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Reyonis Platura/History/Historical TimelineReyonis Platura/Physical ComponentsReyonis Platura/Social Organization
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Rhyna the Echidna: Dark FlamesRicardo the WolfRicardo the Wolf/History
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Richard BloodsonRichard the HedgehogRichtofen the Foxolf
Rick 'Ricardo' the WolfRick Moranis the CatRick the hedgehog
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Rik the Spider Monkey/GalleryRik the Spider Monkey/HistoryRik the Spider Monkey/Quotes
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Rin the Red Panda/Yandere ModeRing blastRing of the Cat Master
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Ripley the Chaos Creeperhog/AttacksRipper GauntletsRipper the Rat
Ripple the PorcupineRiptide the FrogadierRisaryn
Rise of RuinRise of the VampiresRise of the Werehog
Risus DemensRitaRita the Cat
RiuvecRiver Valley piratesRiver Valley privateers
River the EchidnaRiverside CityRivund (species)
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RoboWillowRobo ArchiveRoboland (Sonic Underground: The Continuation)
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Rocketfist the EchidnaRockin' Fever: The Sonic Boom AlbumRockin the Riolu
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