Liesmith-class Heavy MechLife in Chaos TownLife in Chaos Town/Episode 1:Awesomepocalypse Rising
Life of CrimeLife of Hareta Asa High SchoolLife on Auldrant
Life on Auldrant/Part 1: Time Vs SpeedLife on Auldrant/Part 2: Wild CardsLife on Auldrant/Part 3: Overdose
Life scepterLiger ZeroLiger Zero/Fire Phoenix
Liger Zero/Jet FalconLight (Element)Light Cannon
Light Clan of CeleritasLight Clan of Celeritas/MembersLight Gaia
Light Gate: Divine RetributionLight GuardiansLight Mobius Future: The Origins
Light ScreenLight Speed ShoesLight The Hero Chao
Light The WolfLight in the dark... Part One.Light the Ancient Hedgehog
Light the CatLight the HedgehogLightning Armor
Lightning BladeLightning DudeLightning Inferno
Lightning ShieldLightning SlamLightning Slash
Lightning The ChihuahuaLightning The HedgehogLightning The Hedgehog(Sonic Shadow Silver Show)
Lightning the CheetahLightning the Hedgehog (game)Lightning the Hedgehog X
Lightning the PorcupineLightning the female hedgehogLightning the hedgehog (Sonic’s brother)
Lightningbolt "Lights" Cyan WispLights! Camera! Sonic!Lightspeed Attack
Liin the Arctic FoxLilac "Rosebud" WoodLilac "Rosebud" Wood/Boom Lilac
Lilac "Rosebud" Wood/Classic LilacLilac "Rosebud" Wood/DebyutantkaLilac "Rosebud" Wood/Dreamcast Lilac
Lilac "Rosebud" Wood/List of AppearancesLilac "Rosebud" Wood/Mary Sue RosebudLilac the Butterfly
Lili the CatLilith DiabloLilith the Bat
Lilith the DemonLilith the Demonette (Jared's Version)Lillia the Hedgehog
LillyLilly GoldenFlower The SeedriafoxLilly the Fox
Lily McFlipLily Valley the EchidnaLily the Bat
Lily the EchidnaLily the RabbitLily the Tiger
Lima the SeedrianLime the Celestial HedgecatLimit Break
Lin the PandaLinaLina The Cat
Lina the FoxLina the HedgehogLina the Wolf
Linard TelevisionLindaLindsay the Porcupine
Lindsey the BlackbirdLindsey the MuskratLindwits' Tarot
Linebeck the FerretLing the MouseLink Empire
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List of Characters in Storm's StruggleList of Characters in The Legend of Fox the BraveList of Kiritsugu's Spells
List of Levels in the Terrible Luck GameList of Magic SpellsList of Sonic Mayhem TV Episodes
List of Sonic The Hedgehog: Musical Episodes.List of Sonic The Hedgehog: Musical Songs.List of Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series) characters
List of Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series) episodesList of Upcoming Sonic MoviesList of challenges in Total Fanon Seasons
Lita the HedgehogLithic PathwayLithium Elfina
Lithium the LynxLittle MetropolisLittle Planet
Little Planet (EvilVerse)Liu the RabbitLive Each Day
Living ArsenalLizanne the FoxsterLizzie the Cat
Llachar the FerretLlashLloyd the Culpeo
Locke (Burpy's Dream)Logan the CatLoh Dimension
Lois FurrLois the Butterfly (Sonicfan919)Lois the Delibird
Lois the Flying SquirroxLois the MongooseLois the Rat
Loivyssa FleetfinLoka Toka IslandLoki the Lynx
Lola RomeroLolita the DeadLongmire the Cat
Loran (and Lori) TruscaniLordSHIFT's projectLord Callisto Montiglaire
Lord Shinsa of the Chi Branch CouncilLorelei the HoopoeLorenzo the Hedgehog
LoriLori the Rhesus MacaqueLorix
Lorna the SeedrianLoryl the CherouvLost World: A Sonic MMORPG
Lost in SpaceLotte the HuskyLotus the Android
