Laniatus, the Goddess of HarmonyLantern Dust DesertLaora Bradley Flotta
LapisLar the BatLara-Le the Echidna (Marshalia13's Universe)
Lara-Su (Burpy's Dream)Lara-Su the Echidna (Light Mobius Future)Lara the Tulip
Larina the MonkeyLarson the MonkeyLarvox the Wolf
Lau the PandaLaunching Egg ZoneLaura the Hedgehog
Lauraleine BabineauxLaurana the TigerLauren Hernandez
Lava Cavern ZoneLava SpearLavender Meadow
Lavender The WeaselLavender Town ZoneLavender the Tiger
Lawcia the PorcupineLawrence the SheepLayla Bandicoot
Lazuli The RabbitLe PanzaLea the Arctic Fox
Leaf BladeLeaf StormLeah Valencia
Leah the HedgehogLeaping EagleLearn the secrets
Leave it to Margaret!Lee "Jeremiah" AdamsLee Mythos
Leeg the HedgehogLegend Of The Chaos EmeraldsLegend of the Elemental Gems
Legendary SonicLegendary Super Saiyan SonicLegends of Gaia
Legends of an Echidna: Part 1Legends of the AllianceLegion
LeiLei the HedgehogLeifur the Ermine
Leiko SatsumaLejilius EligendeLeland the Hydrohog
Lelouch the LysmaLemon the EchidnaLen the it
Lena FischerLena the CatLenna (Neo Mobius)
LeoXNicoleLeo the HedgehogLeo the Tiger
Leon S. KangarooLeon S. Kangaroo/AttacksLeon S. Kangaroo/Roleplay Appearances
Leon S. Kangaroo/WeaponsLeon the Demon FoxLeon the Elk
Leon the HedgehogLeonard the LeopardLeong-Le the Panda
Leonidas the TenrecLeonti AksenoilLep the Shade-bot
Lerich SnomisLerry the BearLester
Let's Play Sonic Origins 3Leticia "Letty" the MouseLevi the Hare
Lexi the HamsterLexie RubidouxLeyariaja the Creator
Leyvaten the DragonLh'Xharyna Quiluxine/Powers & AbilitiesLi-Ri the Gray Lynx
Li MoonLiam ScarletLiam the Cat
Liam the ChesnaughtLiana RoseLianne Hedgecat
Libertes MobiusLiberty ThievesLidoran the Mutant
Lien-DOS in Sonic 1Lien-DOS the Holographic EchidnaLien-Da (Burpy's Dream)
Lien-Da (Terror of Crimson)Lien-Da the Echidna/Marshalia13's UniverseLiesmith-class Heavy Mech
Life in Chaos TownLife in Chaos Town/Episode 1:Awesomepocalypse RisingLife of Crime
Life of Hareta Asa High SchoolLife on AuldrantLife on Auldrant/Part 1: Time Vs Speed
Life on Auldrant/Part 2: Wild CardsLife on Auldrant/Part 3: OverdoseLife scepter
Liger ZeroLiger Zero/Fire PhoenixLiger Zero/Jet Falcon
Light (Element)Light CannonLight City
Light Clan of CeleritasLight Clan of Celeritas/MembersLight Gaia
Light Gate: Divine RetributionLight GuardiansLight Mobius Future: The Origins
Light ScreenLight Speed ShoesLight The Hero Chao
Light The WolfLight in the dark... Part One.Light the Ancient Hedgehog
Light the CatLight the HedgehogLightning Armor
Lightning BladeLightning DudeLightning Inferno
Lightning ShieldLightning SlamLightning Slash
Lightning The ChihuahuaLightning The HedgehogLightning The Hedgehog(Sonic Shadow Silver Show)
Lightning the CheetahLightning the Hedgehog (game)Lightning the Hedgehog X
Lightning the PorcupineLightning the female hedgehogLightning the hedgehog (Sonic’s brother)
Lightningbolt "Lights" Cyan WispLights! Camera! Sonic!Lightspeed Attack
Liin the Arctic FoxLilac "Rosebud" WoodLilac "Rosebud" Wood/Boom Lilac
