Razz the Bat (2009-2010)Razz the BearRa’dagio The Echidna
Re-flameRe:Destroyed FacilityReKaz the Shell
Reale CityReality CoreRealms Of Arcana
ReaperReaper's LegionReaper Attack Fighter
ReaperhogRear SensorRebaz the Carbuncle
Rebby GyspieRebecca the FoxRebecca the Rabbit
Rebel Kingdom of SpagoniaRebirthReboot Timeline (Julia Finitevus' Continuity)
RecoverRed-Rane ConflictRedToxic the Hedgehog
Red Fox PackRed Gate CityRed Matter
Red Vs Blue Sonic CrossoverRed chronicleRed star the hedgehog
Red the HedgebatRed the HedgehogRed the terror (lionessthenightwing)
Redd's Adventure: Episode IRedd Peckers the WoodpeckerReddhart the Red Wolf
Redpelt the Fox (TLP)Redstone the FoxRedux the Cat
Reeboost the HedgeCatReens the HedgehogReens the Hedgehog/Appearances
Reens the Hedgehog/ComicsReens the Hedgehog/GalleryReens the Hedgehog/Lady (Dame) Agravaine
Reens the Hedgehog/QuotesReens the Hedgehog/Special Attacks and AbilitiesReens the Hedgehog/The Gifted Ones
Reens the Hedgehog/Titanium ReensReens the Hedgehog/ Featured Article InterviewReese the Tamarin
Reeves the HyenaReflectReflect Energy
Reflect the MirrorhogReflection (Element)Reflex Stutrai
Regan the CatRegina the HedgemouseRegina the Raccoon
Reginald the TeleporterRegular Sonic Character Roleplay: Sonic Adventure 3 (Sonic Heroes 2)Rei the Hedgehog
Rei the PsionicRei the Psionic/Featured Article InterviewRei the Raccoon
Reibas the MeerkatReidou the PandaReiku
Relic MysticRelic the EchidnaRelik Magic
Relius ProwerRelivax the EchidnaRelivax the Echidna/Featured Article Interview
Remington the CrabRemnant ChangRemnants
Remnants of DarknessRen LyallRenae Brown
Rend the LynxRendezvousReneer Barbaros
Renegade's SwordRenegade the HedgemorphRenve the hedgehog
Renée The Vampire WolfRenée The Wolf.Renée and Co: Funny Moments
Renée the Cosmic CaolfReon The LionRepa Hikari
Resaca the SalamanderRescue MissionaryResolve
Rethink the HedgehogRetro-ManicRetro Sonic
Return BurnReturn WaveReturn of Evil
Return of MurasiaReturn to ShadakorReuben the Cat
Rev It Up!Revenant the HybridRevenge the ???
Revenge the RacoonRevenge the Racoon/Theme SongsReverence The Hedgehog
Reveris AolumRevolver the HedgehogRex Storm
Rex The AssassinRex Thunder the HedgehogRex the Rabbit
ReyRey the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Reyonis Platura
Reyonis Platura/HistoryReyonis Platura/History/Historical TimelineReyonis Platura/Physical Components
Reyonis Platura/Social OrganizationRezoren the Ruler of DestructionRhase the Fox
Rhassdhoron' Moram the SangheiliRhianna the 2nd Ultimate LifeformRhyme the Cat
Rhyna the EchidnaRhyna the Echidna: Dark FlamesRicardo the Wolf
Ricardo the Wolf/HistoryRicardo the Wolf/RelationshipsRichard "Dasher" the hedgehog
Richard "Roulette" the CockroachRichard BloodsonRichard the Hedgehog
Richtofen the FoxolfRick 'Ricardo' the WolfRick Moranis the Cat
Rick the hedgehogRicky CarrawayRicky the Wisp
Ricky the Wisp: Dark Spirits UnleashedRico the catRidvere the Diavol
Rience the DarkRigel Akvase the SealRigger Smith
Rik the Spider MonkeyRik the Spider Monkey/GalleryRik the Spider Monkey/History
Rik the Spider Monkey/QuotesRik the Spider Monkey/Trivia & Misc.Rika
Rika the MinkRikai the HedgehogRikai the Hedgehog/Featured Article Interview
Riku KitsuneRiley the TigerRin The Hedgehog
Rin the HedgehogRin the Red PandaRin the Red Panda/The Schoolgirl Saga
