Hikaru the Kitsune: A Second Stand/PrologueHikaru the Kitsune: BeginningsHikaru the Kitsune: Beginnings/Film Script
Hikaru the Kitsune: Continuums of the PastHikem and MaruphHikera-Li the Echidna
Hiki the RexHillard DucthHimawari
Hincho the RabbitHinote the CatHip the Hopper
Hiro the HedgehogHiro the RaccoonHis metal glove
History of JackHollow the BlackHollowed Eclipse Discord
Holly the TigressHolly the Tigress/VianicHoloska (SuperSilverXtreme14's Universe)
Holy GrailHoly SlashHoming Attack
Honesty the SkunkHoney the Cat/Marshalia13's UniverseHonnu the Hybrid
Honoo "Flame" The PyrofoxHooper the LycanrocHope for the Heroes
Hope of the Universe (Series)Hope the LycanrocHope the Mongoose
Hopps the RabbitHordaiquanHoren
Horror ComplexHoshimi the Undead KitsuneHot Shot
Hourglass the Coyote/Featured Article InterviewHourglass the LizardHouse Alvion
House CanisHouse RodentaHouse of Hedgehog
House of VarenHouse of Varen/NEO GodshipHouse of Varen/Origins
House of Varen/Present DayHouse of Varen/The House of IvoHover Unit
HoverbotHow Josh and Mint MetHow Knight met his Chao.
How to make a good roleplayHowling ZephyrHtH Issue 1
HtH Issue 2HtH Issue 3Hua the Panda
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Hugo the ZobianHuizhong the GrasshopperHunter
Hunter CountyHunter County GovernmentHunter the Fox
Hunter the GriffonHuntstoniaHuntstonia/Featured Article Interview
Huoyan the WolverineHurkey the Thanksgiving TurkeyHurricane Spear
Huski The FoxHyberson the RatHybrid Parenting Expectations: Bird and Reptile Edition
Hyde the HedgehogHydie CroftHydro Break
Hydro CannonHydro ReflectHydro the Sharkbot
HydrosplashHymmnos ClanHyperBlazing Will
Hyper BeamHyper DivisionHyper Flash
Hyper Fusion TechniqueHyper Sonic.EXEHyper Turbo
Hyper the HedgecatHypera 0.0Hyperioshire
Hyperlution syndromeHyperverseHypnosis
I'll Be With You, AlwaysI'm Ready To GoII - Trying
I Had an AccidentIan "Scar" Van HellsingIan Fy Pyroclasm
Ian the PorcupineIblis the DemigoddessIceFire (Element)
Ice (Element)Ice (character)Ice (character)/Disaster Club
Ice BeamIce Clan of KyanosIce Clan of Kyanos/Members
Ice Daiki the HedgehogIce FangIce Fang the Lycanroc
Ice Floe FallsIce Gate: Antarctic BlizzardIce Punch
Ice Seal: Ice ArmorIce the CatIce the Echidna
Ice the HedgehogIce the Hedgehog (MilesPrower11)Ice transformation
IcebreakerIcee the HedgehogIceheart the Husky (Reboot)
Icette the CryochidnaIcette the Cryochidna/AttacksIcey the Alaskan Rabbit
Ichiro the FoxIcy OutpostIdle the Dead
Ignatio the PandaIgnisiumIgnora the Wolverine
Ike and Fangirl conflictIlios the SolaratIllmatar the Rabbit
Illuminati (OCA)Illusion ClawIlmarinen Frostcloud/Attacks
Ilta VirtanenImaniImito the Entity
ImmariusImmobile FeliceImogen the Hedgefox
Imre the RaccoonIn the BandInaba the Hare
Inari Kamiya the KitsuneIncitus the HedgehogIndigo the Lycanroc
Inferno (Element)Inferno SlashInferno the Cat
Inferno the DemonInferno the DogInfested Crisis City
Infested Crisis City/Part1Infiltration: A Sonic Crossover StoryInfinite/Mobius Redrawn
Infinite/ZekonsInfinite (Burpy's Dream)Infinite (Burpy's Dream)/Unnamed Jackal Leader
