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The Road to the UnderworldThe Robot's Revolt (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)The Rot: Freejoin Apocolyptic Roleplay
The Rouge UnitThe Royal "Game"The Sable Village
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The Scorch Stories: Book 1The Scorch Stories: Book 2The Scorch Stories: Book 3
The Scorch Stories: Book 4The Sea TwinsThe Secret Ingredients Delivery Guard
The SenseThe Shadow ArmyThe Shadow Saga
The Shadow WarsThe Shaolin Mountains (Roleplay Page)The Shaolin Mountains (Roleplay Page)/Temple Arena - Akura vs Rinnahssiah-3 (Quick Battle)
The Shaolin Mountains (Roleplay Page)/Temple Arena - Rosie the Echidna vs Link Prower (One-vs-One)The Shaolin Mountains (Roleplay Page)/Training Dojo - Rosie vs. Rhythm - (Hand-to-Hand Sparring Match)The Shaolin Mountains (Roleplay Page)/Training Dojo - Rosie vs. Rhythm - (Power Battle)
The Shattered Storm SagaThe Shining FamilyThe Shoukan Tribe
The ShuttleThe Silent VoyagerThe Silver Huntsmen
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The Story of Zel by Makuta294The Strike ForceThe Supreme Toot Toot Sonic Warrior Show (Tentative Title)
The SwarmThe Sword of ArcanaThe Sword of Chaos
The Tale Of GaleThe Tale of Yuri : The 12th IdolThe Temples of the Elements
The Ten BeastsThe Think TankThe Thundering Armada
The Thundering Armada/MembersThe TorneliansThe Tribes
The TrollsThe Trolls/MembersThe Tundra Rogues
The Twelve Nephilim WeaponsThe Twilight Shadow'sThe Uchiwa Panda Twins
The Ultima WeaponThe Ultimate EmeraldThe Ultimate Test of Might
The Unbearable Absence of BlueThe Undead HeroThe Underground
The Underground ReturnsThe United States of MobiusThe Unknown Enemy
The Unnamed ProtagonistThe Villain's RevealThe Void
The Void EmeraldThe Void EmeraldsThe Voidwalker
The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog seriesThe War RoomThe War of Darkness (event)
The War of Darkness (story arc)The War of Time (event)The War of Time (story)
The Warp RingThe Western TribuneThe White Cherouvs
The Wind Whispers Sonic (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)The Wolf ClanThe Wolf Pack
The chaos castleThe concurrent skiesThe expiration
The ghost of hang castleThe legend Of Danger RanoyyaThe mines of the Mine Zone
The new Organization XIIIThe rings of OPness and shitThe sisterhood
The springy trail of the Spring Yard ZoneThe ultimate Sonic collectionThe volcano erupts save the Marble Zone
Theia CillanaTheme Song: Sonata ~Despair~Theo the Tasamanian Tiger
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Thomas "Max" the FoxThomas The CatThomas the Echidna (E-Josh)
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Thursday the WolfTia the HedgefoxTiamat
Tiamat/Roleplay AppearancesTidal The SharkTie the Hedgehog
TiebúronTiebúron/SubspeciesTiffany The Hedgehog
Tiffany the HedgehogTifo MalumTikal's Prayer
Tikal the Echidna (Sonic Adventures)Tiku and TifuTim
Time Attack (2005 video game)Time Attack (2005 video game)/CharactersTime Attack (2005 video game)/Gamemodes
Time Guardians: Dawn of TimeTime Guardians: The Start of FateTime Spinner
Time Stones (Tales of the Echo Universe)TimelineTimeline (AU universe)
Timeline (Tales of the Echo)Timeline of Wikikinetic's DimensionsTimes "Grace" and Loving Embrace
Timewarp The HedgehogTimothy the HedgehogTina the Bat
Tinashe the FoxTio the TigerTitan the Dragon
TizherukTizheruk/SubspeciesToak the Hellhound
Tobi the JackalTobian The HedgehogTobias "Psyche" the Serval
Tobias AeronaTobias FeywindTobias The Hedgehog
Tobias the CrescentToffee the SheepTogo
Toilet the ToiletTokugawa the PandaTom's Anonymous Thief
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Toni The HedgehogToon CityToon Star Studios
Topaz the ChameleonTopaz the HedgehogTopelt the Mouse
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Tori the HedgehogTormundTornada, the Goddess of Air
TornadoTornado RoseTornado suits
Torpedo the DolphinTorrent the CatTorrent the Tiger
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Total Fanon World TourTotal Gaming IslandTotal Sonic Island
Total Sonic Island (Spongebob100)Toten the DepartedToxic (technique)
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Toxin the SpiderTrails the FoxTraining Clearing Encounter (Roleplay Page)
Training Clearing Encounter (Roleplay Page)/Amber and RosieTraining Clearing Encounter (Roleplay Page)/Jim and RosieTraining Clearing Encounter (Roleplay Page)/Rosebud and Rosie
Training Clearing Encounter (Roleplay Page)/Terra and RosieTrance the BatTranq the Hedgeguin
Tranq the PenguinTranquil Adventure: An untold storyTranquility the Angel Chao
Trans-Japanese SoundbankTransford the HedgehogTransformation Machine Testers
Transon-Svettreco FamilyTrap-ChanTrapped in Paradise RP Closed Now RPing
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Treasure Team TangoTrezerac and Trezera the DarkTri Attack
Tribe of Brown StonesTribe of the Silver WolfTribute The Cat
Trick the Maltese TigerTrick the Maltese Tiger/FormsTrick the Raven
Trident The HedgehogTrin the CatTrinity & Renée
Trinity MoonTrip the MouseTriple Threat Open Conflict: Josh (E-Josh) vs. Sky (F.O.S.) vs. Eternal (EA)
Triple Trio TroubleTristella Tse'ElonTriston The Chameleon
Tritec Splitter Special
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