Speed the Hedgehog (NightHedgehog14's version)Speeder The HedgehogSpeedup
Speedy The HedgehogSpeedy the GeckoSpeedy the hedgehog
SpellboundSpetonik the Ultra-botSpettrale the Quokka
Sphene the HedgehogSpice the HedgehogSpike the Bulldog
Spike the Cyber-weaselSpike the PorcupineSpike the Wisp
Spike the porquipineSpikes the HedgehogSpinBall Dimension
Spin AttackSpin CrushSpin Glide
Spin PunchSpin shredSpindash
Spirit BallSpirit BlinkSpirit Grip
Spirit emeraldsSpirit the CatSpirit the cat
SpiritaSpirits UltimateSplash, the Goddess of Water
Splash the GreninjaSplash the Greninja (Dark Mobius)Splat N. Bunny
Splatter the Zebra/Featured Article InterviewSplice The HedgehogSplice The Hedgehog/Attacks and Skills
Splice The Hedgehog/InterviewSplice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)/To Do List
Split the HedgehogSporcizia the FoxSpring Launch Kick
Spring the CatSpring the ChameleonSpringwood city
Sprite the HedgehogSpyken's Unfinished BusinessSquall the Hedgehog
Squash, the Goddess of StoneSqueaky MouseStacie the Hedgehog
Stacy the ParakeetStaff of DarknessStages of Evolution
Stalemate the EchidnaStan the WolfStar's Stave
Star(Myst)The HedgehogStarShine KingdomStar & Luna
Star Sonic RidersStar TechnologiesStar The Hedgehog
Star Wars: Fanfiction StoryStar the HedgehogStar the Hybrid
StarboardStarbolt-type Light TankStarburst the Cat
Stardust's EscapeStardust Seether the HedgehogStardust Tonic
Stardust the CatStargalaStarikalo
Stark the HedgehogStarkmann IsleStarlight The Hedgehog
StaroseStarrie NightStarsi the Hedgehog
StarswordStatic NegaStatic the Cat
Static the Hedgehog (Elementian)Station SquareStation Square/Dimitri Chronicles
Station Square/Mobius RedrawnStation Square (After Sonic Adventure)Station Square Halloween Horror Nights! (Free Join)
Station Square Halloween Horror Nights! (Free Join)/Part1Station Square HotelStation Square Police Department
Statyx the HedgehogStatyx the Hedgehog/AttacksStatyx the Hedgehog/History
Statyx the Hedgehog/Powers & AbilitiesStatyx the Hedgehog/UpgradesStave of Existence
Stave of TimeSteady FirebreathingStealthbot
Stealthy The SkunkSteam BlimpSteam Gun
Steam PunkSteampunk FallsSteel-type Battle Armor
Steel HammerSteel Horse APCStephan Stalvan
Stephani BellStephanie (Candy freak)Stephanie the Ocelot
Stephen the EagleStephen the EchidnaStern the Wolverine
Steve the HedgegodStevenStevie Campbell
Stewart the Flying SquirrelStewart the HedgehogStewart the Stoat
Stiletto the HedgehogStilt Sub-HouseStilton the Skeleton
Stocking the HedgehogStone EdgeStoneback Armor
Stoneview CityStonia, the Goddess of EarthStorm's Battle
Storm's ShadowStorm's StruggleStorm, the Goddess of Wind
Storm (Element)Storm Shelter VillageStorm The Hedgehog
Storm of DarknessStorm the Albatross (IncaIceBunny's Universe)Storm the Buizel
Storm the FoxStorm the HedgeHogStorm the fox
Stormcloud IslandStormpulse-type Medium TankStormwind "Kane" Maurice the Hedgehog
Story:'The Virus.'Story:A Blue Light For the DarkStory of the Elementals
Strange Dream, New World/Chapter 1Strange MangoStrato
Stratos (Element)StreakStreak/Moveset
Streak/QuotesStreak the BirdStreak the Hawk
Stream The IcecatStreet Fighter X Sonic The HedgehogStrider the Eaglehog