Lotus the SquirpineLoucetios the FoxLouis the Four-tailed Fox
Louis the FoxLove Is OverratedLove Story
Love the CatLu-Lu's Lovely'sLu-Lu the Ocelot
Luca the DholeLuca the SquirrelLucas "Gunfreak" Bandicoot
Lucas "LOL" the BeeLucas the LycanrocLucas the Lycanroc (Dark Mobius)
Lucas the MinkLucas the RabbitLucent The Wombat
Lucentio The ImmortalLucifen ImpurisLucifer the Obsidian Disease
Lucinda the AngelfoxLucius the HedgehogLucius the Rabbit
Lucky's ResistanceLucky SmithLucky Sonic
Lucky the FoxLucy the RabbitLuella the Mouse
Luger (MxG)Luisa Shakira Conchita Akemi Rose Aome Misty the Zebra CatLuki the Hegdehog
LukioLulu the DemonLumi the cat
Luminos The LordLuminous MobiusLuna The Hedgehog
Luna Valerie HowlsLuna the BatLuna the Bunny
Luna the Bunny/Mystic ZoneLuna the Bunny/ Featured Article InterviewLuna the Cat (Chrismh)
Luna the Cat (Koumorichan)Luna the LycanrocLuna the Porchidna
LunarBeamLunar StrikeLunar Vibes
Lunar the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Lunari meets the Canon charactersLunari the Echidna
Lunaris the CoyoteLunatic GateLune
Lune the Bat LycaloLung China DynastyLuni Toheran the Lynx
Lunic the hedgehogLupe the DoggatLupe the Wolf/Marshalia13's Universe
Lusawin the DunnartLuther Paleteus the CatLuther Paleteus the Cat/Featured Article Interview
Lyc the WolfLycalo (species)Lycanroc (species)
Lycus' GangLycus the LycanrocLydia "Soul Fang" Hikarikaze the Ookami
Lydia the HedgehogLyinexisLying on Power
Lying on Power/Episode TextLymbii AxomLyn Salazar
Lyn Salazar/Theme SongsLynel Crash the ArcanineLyner Barsett
LynetteLynn the MolebatLynx
Lyra Wisp LynxLyra the FoxLysander the Wolf (SteampunkFox001)
Lytning the HedgehogLyudmila the BatM.S.M
MACH10MD64's SA3 IdeaMINK Transport, inc.
MM-56 "Mad Monk"MR-32 Plasma RifleMacabre the Hedgehog
Macaron the hedgehogMachaero the SwordfishMack The Penguin
Mackenzie the TigerMackenzie the Tiger/Channel MobiusMackenzie the Tiger/Mystic Zone
Mackenzie the Tiger/TransformationsMacro the Giant HedgehogMacy the Vigoroth
Madam WeissMadame Amanda "Mana" BradanskaMaddy the Hedgehog
Madeleine the ChinchillaMadeline "Sissy" ProwerMadeline the Fox
Madhuri the DogMadi the FoxMadison the Hedgeguin
Madoka The LightMadonna/Mobius RedrawnMadyson the Hedgehog
Mae the SuccubusMaelana the Meerkat IIMaero the Hedgehog
MaesharMage MasherMagecraft
Maggie MacBeeMagic SpiritsMagick of the Ancients
Magma SpindashMagma StormMagnes The Fennec
Magnetic BlastMagnetism (Element)Magnitude
Magnolia SinclairMagnolia the WitchMagnum Shot
Magnus BloodsonMagnus the RaptorMagus
Mah Roohm8 Sonic, Mah Totally Awesom Fanfik, DU NOT STEEL (Greyspeed's Origin)Mahaila the VampnixMahamari Rao
Mai TakekawaMaia the DolphinMaiyomi Naeron the Sheep
Majeek the Flying SquirrelMaji the ChaoMajor Merci
Makonis the HedgecatMal the DemonMalcom "Geo" Wiggins
Malhela the CatMaliceMaliceEmerald Z: Episode 1: The New World
Malice The LionMalikTH's ContinuityMalik the Hedgehog
Malik the Hedgehog/Attacks, Skills, and PowersMalik the Hedgehog/QuotesMalisa the Mink
Malitia the BlackMallory Perilloux the CoyoteMalluma the Phascogale
Malo the Dark KitsuneMalusorMamba The Snake
Mami the Litemon
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