Lilac "Rosebud" Wood/Classic LilacLilac "Rosebud" Wood/DebyutantkaLilac "Rosebud" Wood/Dreamcast Lilac
Lilac "Rosebud" Wood/List of AppearancesLilac "Rosebud" Wood/Mary Sue RosebudLilac the Butterfly
Lili the CatLilith DiabloLilith the Bat
Lilith the DemonLilith the Demonette (Jared's Version)Lillia the Hedgehog
LillyLilly GoldenFlower The SeedriafoxLilly the Fox
Lily McFlipLily Valley the EchidnaLily the Bat
Lily the EchidnaLily the RabbitLily the Tiger
Lima the SeedrianLime the Celestial HedgecatLimit Break
Lin the PandaLinaLina's Den
Lina The CatLina the FoxLina the Hedgehog
Lina the WolfLinard TelevisionLinda
Lindsay the PorcupineLindsey the BlackbirdLindsey the Muskrat
Lindwits' TarotLinebeck the FerretLing the Mouse
Link EmpireLinkin the HedgehogLinux the Penguin
LiorLisa the HuskyList Of Character Deaths
List of Chaos Quest charactersList of Characters in Storm's StruggleList of Characters in The Legend of Fox the Brave
List of Kiritsugu's SpellsList of Levels in the Terrible Luck GameList of Magic Spells
List of Sonic Mayhem TV EpisodesList of Sonic The Hedgehog: Musical Episodes.List of Sonic The Hedgehog: Musical Songs.
List of Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series) charactersList of Sonic the Hedgehog (2017 TV Series) episodesList of Upcoming Sonic Movies
List of challenges in Total Fanon SeasonsLita the HedgehogLithic Pathway
Lithium ElfinaLithium the LynxLittle Metropolis
Little PlanetLittle Planet (EvilVerse)Liu the Rabbit
Live Each DayLiving ArsenalLizanne the Foxster
Lizzie the CatLlachar the FerretLlash
Lloyd the CulpeoLocke (Burpy's Dream)Logan the Cat
Loh DimensionLois FurrLois the Butterfly (Sonicfan919)
Lois the DelibirdLois the Flying SquirroxLois the Mongoose
Lois the RatLoivyssa FleetfinLoka Toka Island
Loki the LynxLola RomeroLolita the Dead
Longmire the CatLoran (and Lori) TruscaniLordSHIFT's project
Lord Callisto MontiglaireLord Shinsa of the Chi Branch CouncilLorelei the Hoopoe
Lorenzo the HedgehogLoriLori the Rhesus Macaque
LorixLorna the SeedrianLoryl the Cherouv
Lost World: A Sonic MMORPGLost in SpaceLotte the Husky
Lotus the AndroidLotus the SquirpineLoucetios the Fox
Louis the Four-tailed FoxLouis the FoxLove Is Overrated
Love StoryLove the CatLu-Lu's Lovely's
Lu-Lu the OcelotLuca the DholeLuca the Squirrel
Lucas "Gunfreak" BandicootLucas "LOL" the BeeLucas the Lycanroc
Lucas the Lycanroc (Dark Mobius)Lucas the MinkLucas the Rabbit
Lucent The WombatLucentio The ImmortalLucifen Impuris
Lucifer the Obsidian DiseaseLucinda the AngelfoxLucius the Hedgehog
Lucius the RabbitLucky's ResistanceLucky Smith
Lucky SonicLucky the FoxLucy the Rabbit
Luella the MouseLuger (MxG)Luisa Shakira Conchita Akemi Rose Aome Misty the Zebra Cat
Lukas the HedgehogLuki the HegdehogLukio
Lulu the DemonLumi the catLuminos The Lord
Luminous MobiusLuna The HedgehogLuna Valerie Howls
Luna the BatLuna the BunnyLuna the Bunny/Mystic Zone
Luna the Bunny/ Featured Article Interview
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