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Sonic Vortex: Flame Rising/ProlougeSonic Vs. Johnny Test: Heroes ColideSonic Wars:A Sonic Forces Reboot
Sonic World DisasterSonic X-TremeSonic X: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 1-Chaos Control Freaks: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 10-Unfair Ball: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 12-Beating Eggman Part 1: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 13-Beating Eggman Part 2: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 15-Skirmish in the Sky: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 16-Depths of Danger: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 18-The Dam Scam: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 19-Sonic's Scream Test: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 2-Sonic to the Rescue: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 20-Cruise Blues: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 23-Emerald Anniversary: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 24-How to Catch a Hedgehog: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 25-A Darstardly Deed: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 26-Countdown to Chaos: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 27-Pure Chaos: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 28-A Chaotic Day: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 3-Missile Wrist Rampage: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 30-Heads Up, Tails!: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 31-Revenge of the Robot: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 32-Flood Fight: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 34-Shadow Knows: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 36-Shadow World: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 37-Robotnik's Revenge: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 38-Showdown in Space: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 4-Chaos Emerald Chaos: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 40-Sunblock Solution: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 41-Eggman for President: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 49-The Beginning of the End: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 5-Cracking Knuckles:CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 50-Running Out of Time: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 52-A New Start: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 53-A Cosmic Call: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 54-Cosmic Crisis: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 55-H2Whoa: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 56-An Enemy in Need: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 57-A Chilling Discovery: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 58-Desperately Seeking Sonic: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 60-Trick Sand: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 61-Ship of Doom: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 62-An Underground Odyssey: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 63-Station Break-In: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 64-A Metarex Melee: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 69-The Planet of Misfortune: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 7-Party Hardly: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 70-Terror on the Typhoon: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 71-Hedgehog Hunt: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 74-Eye Spy: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 75-Agent of Mischief: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 76-The Light in the Darkness: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 77-A Fearless Friend: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 78-So Long Sonic: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 79-The War Against Eggman: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 8-Satellite Swindle: CrystallisedSonic X: Crystallised/Episode 80-Crystal's Return: Crystallised
Sonic X: Crystallised/Episode 9-The Last Resort: CrystallisedSonic X: Fahrenheit Sub-ZeroSonic X: For True Story
Sonic X: Friendship is MagicSonic X: Inter-Galactic AdventureSonic X: New Adventure
Sonic X: Twisted RemakeSonic X: Twisted Remake/EpisodesSonic X: Twisted Remake/Quotes
Sonic XDSonic XD: Sonic comes to EarthSonic XD: expansion pack
Sonic X Dragon BallSonic X Dragon Ball: Nexus SparkSonic X Dragon Ball: Nexus Spark: Hidden Characters
Sonic X Fanon:Two Worlds CombineSonic X Forces: The Metarex SagaSonic X Kingdom Hearts
Sonic X Meets BladeSonic X RemakeSonic X Riders
Sonic XoverSonic ZSonic ZXZ
Sonic ZeroSonic ZoomSonic and All Stars Racing: Super Transformed!
Sonic and Crew High School AdventuresSonic and DenaSonic and Finn: Mathmatical to the Core
Sonic and Friends: Battle for Chaos IslandSonic and Friends: Gravity Falls MysterySonic and Friends go to Chaos High School
Sonic and Knuckles 2 (tenative)Sonic and Lightning (game)Sonic and Lightning Racers
Sonic and LummsSonic and SEGA Superstars Racing: Speed ShowdownSonic and Shadow
Sonic and TailsSonic and Tails: Mystery from Hare CitySonic and The Rise Of The Chaos Rings
Sonic and Zeus' ScrollSonic and mega man (free to joinSonic and the Black Emerald (Game)
Sonic and the Black Knight 2: Kingdom's Darkest HourSonic and the Black SpiralSonic and the Chaos Keys
Sonic and the Crusaders of DarknessSonic and the Elder WandSonic and the Flames against time.
Sonic and the Fountain of YouthSonic and the Fountain of Youth/ List of StagesSonic and the Head Vampire
Sonic and the Kaiju SchoolSonic and the Kaiju School/Bloopers and OuttakesSonic and the Kaiju School/International Languages
Sonic and the Kaiju School/Movie TranscriptSonic and the Kaiju School/Story TranscriptSonic and the Knights of Avalon
Sonic and the Lord of the NazgulSonic and the Master of the RingsSonic and the Mayhem Master
Sonic and the Platinum SwordSonic and the Primal Genesis of the AngelsSonic and the Prince of Thieves
Sonic and the ReaperSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 10: Molten SilverSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 11: The Waterbikes
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 12: Taken HeartsSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 13: Mephiles and IblisSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 14: Rise and Fall
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 15: Tear and TruthSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 16: Make Believes RebornSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 17: Fail to Recover
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 18: Broken Free by ChaosSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 19: Robots, Fire, ExcaliburSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 1: Secrets and Scythes
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 20: Twin Blades and Reaper's TraitorSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 21: Sorceress to Story, Flames to the CoreSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 22: Prepare for Battle
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 23: Return of Shadow AndroidSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 24: Release the Flames, Reveal the EggSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 25: Ambands and Badniks
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 26: Shilver EmergesSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 27: Into My Own HandsSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 28: A Battle You Can't Win
Sonic and the Reaper/Chapter 29: Welcome to HellSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 2: Fear the ReaperSonic and the Reaper/Chapter 30: One Loss Too Many
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