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Lolita the DeadLongmire the CatLoran (and Lori) Truscani
LordSHIFT's projectLord Callisto MontiglaireLord Shinsa of the Chi Branch Council
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Lori the Rhesus MacaqueLorixLorna the Seedrian
Loryl the CherouvLost World: A Sonic MMORPGLost in Space
Lotte the HuskyLotus the AndroidLotus the Squirpine
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Love Is OverratedLove StoryLove the Cat
Lu-Lu's Lovely'sLu-Lu the OcelotLuca the Dhole
Luca the SquirrelLucas "Gunfreak" BandicootLucas "LOL" the Bee
Lucas the LycanrocLucas the Lycanroc (Dark Mobius)Lucas the Mink
Lucas the RabbitLucent The WombatLucentio The Immortal
Lucifen ImpurisLucifer the Obsidian DiseaseLucinda the Angelfox
Lucius the HedgehogLucius the RabbitLucky's Resistance
Lucky SmithLucky SonicLucky the Fox
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Luna the Bunny/ Featured Article InterviewLuna the Cat (Chrismh)Luna the Cat (Koumorichan)
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Lunar StrikeLunar VibesLunar the Hedgehog (E-Josh)
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Lunatic GateLuneLune the Bat Lycalo
Lung China DynastyLuni Toheran the LynxLunic the hedgehog
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Luther Paleteus the CatLuther Paleteus the Cat/Featured Article InterviewLyc the Wolf
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Lycus the LycanrocLydia "Soul Fang" Hikarikaze the OokamiLydia the Hedgehog
LyinexisLying on PowerLying on Power/Episode Text
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Lynel Crash the ArcanineLyner BarsettLynette
Lynn the MolebatLynxLyra Wisp Lynx
Lyra the FoxLysander the Wolf (SteampunkFox001)Lytning the Hedgehog
Lyudmila the BatM.S.MMACH10
MD64's SA3 IdeaMINK Transport, inc.MM-56 "Mad Monk"
MR-32 Plasma RifleMacabre the HedgehogMacaron the hedgehog
Machaero the SwordfishMack The PenguinMackenzie the Tiger
Mackenzie the Tiger/Channel MobiusMackenzie the Tiger/Mystic ZoneMackenzie the Tiger/Transformations
Macro the Giant HedgehogMacy the VigorothMadam Weiss
Madame Amanda "Mana" BradanskaMaddy the HedgehogMadeleine the Chinchilla
Madeline "Sissy" ProwerMadeline the FoxMadhuri the Dog
Madi the FoxMadison the HedgeguinMadoka The Light
Madonna/Mobius RedrawnMadyson the HedgehogMae the Succubus
Maelana the Meerkat IIMaero the HedgehogMaeshar
Mage MasherMagecraftMaggie MacBee
Magic SpiritsMagick of the AncientsMagma Spindash
Magma StormMagnes The FennecMagnetic Blast
Magnetism (Element)MagnitudeMagnolia Sinclair
Magnolia the WitchMagnum ShotMagnus Bloodson
Magnus the RaptorMagusMah Roohm8 Sonic, Mah Totally Awesom Fanfik, DU NOT STEEL (Greyspeed's Origin)
Mahaila the VampnixMahamari RaoMai Takekawa
Maia the DolphinMaiyomi Naeron the SheepMajeek the Flying Squirrel
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