Speed the Hedgehog (NightHedgehog14's version)Speeder The HedgehogSpeedup
Speedy Rescuers 2Speedy The HedgehogSpeedy the Gecko
Speedy the hedgehogSpellboundSpetonik the Ultra-bot
Spettrale the QuokkaSphene the HedgehogSpice the Hedgehog
Spike the BulldogSpike the Cyber-weaselSpike the Porcupine
Spike the WispSpike the porquipineSpikes the Hedgehog
SpinBall DimensionSpin AttackSpin Crush
Spin GlideSpin PunchSpin shred
SpindashSpirit BallSpirit Blink
Spirit GripSpirit emeraldsSpirit the Cat
Spirit the catSpiritaSpirits Ultimate
Splash, the Goddess of WaterSplash the GreninjaSplash the Greninja (Dark Mobius)
Splat N. BunnySplatter the Zebra/Featured Article InterviewSplice The Hedgehog
Splice The Hedgehog/Attacks and SkillsSplice The Hedgehog/InterviewSplice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)
Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)/To Do ListSplit the HedgehogSporcizia the Fox
Spring Launch KickSpring the CatSpring the Chameleon
Springwood citySprite the HedgehogSpyken's Unfinished Business
Squall the HedgehogSquash, the Goddess of StoneSqueaky Mouse
Stacie the HedgehogStacy the ParakeetStaff of Darkness
Stages of EvolutionStalemate the EchidnaStan the Wolf
Star's StaveStar(Myst)The HedgehogStarShine Kingdom
Star & LunaStar Sonic RidersStar Technologies
Star The HedgehogStar Wars: Fanfiction StoryStar the Hedgehog
Star the HybridStarboardStarbolt-type Light Tank
Starburst the CatStardust's EscapeStardust Seether the Hedgehog
Stardust TonicStardust the CatStargala
StarikaloStark the HedgehogStarkmann Isle
Starlight The HedgehogStaroseStarrie Night
Starsi the HedgehogStarswordStatic Nega
Static the CatStatic the Hedgehog (Elementian)Station Square
Station Square/Dimitri ChroniclesStation Square/Mobius RedrawnStation Square (After Sonic Adventure)
Station Square Halloween Horror Nights! (Free Join)Station Square Halloween Horror Nights! (Free Join)/Part1Station Square Hotel
Station Square Police DepartmentStatyx the HedgehogStatyx the Hedgehog/Attacks
Statyx the Hedgehog/HistoryStatyx the Hedgehog/Powers & AbilitiesStatyx the Hedgehog/Upgrades
Stave of ExistenceStave of TimeSteady Firebreathing
StealthbotStealthy The SkunkSteam Blimp
Steam GunSteam PunkSteampunk Falls
Steel-type Battle ArmorSteel HammerSteel Horse APC
Stella the FoxStephan StalvanStephani Bell
Stephanie (Candy freak)Stephanie the OcelotStephen the Eagle
Stephen the EchidnaStern the WolverineSteve the Hedgegod
StevenStevie CampbellStewart the Flying Squirrel
Stewart the HedgehogStewart the StoatStiletto the Hedgehog
Stilt Sub-HouseStilton the SkeletonStocking the Hedgehog
Stone EdgeStoneback ArmorStoneview City
Stonia, the Goddess of EarthStorm's BattleStorm's Shadow
Storm's StruggleStorm, the Goddess of WindStorm (Element)
Storm Shelter VillageStorm The HedgehogStorm of Darkness
Storm the Albatross (IncaIceBunny's Universe)Storm the BuizelStorm the Fox
Storm the HedgeHogStorm the foxStormcloud Island
Stormpulse-type Medium TankStormwind "Kane" Maurice the HedgehogStory:'The Virus.'
