Lois Furr is a military-grade courier from the somewhat government tolerated Borderless Deliveries, an affiliate of the Chaotix. An airlynx and mech pilot; Lois has a reputation both for her somewhat airheaded appearance and her downgunned heavy mech that she pilots like something vastly smaller to great effect.

Lois Furr

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Dark purple, with tan skin
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Silver helmet designed to take ears into account
  • Silver dress
  • Dark gray cooling vest
  • Black belt
  • Black gloves
  • Silver socks
  • Pink trainers
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsBorderless Deliveries (Mech pilot)
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Instinctive control of Air
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat
  • Highly skilled pilot & mechanic of combat walkers
VehicleLiesmith-class Heavy Mech
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


Average in height for a Mobian lynx; Lois bears all the physical traits common to the Wind-aligned subspecies she falls into. Lightly built with fairly streamlined features, Lois is a typical petite Mobian at the surface. Her dark purple fur is always kept neatly trimmed around her peach muzzle and darker ears; though in two places this is less pronounced. While her legs are highly toned and muscular, scarring and faint fur discoloration around her left knee and thigh implies some degree of weakness - the remains of an old ejection seat malfunction close to ten years before. Similarly; the fur and skin on her neck have been recolored through tattooing to resemble a fairly violent metal hand clamped on her shoulder, raising a few questions about Lois's experiences.

In order to keep her short red hair under control while wearing her helmet, Lois keeps it braided almost all the time. It is said that her dark blue eyes often seem confused and disoriented as she travels around; though anybody who knows her would warn against making any assumptions. Finally; she has a simple septum piercing clear in her nose.


Lois dresses in a manner many would regard as light, with clients inexperienced with mechanized walkers often calling her manner of dress inappropriate. In truth; her clothing is designed to ensure maximum cooling while piloting, simply due to the high heat of the walker cockpit. A light, silvery cotton dress makes the main part of her clothing, while similarly light silver socks rest just below her knees, leaving a fairly clear gap where her scars are obvious. The dress itself is styled to show some of her tattoo, as is the gray pilot's cooling vest she typically wears. This vest has inbuilt fans and coolant systems to help regulate her temperature while piloting. A pair of pink canvas trainers, black cotton gloves and a simple black rubberized survival belt complete her normal attire.

Her helmet is often a standout; though she prefers to only wear it in mech. Specially designed to work around her lynx ears; it is open-faced and painted with gunmetal claws wrapping around the back of the mostly silver helmet design.



As an airlynx, Lois has a natural command over the element of Wind. However, she very rarely displays her aerokinetic abilities, nor does she truly train for combat with them. Lois is fully capable of launching herself into the air and gliding for extended periods; or creating great gusts of wind and airbursts. However, she has a preference to save these powers for emergencies. Similarly, while she has all the musculature of a gym regular; it is clear that very little of that muscle is combat oriented, instead she appears mostly toned for health and image reasons. As such, she admits to having very limited hand-to-hand combat experience.

By contrast to her own personal lack of skills; Lois is a highly skilled and competent pilot of combat walkers and BattleMechs, as well as a highly accomplished mechanic and technician in the care of such behemoths. While she is not capable of working on the Mega Coal reactors of her Hammerforge Industries manufactured ride; she played a major role in reconfiguring the mech from combat duties to the heavily armored courier that it is now. Similarly; it is noted that with her in control; almost any combat walker seems to move with abnormal grace and speed, with some faint indications that Lois may have aerokinetic tricks that she utilizes in cockpit.


Lois's personal ride is a heavily modified Hammerforge Industries Liesmith-class Heavy Mech nicknamed the Steel Fist. While highly expensive to purchase and modify; the sixty-five tonne battlemech has proven itself more than valuable for the courier company. Stripped back to a set of four extended range medium lasers from the nine the standard variant comes with - as well as the removal of the missile battery and ammunition - allowed Lois to have a special two-person climate controlled passenger module and a two-tonne internal cargo bay mounted. The remaining weight went into mounting a set of jump jets to the legs and back; allowing Lois to propel the mech in the air for at least 200m. A basic engine-speed override to allow her mech to push 100km/h for short periods and some additional armor rounded this out.

While not as effective as a combat vehicle as the original design, the Steel Fist was never intended for that role. Instead, as a heavily armored fast VIP transport and cargo delivery mech; Lois has come into her own, even running down and through Egg Army units to deliver her cargo. Notably; Lois's passengers and cargo are in better insulated compartments than her own cockpit, plus the majority of the cooling power goes to them.








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