Pearl The EchidnaPebble the LycanrocPeck
Pedro the Air bearPeek (Ability)Pegasus-type Multirole Fighter
Penelope the RaccoonPenny the PyrohogPenny the Wolf
Penumbra the HedgehogPeppermint the WolfPercy the Bat
Perfect StormPerfect the hedgehogPerish's Robot Factory Fortress
Perish the SkeletonPerlita the OtterPerseus The Keplerite
Peter Sherman the Tabby CatPeter the PorcupinePeter the Pup
Petunia the DragonPetunia the FoxPetunia the Fox (Dark Mobius)
Petunia the Fox (Light Mobius)Petunia the PorcupinePhalanx The Automaton
Phalanx The Automaton/Featured Article InterviewPhantom QuartetPhantom The Hedgehog
Phantom the Mink/ Featured Article InterviewPhantomly the Ghost WolfPhaze the Plasma
Pheer the DemonhogPhil the HedgehogPhillips the Cat
Philosopher's StonePhobos the WolfPhoebe the Wallaby
Phoenix the FoxPhyllis the BatPhys the Echidna
Pianura the HedgehogPietra the HedgehogPilot the Blot
PilvegernPilvegern/SubspeciesPink Hedgehog Jokes
Pink SakuraPinkirynnea "Pinki" Robotnik the HamsterPiotr the Toothbrush
Piper the Sugar GliderPistol (Rise)Pity the Jackalope
Pixel OllydiaPixel the hedgehogPixie the Dog
Plague the SilkiePlanet Pop RadioPlanet Rockumlus
Plasma (Element)Plasma BoltPlasma Bomb
Platinum FoehnPlatinum Foehn/Classic PlatinumPlatinum The Echidna
Platinum The Echidna/QuotesPlatinum The Echidna/TransformationsPlatinum Zilla
Platinum the HedgehogPlatinum the LemurPlenty
Plum the ManxPlunderPluto The Cat
Pochoden the SnakePocki StikkuPoison (Element)
Poison Clan of DantamuPoison Clan of Dantamu/MembersPoison Gas
Poison StingPokémobius: ChaosPokémobius: Chaos/Character List
Pokémobius: Chaos/Joining GuidePokémobius: Chaos/The Gods of BanishmentPoletamine the Quoll
Police Officer (Sonic Adventures)Pop the CatPopcorn the Bunny
Potato PushersPotency StonesPound FM
Pounder-type Battle SuitPower AssaultPower Chomp
Power NationPower PointsPowhatan the Hedgehog
Pravus Jacob SteelPredator WristbladesPrehistoric Wisdom
Preston The OwlPrez the MockingjayPrimobians
Prince "Nyx" the Hedgehog (REVISITED)Prince Akin the MeerkatPrince Alexander Robotnik
Prince Chill the HedgehogPrince Friedrich LuminosaPrince Friedrich Luminosa/Relationships
Prince Nyx "Hex" HedgehogPrince Nyx "Hex" the HedgehogPrince Rova Lawka the Fannakiw
Prince Rova Lawka the Fannakiw/QuotesPrince ShalooPrince the Axolotl
Princess Akira GadgetPrincess Alyssa The Fox HybridPrincess Ashley of Cramisa
Princess Elise the Third/Mobius RedrawnPrincess Hawaii Forseaishi Kitten Istality The ThirdPrincess Hesper
Princess Jewel The HedgehogPrincess Kawaii DesuPrincess Kirsten the Cat
Princess LysandraPrincess Miyuki MonohimePrincess Overtone
Princess Penelope the PuppyPrincess Penelope the Puppy/Julia's VersionPrincess Penelope the Puppy/Quotes
Princess Sally AcornPrincess Sally Acorn (Video Game)Prinus Clan
Priscilla the Snowy OwlPrivet the Polar BearProcurator Knight
Professor CatalystProfessor Pickle (Juely)Professor Porkenstein
Project ApocalypseProject Arc: XenolineProject Arc: Xenoline Fighter List: SFW & SFCW
Project Arc: Xenoline Fighter list: SegaProject DarklightProject Giga
Project Idol: Nikki's Fun HouseProject MaseratiProject Revival
Project Shadow (TomFeatherhill's Mobius)PrometheusPrometheus The Unknown
ProtectProto-MobianProto the Robot