Infinity BottleInfinity OrganisationInfinity glove
Infinity the Ring SpiritIngeIngrid the Hare
Ingrid the SheepIngrid the Sheep/RelationshipsIngvild the Caribou
Inkly the PigInna HistoriaInteractive Story: Attack of the Clones
Interactive Story: Elementian LegacyInteractive Story: Hayashi Festival MayhemInteractive Story: The Secret
Interactive Story: the forgotten WarriorInvader MoubiusInvasion FM
Invasion of the IrkensInvidian ScoreballIo the Cat
Ion: Tales of the Genesis (Fangame)Ion RushIon Rush - Full Soundtrack
Ion the HedgehogIon the Hedgehog, Part 1Ion the Hedgehog, Part 2
Ion the Hedgehog (2016 Reboot)Ion the Hedgehog (2017)Ion the Hedgehog (2018 Game)
Ion the Hedgehog (Allstars EX Universe)Ion the Hedgehog (New Version)Ion the Hedgehog (SONIC BOOM)
Irimau-Vegas RelationshipIrina Gosform NalfarIris the Echidna
Iris the IbexIrma Hegine the hedgehogIrol
Iron DominionIron HeadIron Mountain Zone
Iron TailIron TailsIruka the Hedgehog
Is this a Game to you?: A Trezerac and Trezera themed rpIsaac the HedgehogIsaiah The Red Wolf
Isaiah The Red Wolf-The AfterlifeIsaiah the Angelic HedgefoxIsaldymas the Lynx
Isao the HedgehogIsella the HedgehogIshertak the Dragoness
IshizuIshtar the Mane Lavenblue DragonIsidro the Hedgehog
Isis the SkyloudakiIsla the JellyfishIsland of Kardon: The Great Desire
Isle TogerraIsmael The HedgeFoxIsolis
It's Time To Change EverythingIt Isn't Fair!Itsumi Soltis
It’s Not Halloween, but WHY NOT Make a Horror Story?Ivan the MachampIvan the Machamp/Featured Article Interview
Ivo Robotnik (Protocol Cy-Fox)Ivory" Amagumo" TyonIvory the Leopard
Ivy SolaniIxisIyo
Izaya the wolfIzumi-Zurui ConflictIzzy The Mountain Lion
J'onn the ButterflyJ-94 Dragon MawJ-Amy Conflict
J-Jenny ConflictJ.C. the HyenaJA Broadcasting Corporation
JK WalcattJT-Falco ConflictJ the Hedgehog
Jabez the HedgehogJabok The EchidnaJabrony the Hedgehog
Jack's Friends' 2nd Story (Spongebob100): The Anti EscapeJack's Friends' 3rd Story: Medieval TimesJack Boom
Jack CroweJack KenshikiJack the Cat
Jack the FohuahuaJack the HedgehogJack the Hedgehog's 2nd Story: The Rise of Dragon Jack
Jack the Hedgehog's 3rd Story: The Ogre withinJack the Hedgehog's 4th Story: Sonic RidersJack the Hedgehog (RPG Fan Game)
Jack the LionfishJack the PorcupineJack the Weasel
Jackal PackJackal Squad (Burpy's Dream)Jackhammer the Echidna
Jacob the EchidnaJade IslandJade Rose
Jade the DogJade the TigerJade the cat
Jadelk "Jad" The WolverineJaden The HedgehogJadzia Ki-ra the Hedgehog
Jag the RioluJak "Jade" the HedgefoxJake Prower
Jake The DobermanJake The LynxJake the Echidna
Jake the HedgehogJake the chaoJamal The Almighty
James Cook (Odysseus)James Hunter The FoxJames Hutchman
James KaidaJames Mercer the wolfJames Odessa
James The CelloidJames the EchidnaJames the Wolf
Jamie "Jade" MystinaJamie the Cape FoxJamie the Dog
Jamie the hedgemonkeyJamon'ishiJana-Su Ezri Odan the Echidna (Chaos Mobius)
Jane The HedgehogJane the HedgehogJane the Hedgehog/Featured Article Interview
Jared InfiernJared the DefilerJared the Fox
Jasmine the BatJasmine the Hedgehog
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