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Peace Enforcers/Featured Article InterviewPeach Lightwater-Hikarikaze the Snow LeopardPeachy the Princess Peach Fangirl
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Pebble the LycanrocPeckPedro the Air bear
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Pilvegern/SubspeciesPink Hedgehog JokesPink Sakura
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Pistol (Rise)Pity the JackalopePixel Ollydia
Pixel the hedgehogPixie the DogPlague the Silkie
Planet Pop RadioPlanet RockumlusPlasma (Element)
Plasma BoltPlasma BombPlatinum Foehn
Platinum Foehn/Classic PlatinumPlatinum The EchidnaPlatinum The Echidna/Quotes
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Platinum the LemurPlentyPlum the Manx
PlunderPluto The CatPochoden the Snake
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Poison Clan of Dantamu/MembersPoison GasPoison Sting
Pokémobius: ChaosPokémobius: Chaos/Character ListPokémobius: Chaos/Joining Guide
Pokémobius: Chaos/The Gods of BanishmentPoletamine the QuollPolice Officer (Sonic Adventures)
Pop the CatPopcorn the BunnyPotato Pushers
Potency StonesPound FMPounder-type Battle Suit
Power AssaultPower ChompPower Nation
Power PointsPowhatan the HedgehogPravus Jacob Steel
Predator WristbladesPrehistoric WisdomPreston The Owl
Prez the MockingjayPrimobiansPrince "Nyx" the Hedgehog (REVISITED)
Prince Akin the MeerkatPrince Alexander RobotnikPrince Chill the Hedgehog
Prince Friedrich LuminosaPrince Friedrich Luminosa/RelationshipsPrince Nyx "Hex" Hedgehog
Prince Nyx "Hex" the HedgehogPrince Rova Lawka the FannakiwPrince Rova Lawka the Fannakiw/Quotes
Prince ShalooPrince the AxolotlPrincess Akira Gadget
Princess Alyssa The Fox HybridPrincess Ashley of CramisaPrincess Elise the Third/Mobius Redrawn
Princess Hawaii Forseaishi Kitten Istality The ThirdPrincess HesperPrincess Jewel The Hedgehog
Princess Kawaii DesuPrincess Kirsten the CatPrincess Lysandra
Princess Miyuki MonohimePrincess OvertonePrincess Penelope the Puppy
Princess Penelope the Puppy/Julia's VersionPrincess Penelope the Puppy/QuotesPrincess Sally Acorn
Princess Sally Acorn (Video Game)Prinus ClanPriscilla the Snowy Owl
Privet the Polar BearProcurator KnightProfessor Catalyst
Professor Pickle (Juely)Professor PorkensteinProject Apocalypse
Project Arc: XenolineProject Arc: Xenoline Fighter List: SFW & SFCWProject Arc: Xenoline Fighter list: Sega
Project DarklightProject GigaProject Idol: Nikki's Fun House
Project MaseratiProject RevivalProject Shadow (TomFeatherhill's Mobius)
PrometheusPrometheus The UnknownProtect
Proto-MobianProto the RobotProto the Robot/Forms
Protocol Cy-FoxProtocol Cy-Fox v1.0Proudfoot the Wolf
Prower Broadcasting CorporationPrower Broadcasting Corporation/Pullout Act of 2009Prower Center
Prower ManorPrue the CoyotePsychic
Psychic GuardiansPsychic SnapPsypunch
Puerla CanaPuff the HedgehogPulido the Treefrog
Pulse the WolfPummi WolfPumpkin Hill
Puny the CrowPurkish cityPurna the Tiger-Bunny
Pursuit to Disorder: Class of NationsPursuit to RealityPursuit to Reality/Episode Text
PutriversePutriverse/BestiaryPutty the Hedgehog
Puzzle PyramidPyre the CarbunclePyris the Hedgehog
Pyro the CharizardPyrochaosisPyroli the Badger
Q-VirusQing Yuan ZhūQuad Overkill
Quartermaster Loader TankQueen Aleena Hedgehog (IncaIceBunny's Universe)Queen Cyrenae the Bee
Queen Maureen the HedgehogQueen PoppyQuest for the Golden Fleece
Quick AttackQuills the PorcupineQuinn the Cat
Quintessa the BatQuintessa the Bat/FayQuintessa the Bat/Quinn
Quintessa the Bat/QuintessaQuintessa the Bat/RiftQuintessa the Bat/Tess
Qwertyuiop the Hedgehog (Game)R.O.B. (Detective Willy O' The Hedge)R.R.A.H. The Robotic Eagle
RB16 Submachine GunRFD PistolRG-15
RT-116 Assault RifleRaahul the HedgehogRab the Robo-cat
Rachael the chaoRachel the GoatRacket Origins
Racket the Raccoon(2012 Video Game)Racoros the OcelotRad the Squirrel
Radia LightbeamRadiant BastionRadical Ride
Radio A.X.Radio Stations in Cosmo's Wicked AdventuresRadio Stations in Shadow the Hedgehog 3: U.K. Calling
Radio Stations in Sonic Adventure 3: East Coast MinuteRadio Stations in Sonic Adventure 4: CalifornicationRadio Stations in Sonic Adventure 5: Windy City Showdown
Radio UK-XRadium TearRadon
Ragdoll the FoxRage ShieldRage Slash
Rage The HedgehogRage the HedgehogRage the Wolverine
RagebladeRageikRagen the Dark Thief
Raging FlareRagnarok SatanRagnerok the powerful
Ragnerok the powerful's formsRags, Riches and RingtailsRags, Riches and Ringtails/Trial By Blade
RaiRai the HedgehogRaiblue the Fox
RaidenRaiden/Featured Article InterviewRaiden/Moveset
Raiden/Mythic EnchantRaiden/QuotesRaiden/Theme Songs
Raider The VanguardRaidus 'Mercury' Atomos the JackalRaile Draxxon
Raile Draxxon/AttacksRain SplashRain the Sifaka
Rainbow CityRainbow EmeraldRainbow The Hedgehog
Rainfall the MerWolfRainfall the MerWolf/RelationshipsRainy Hills
Raje SpiteRalph the LionRam
Ramiah the HedgehogRamiel the Bird AngelRamil
Ramira the GoatRamonna the HedgehogRamonna the Hedgehog/History
Ramsey the ThylacineRana FranklinRandom Ranger Tales
Random Ranger Tales/Chara AbuseRandom Ranger Tales/QuotesRandomicalz ze Hedgehog
Randys A RamboRane the EchidnaRanga
RanivaeRapa the HedgehogRaphael the Skunk
Raphius Cronais Marzion
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