at rapid movement, Lois really comes into her own as a sharpshooter trained for rapid response and even shooting on the move.


Standing slightly below average height, Lois's rich red fur is kept trimmed within military regulation, potentially even shorter as a large birthmark is clearly evident on her back. Despite her faint lack of height, Lois makes up for it with a highly defined musculature that many soldiers would envy, toned and broad chest, with defined muscles in arms and legs. Her yellow eyes are fairly large and are often described as enhancing her already confident and controlling presence. Her tail is also longer and flatter than most foxes, assisting in her ability to glide.

Due to her role; her grey hair is kept shoulder-length in order to fit inside her helmet, usually braided to assist with that. However, often people find that their attention is caught by the woman's large and complex fur patterning and tattooing across her chest and shoulders, the pattern beginning to extend onto her bust and around it towards her stomach. While some portions of this complex design incorporate tribal markings and other geometric patterns, others claim there are names or "trophies" included within the design, especially since she has it expanded with every mission.


When off-duty, Lois tends to dress in scruffy, revealing clothes; always drawing an emphasis upon her tattoo patterning rather than purely trying to seduce with her bust. Most of her attire is a mixture of darker colors, playing off of her rich red fur and complex patterned tattoos.


As a respected powered trooper of G.U.N's speed-focused Sixth Division, Lois has made the choice to simply upgrade her old Soldier-type Battle Armor rather than replacing it with a suit that is more advanced or powerful. In her case, her armor has been painted into a pattern closer resembling her natural appearance rather than the standard camouflage or military pattern, as fitting her skill and role within the unit.

As an exoskeletal powered armor, Lois' armor assists her strength, speed and durability fairly extensively with the well-shaped body panelling. The faceplate of the helmet is a roughly 50/50 split between visor and armored sections, with her golden visor set into a vibrant red-gold helmet. Indeed, the majority of the armor is a mix of red and bronze sections, detailed in complex patterns across the chest, arms and thighs in a design both remotely similar to and yet distinct from her normal tattoos.

In addition to the custom paint scheme, Lois has her suit fitted out with a number of modifications to help improve mobility to the maximum. A Razor-type Armor Dash Unit is fitted to improve her ground speed drastically, allowing her to easily outpace many other powered troops and even some light vehicles from other divisions. Similarly, a thrust vectoring system built into the backplate of her suit allows her to mimic her natural skill at gliding.



As a Flying Squirrox, a hybrid between a flying squirrel and a fox, Lois has the ability to achieve a level of pseudo-flight comparable to beings such as Ray the Flying Squirrel, a form of advanced gliding that occasionally crosses over into proper flight in the right circumstances.

Lois has made her reputation fairly quickly as a sharpshooter for the rather quick-moving faction. Part of this is due to her genetic ability Self Instruction, a form of innate inner voice that protects her from distraction, negative mental status effects and to some degree some level of accuracy inhibition. Thanks to that ability, combined with her rapid reflexes and the additional stabilizing provided by her armor, she has quickly climbed the ranks as an expert marksman for the powered armor corp within the Speedy Sixth.

Lois' weapon of choice is a Slug & Pulse Model 21 Bolt-Action Rifle, a weapon that fires an energy-coated bullet at high speeds over long distances. While she has never pushed the weapon anywhere near it's maximum range potential, the young hybrid has used this weapon to make her reputation, and she doesn't intend to change that any time soon. To the surprise of many, Lois does not even employ a mounted sight atop the gun, instead relying upon technology built into her combat armor to serve the same role.

Outside of her skill at arms, her Soldier-type Battle Armor helps to enhance her physical strength, reflexes, durability and especially speed, all of which make her surprisingly potent in hand-to-hand combat. As a member of the Sixth Army Division; Lois has a need for speed, and considering her armor can help her outpace many light military vehicles it helps to scratch that itch. Similarly, Lois's hand to hand skill is highly refined in the G.U.N. standard style, with her skill pushed up an extra notch by the armor's innate strength and reflex acceleration, while the ability to shrug off impacts is always appreciated.

Lois also possesses notable psychic powers, both in hypnotic and telekinetic forms. However, she tends to utilize these as a last resort, saving the powers and the amplification her Self Instruction can offer for emergencies.

As a powered trooper, Lois has a pronounced weakness to thermal and electrical weaponry, both of which can cause her injuries through her armor. Similarly, magnetic powers can simply rip her armor apart. Without the suit, it is certain that Lois would be less threatening, though how much less is not as certain.








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