Proto the Robot/FormsProtocol Cy-FoxProtocol Cy-Fox v1.0
Proudfoot the WolfPrower Broadcasting CorporationPrower Broadcasting Corporation/Pullout Act of 2009
Prower CenterPrower ManorPrue the Coyote
PsychicPsychic GuardiansPsychic Snap
PsypunchPuerla CanaPuff the Hedgehog
Pulido the TreefrogPulse the WolfPummi Wolf
Pumpkin HillPuny the CrowPurkish city
Purna the Tiger-BunnyPursuit to Disorder: Class of NationsPursuit to Reality
Pursuit to Reality/Episode TextPutriversePutriverse/Bestiary
Putty the HedgehogPuzzle PyramidPyre the Carbuncle
Pyris the HedgehogPyro the CharizardPyrochaosis
Pyroli the BadgerQ-VirusQing Yuan Zhū
Quad OverkillQuartermaster Loader TankQueen Aleena Hedgehog (IncaIceBunny's Universe)
Queen Cyrenae the BeeQueen Maureen the HedgehogQueen Poppy
Quest for the Golden FleeceQuetzalcoatlQuetzalcoatl/Gallery
Quetzalcoatl/SubspeciesQuick AttackQuills the Porcupine
Quinn the CatQuintessa the BatQuintessa the Bat/Fay
Quintessa the Bat/QuinnQuintessa the Bat/QuintessaQuintessa the Bat/Rift
Quintessa the Bat/TessQwertyuiop the Hedgehog (Game)R.O.B. (Detective Willy O' The Hedge)
R.R.A.H. The Robotic EagleRB16 Submachine GunRFD Pistol
RG-15RMG-24ROA, The Lightning Strikes
ROBUTTNIKS MEAN BEAN MACHEANRT-116 Assault RifleRaahul the Hedgehog
Rab the Robo-catRachael the chaoRachel the Goat
Racket OriginsRacket the Raccoon(2012 Video Game)Racoros the Ocelot
Rad the SquirrelRadia LightbeamRadiant Bastion
Radical RideRadio A.X.Radio Stations in Cosmo's Wicked Adventures
Radio Stations in Shadow the Hedgehog 3: U.K. CallingRadio Stations in Sonic Adventure 3: East Coast MinuteRadio Stations in Sonic Adventure 4: Californication
Radio Stations in Sonic Adventure 5: Windy City ShowdownRadio UK-XRadium Tear
RadonRagdoll the FoxRage Shield
Rage SlashRage The HedgehogRage the Hedgehog
Rage the WolverineRagebladeRageik
Ragen the Dark ThiefRaging FlareRagnarok Satan
Ragnerok the powerfulRagnerok the powerful's formsRags, Riches and Ringtails
Rags, Riches and Ringtails/Trial By BladeRaiRai the Hedgehog
Raiblue the FoxRaidenRaiden/Moveset
Raiden/Mythic EnchantRaiden/QuotesRaiden/Theme Songs
Raider The VanguardRaidus 'Mercury' Atomos the JackalRaile Draxxon
Raile Draxxon/AttacksRain SplashRain the Sifaka
Rainbow CityRainbow EmeraldRainbow The Hedgehog
Rainfall the MerWolfRainfall the MerWolf/RelationshipsRainy Hills
Raje SpiteRalph the LionRam
Ramiah the HedgehogRamiel the Bird AngelRamil
Ramira the GoatRamonna the HedgehogRamonna the Hedgehog/History
Ramsey the ThylacineRana FranklinRandom Ranger Tales
Random Ranger Tales/Chara AbuseRandom Ranger Tales/QuotesRandomicalz ze Hedgehog
Randys A RamboRane the EchidnaRanga
RanivaeRapa the HedgehogRaphael the Skunk
Raphius Cronais MarzionRapid ComboRapid and Krinkinko:The Newcomer
Rapid the HedgehogRaptor the DragonRasengan
Rash the ChameleonRashid the RatRaskustung the Fox
Rasna the CobraRaspberry thr CatRasta Gong Soundsystem
Rastopiti the DesmanRavenCool the Sol Grey WolfRaven the Cyberhog(Ultimatum)
Raven the Cyberhog (Nexus Ultimatum)Raven the PigRawroa The Lioness
Ray TakiyamaRay The Flying Squirrel (Blue Twilight's Universe)Ray the Arctic Fox
Ray the Cat (SteampunkFox001)Rayla LynxRayla Opal the Hedgehog
Rayman (Crossover Character)Raymondland (City-State)
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