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Sonic Heroes 2!Sonic Heroes 2: Metal Sonic's RevengeSonic Heroes 2: New Beginnings
Sonic Heroes 2: Team HeartSonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate BattleSonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Last, Extra Story
Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Babylon StorySonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Chaotix StorySonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Cutiepie Story
Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Dark StorySonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Dimension StorySonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Ice Story
Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Metal StorySonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Physics StorySonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Rose Story
Sonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Sonic StorySonic Heroes 2: The Ultimate Battle/Team Young StorySonic Heroes 2 (2012 game)
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Sonic Heroes DeluxeSonic Heroes NextSonic Heroes Return
Sonic Heroes UnleashedSonic Heroes Z and Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiSonic Hotcakes
Sonic House of Iblis: Coffee and CreamSonic House of Iblis: Commencement, Part 1Sonic House of Iblis: Commencement, Part 2
Sonic House of Iblis: Crash and BurnSonic House of Iblis: Dark RitualSonic House of Iblis: Dead and Gone
Sonic House of Iblis: Detective WorkSonic House of Iblis: Digging up DirtSonic House of Iblis: Fighting Chance
Sonic House of Iblis: Into the GroundSonic Hunger GamesSonic IDW (film)
Sonic IDW 2: InfectionSonic Ice AdventuresSonic Impact: The Dimension Collision.
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