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Suzannia The CheetahSuzumei Batchi the EspeonSuzuna Shiroyuki the Kitsune
Suzuna Tenshi the KitsuneSuzuna Tenshi the Kitsune/Escape from ApertureSuzuna the Kitsune: Next Generation
Suzuna the Kitsune: Next Generation - Chapter 1Suzuna the Kitsune: Next Generation - PrologueSwarna the Fox
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Swift the SilvallySwiftrunnerSwitches
Swoop the HedgehogSword of LightSwords Dance
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Sydney the EchidnaSydney the HedgehogSyeed the Hedgehog
Syfe the Cyber-botSylaeus the Thorny DevilSylest the Hedgehog
Sylvan IslandSylvan ShowerSylvia Prower
Sylvia the Dark RangerSylvia the HedgecatSync the Robochidna
Synchro ComboSynchro StonesSynchro the Hedgehog
Syndra, the Goddess of LavaSynergy EffectSynkka the Serval
Syraco The RaptorSyriiT.I.T.A.N.
T.Y.R.A.N.N.U.S.TCS Battle FormatTD (Adventures of the Tails Doll)
TFFS:A Rumble Down UnderTFFS:A Rumble Down Under/Chapter 1TFFS:Artikan Assault
TFFS:Artikan Assault/Chapter 1TFFS:Artikan Assault/Chapter 2TTCable
TV4 Hydra Assault VehicleT the CyberWolverineTab The Cat
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Tai the CharizardTail's Nightmare (Story Mode)Tail Smash
Tail WhipTails' MansionTails' New Friend
Tails' Sky FightTails: Galactic MissionTails: Galactic Mission/Script
Tails: Galactic Mission/StaffTails & Shadow: Night HeroesTails (Protocol Cy-Fox)
Tails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Bird ArmadaTails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Kukku EmpireTails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Kukku Empire/Script
Tails AdventuresTails Doll (OCA)Tails Prower Jr.
Tails the Fox (Sonic Adventures)Taisho The HedgehogTaiyang the Echidna
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Tales of Soleanna: Act ITales of the EchoTales of the Echo/Character Profiles
Tales of the Echo: The NecromancerTales of the Night: Lunar SandsTales of the Time Traveler (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)
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Tanya BinlerTanya BorusTanya Mole
Tanya Richmond-MamarnTao Nocturnous KovuTao the Behemoth
Tao the Silver MonkeyTara the SteporisTarani the Cat
Target ScorchTaro the OniTart-arus the Potoo
Tarx The ShrewTasek the Pyro-botTasha the Ferret
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Team HumanTeam Human/TropesTeam Hurricane
Team Ice meets Team PhysicsTeam KaosuTeam Lightning Bolt SONIC angle Society
Team Mew MewTeam MonochromeTeam Nightshade X
Team OakTeam PhysicsTeam Poppie
Team Radical 2Team RashTeam Rebellion
Team RoseTeam ShokuTeam Sonic
Team Sonic 2Team Sonic AdventureTeam Sonic VS. Villains! Ultimate Showdown!
Team SpiritTeam SpyTeam Star
Team Starlight's Trip to Chao IslandTeam Starlight FormsTeam Storm (096)
Team SweetTeam SymphonyTeam Toon
Team Toy ForceTeam TrinityTeam Violet
Team VixiTeam WeaselTeam Wild
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Technocratic Kingdom of MobiusTechtownTectonic the Thylacine
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Telethon the VoidmakerTellis the HedgehogTelltale's Sonic Boom: Season One
Telos NyctoresTemblorTemblor/Attacks
Tempest the FoxTempest the HedgehogTempest the Lion
Tempestra the BatTempetra the CatTemple of Divine Sanitium
TemporalTen-Thousand FistsTenchi
Tendo the CatTenebriteTeno the Panther
TeotihuacanTerantai the CherouvTerasan the Stalwart
Terios StargenTerios the Hedgehog (Sonic Revolution)Terminus, Knight of Endings
Terra FreedishTerra Nova The EchidnaTerra The Tiger
Terra the OcelotTerra the Ocelot/Mystic ZoneTerra the Ocelot/Sonic Reborn Version
Terra the Tiger (Burpy's Dream)Terrador Custos BellatorTerrador Custos Bellator/Featured Article Interview
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Terrible Luck SagaTerris the SquirrelTerry the Tyranitar
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