Strife the HedgehogStrike the Cyan Lazer WispStrike the Werewolf
Striker the EchidnaStriker the HedgehogStriker the Hedgehog (Jezz of Time)
Striker the King CobraStriker the MinkStriker the Wolf
Striker the hedgehogStrings the Mech SpiderStripe the Wolf
Stromkreis the Great DaneStrong the HedgehogStuart the Hedgehog
Stuff by zp100Stun the ChaoStygian Spear
Style Into Dreams WARPED!!!Suarra the CatSubmission
Subzero Glacier Egg BaseSucellosSue the Hedgehog
Sugar the Artificial LifeformSugar the CatSuki Pukket
Sulama the DunnartSulten the CivetSumac the Skyhog
Summers the HedgehogSun GunSunken Palace
Sunni the HedgehogSunnySunny Dayz
Sunny the HedgehogSunny the Hedgehog/CelestialSun's Fan-CharactersSunny the Lycanroc
SunnyvilleSunshine the BernardSunshine the hedgehog
Suolo the HedgidnaSuper AshuraSuper Changin' Muscle Rangers
Super CrysisSuper Hyper DudesSuper Marsha
Super NovaSuper PhotonSuper Sid
Super Smash Bros. Dash!Super SonicSuper Sonic.EXE
Super Sonic/Combined UniversesSuper Sonic (Sonic the Comic)Super Sonic 64 ds
Super Sonic AdvanceSuper Sonic BrawlersSuper Sonic EX: The Sprite Crossover Movie.
Super Sonic Megamix ZSuper Sonic SmackdownSuper Sora the Hedgehog
Super StatyxSuper TurboSuper verse
SuperdeaththehegehogSupranoSurematu the Hedgehog
Surg the HedgefoxSurge the Hedgehog (XxZekeKnightxX)Surge the hedgehog
Suri the EchidnaSurreal Circus ZoneSurtr the Jotunn
Susano YukiSutamin the JomonSuzannia The Cheetah
Suzumei Batchi the EspeonSuzuna Shiroyuki the KitsuneSuzuna Tenshi the Kitsune
Suzuna Tenshi the Kitsune/Escape from ApertureSuzuna the Kitsune: Next GenerationSuzuna the Kitsune: Next Generation - Chapter 1
Suzuna the Kitsune: Next Generation - PrologueSwarna the FoxSweet Scent the Stunky
Sweet TemptationSwiftClanSwift the Armadillo
Swift the Generic HedgehogSwift the HedgehogSwift the Silvally
SwiftrunnerSwitchesSwoop the Hedgehog
Sword of LightSwords DanceSybe the Robo-Tech
Sybil the PantherSydney The Cybernetic CatSydney the Echidna
Sydney the HedgehogSyeed the HedgehogSyfe the Cyber-bot
Sylaeus the Thorny DevilSylest the HedgehogSylph
Sylph/CaretakingSylph/SubspeciesSylvan Island
Sylvan ShowerSylvia ProwerSylvia the Dark Ranger
Sylvia the HedgecatSync the RobochidnaSynchro Combo
Synchro StonesSynchro the HedgehogSyndra, the Goddess of Lava
Synergy EffectSynkka the ServalSyraco The Raptor
TCS Battle FormatTD (Adventures of the Tails Doll)TFFS:A Rumble Down Under
TFFS:A Rumble Down Under/Chapter 1TFFS:Artikan AssaultTFFS:Artikan Assault/Chapter 1
TFFS:Artikan Assault/Chapter 2TTCableTV4 Hydra Assault Vehicle
T the CyberWolverineTab The CatTabitha the Chameleon
TackleTaenger the CherouvTaffy Monroe the Bunny
Taglumo the HedgehogTaiTai the Charizard
Tail's Nightmare (Story Mode)Tail SmashTail Whip
Tails' MansionTails' New FriendTails' Sky Fight
Tails: Galactic MissionTails: Galactic Mission/ScriptTails: Galactic Mission/Staff
Tails & Shadow: Night HeroesTails (Protocol Cy-Fox)Tails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Bird Armada
Tails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Kukku EmpireTails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Kukku Empire/ScriptTails Adventures
Tails Doll (OCA)
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