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Sonic Adventure 3: Darkest Of ShadowsSonic Adventure 3: Divide/List of EndingsSonic Adventure 3: Divide/List of Songs
Sonic Adventure 3: Divide/QuotesSonic Adventure 3: Divide/Sonic’s StorySonic Adventure 3: East Coast Minute
Sonic Adventure 3: Enerjak RebornSonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn/Dark Legion: Knuckles' StorySonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn/Eggman Empire: Sonic's Story
Sonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn/Enemies & BossesSonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn/Enerjak: Last StorySonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn/Stages
Sonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn/Team Hooligan: The Chaotix's StorySonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn/UpgradesSonic Adventure 3: Evolution/Ashes of the Future: Silver's Story
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Sonic Adventure 3: GX/ Extra GamesSonic Adventure 3: GX/ List of StagesSonic Adventure 3: GX/ List of Upgrades
Sonic Adventure 3: If This Be DoomsdaySonic Adventure 3: LegacySonic Adventure 3: Project E.G.G
Sonic Adventure 3: RebirthSonic Adventure 3: Rebirth/List of UpgradesSonic Adventure 3: Seeds of Darkness
Sonic Adventure 3: Sonic Does the Duggie: XXXL: DXSonic Adventure 3: The Ultimate BattleSonic Adventure 3: The awakened
Sonic Adventure 3: Time and SpaceSonic Adventure 3: UltimateSonic Adventure 3: Wishes are Eternal
Sonic Adventure 3 (By It'scrunchtime)Sonic Adventure 3 (Dreamcast)Sonic Adventure 3 (Game Idea)
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