Story:A Blue Light For the DarkStory of the ElementalsStrange Dream, New World/Chapter 1
Strange MangoStratoStratos (Element)
Streak the BirdStreak the HawkStream The Icecat
Street Fighter X Sonic The HedgehogStrider the EaglehogStrife the Hedgehog
Strike the Cyan Lazer WispStrike the WerewolfStriker the Echidna
Striker the HedgehogStriker the Hedgehog (Jezz of Time)Striker the King Cobra
Striker the MinkStriker the WolfStriker the hedgehog
Strings the Mech SpiderStripe the WolfStromkreis the Great Dane
Strong the HedgehogStuart the HedgehogStuff by zp100
Stun the ChaoStygian SpearStyle Into Dreams WARPED!!!
Suarra the CatSubmissionSubzero Glacier Egg Base
SucellosSue the HedgehogSugar the Artificial Lifeform
Sugar the CatSuki PukketSulama the Dunnart
Sulten the CivetSumac the SkyhogSummers the Hedgehog
Sun GunSunken PalaceSunni the Hedgehog
SunnySunny DayzSunny the Hedgehog
Sunny the Hedgehog/CelestialSun's Fan-CharactersSunny the LycanrocSunnyville
Sunshine the BernardSunshine the hedgehogSuolo the Hedgidna
Super AshuraSuper Changin' Muscle RangersSuper Crysis
Super Hyper DudesSuper MarshaSuper Nova
Super PhotonSuper SidSuper Smash Bros. Dash!
Super SonicSuper Sonic.EXESuper Sonic/Combined Universes
Super Sonic (Sonic the Comic)Super Sonic 64 dsSuper Sonic Advance
Super Sonic BrawlersSuper Sonic EX: The Sprite Crossover Movie.Super Sonic Megamix Z
Super Sonic SmackdownSuper Sora the HedgehogSuper Statyx
Super TurboSuper verseSuperdeaththehegehog
SupranoSurematu the HedgehogSurg the Hedgefox
Surge the Hedgehog (XxZekeKnightxX)Surge the hedgehogSuri the Echidna
Surreal Circus ZoneSurtr the JotunnSusano Yuki
Sutamin the JomonSuzannia The CheetahSuzumei Batchi the Espeon
Suzuna Shiroyuki the KitsuneSuzuna Tenshi the KitsuneSuzuna Tenshi the Kitsune/Escape from Aperture
Suzuna the Kitsune: Next GenerationSuzuna the Kitsune: Next Generation - Chapter 1Suzuna the Kitsune: Next Generation - Prologue
Swarna the FoxSweet Scent the StunkySweet Temptation
SwiftClanSwift the ArmadilloSwift the Generic Hedgehog
Swift the HedgehogSwift the SilvallySwiftrunner
SwitchesSwoop the HedgehogSword of Light
Swords DanceSybe the Robo-TechSybil the Panther
Sydney The Cybernetic CatSydney the EchidnaSydney the Hedgehog
Syeed the HedgehogSyfe the Cyber-botSylaeus the Thorny Devil
Sylest the HedgehogSylphSylph/Caretaking
Sylph/SubspeciesSylvan IslandSylvan Shower
Sylvia ProwerSylvia the Dark RangerSylvia the Hedgecat
Sync the RobochidnaSynchro ComboSynchro Stones
Synchro the HedgehogSyndra, the Goddess of LavaSynergy Effect
Synkka the ServalSyraco The RaptorSyrii
T.I.T.A.N.T.Y.R.A.N.N.U.S.TCS Battle Format
TD (Adventures of the Tails Doll)TFFS:A Rumble Down UnderTFFS:A Rumble Down Under/Chapter 1
TFFS:Artikan AssaultTFFS:Artikan Assault/Chapter 1TFFS:Artikan Assault/Chapter 2
TTCableTV4 Hydra Assault VehicleT the CyberWolverine
Tab The CatTabitha the ChameleonTackle
Taenger the CherouvTaffy Monroe the BunnyTaglumo the Hedgehog
TaiTai the CharizardTail's Nightmare (Story Mode)
Tail SmashTail WhipTails' Mansion
Tails' New FriendTails' Sky FightTails: Galactic Mission
Tails: Galactic Mission/ScriptTails: Galactic Mission/StaffTails & Shadow: Night Heroes
Tails (Protocol Cy-Fox)Tails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Bird ArmadaTails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Kukku Empire
Tails Adventure: Return Of The Battle Kukku Empire/Script
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