Rin the Red Panda/Theme SongRin the Red Panda/Yandere ModeRing blast
Ring of the Cat MasterRingmaster/Disaster ClubRings (Blue Blur)
Rings ( Lucky's universe)Rinnahssiah-0Rio the Cyborg Hedgehog
Rion "Blisslight" The BrightRiot the EchidnaRiot the Wolf
Ripley the Chaos CreeperhogRipley the Chaos Creeperhog/AttacksRipper Gauntlets
Ripper the RatRipple the PorcupineRiptide the Frogadier
RisarynRise of RuinRise of the Vampires
Rise of the WerehogRisus DemensRita
Rita the CatRiuvecRiver Valley pirates
River Valley privateersRiver the EchidnaRiverside City
Rivund (species)Rixcit the HedgewolfRixon
Rixon the UnknownRiza the CharizardRizo'Riul Z'Velomen
Rizo'Riul Z'Velomen/Powers & AbilitiesRoad runner UnleashedRoar
Roar of TimeRob FoxRob O'the Hedge
Rob the LynxRobbie the CartoonHogRobbie the HedgeBoy Video Game
Roben (Doctor Eggman's mother)Robert GeranRobert the Warechidna
Robin OwsparrRobin the HedgefoxRobius
Roblox3ds77's Sonic UniverseRobo-BuddyRoboWillow
Robo ArchiveRoboland (Sonic Underground: The Continuation)Robot Helper
RoboticistRoboticization ZoneRoboticizer
Robotnik's Influence, Star Light Zone, Scarp Brain Zone and Final ZoneRobotnik RushRobotropolis (Blue Blur)
Robynn Destructus FoxRoc the FalconRock
Rock-A-Bye BirdyRock BlastRock Fall FM
Rock Out!Rock StonewallRock of Bo Ching
Rock the HedgehogRock the HouseRock the Wolf
Rocket's SceptileRocket Metal Sonic (Adventures)Rocket the Cat
Rocket the FoxRocket the HedgefoxidnaRocketfist the Echidna
Rockin' Fever: The Sonic Boom AlbumRockin the RioluRockna
Rocky MackintoshRocky the PorcupineRodney
Rodney the GenetRohner the HedgecatRokky the Krokorok
Rokon the VulpixRoland the SquirrelRoleplay(Free Join):Fenecette
Roleplay(free-join): Hostile Skies.Roleplay(free join):Fanon sonic and the black knight.Roleplay (FreeJoin): Mobius Mew Mew
Roleplay (Free Join)- Welcome to XeoiRoleplay (Free Join): Griflheim AcademyRoleplay (Free Join): Tourism Time!
Roleplay Event: BullygeddonRoleplay game:Mobius World War/Map/Script.jsRolfe the Raccoon
RolloutRolo the MagnificentRomana Nurosama
Romani the TyranicalRomeo Knight the Fox wolfRomerus The Hedgehog
Rona the ChameleonRonaldo the RatRonnie Schuman
Ronnie the TetraRoosa the ReindeerRoot of Gaia
Root the WolfRosa SmithRosabella
Rosadiya the TreeckoRosalina the LightRosalina the Light/Abilities
Rose-Lily the HedgehogRose-Marie TuscaderoRose Hellsing
Rose the HedgehogRose the Hedgehog (KatKennedy135's Universe)Rose the Rabbit
Rose the SeedrianRoseinian EmpireRosemary Prower/Marshalia13's Universe
Rosie Woodchuck/Marshalia13's UniverseRosie the EchidnaRosie the Echidna/Gallery
Rosie the Echidna/Moves and TechniquesRosie the pink hero chaoRoss Livingston
Rosy RoseRosy the Rascal/Mobius RedrawnRotor the Walrus (Marshalia13's Universe)
Rouge, Shadow and the Chaos MonsterRouge the BatRouge the Bat/Black Flame Continuity
Rouge the Bat/Darkest Shadow's UniverseRouge the Bat/Mobius RedrawnRouge the Bat (BearfootTruck's Universe)
Rouge the Bat (IncaIceBunny's universe)Rouge the Bat (Marshalia13's Universe)Rouge the Bat (Sonic Adventures)
Rouge the Bat (Sonic Revolution)Rouge the Bat (animated)Rova the Hedgehog
Rowan the BobcatRowan the SquirrelRoxanne (Roxie) the Fox
Roxio the FoxRoy the FoxRoyal Birthday Baking
Royal Generation
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