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Hikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope/EpilogueHikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope/InterludeHikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope/Prologue
Hikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope/SoundtrackHikaru the Kitsune: A Second StandHikaru the Kitsune: A Second Stand/Chapter One
Hikaru the Kitsune: A Second Stand/Chapter TwoHikaru the Kitsune: A Second Stand/Deleted ScenesHikaru the Kitsune: A Second Stand/Prologue
Hikaru the Kitsune: BeginningsHikaru the Kitsune: Beginnings/Film ScriptHikaru the Kitsune: Continuums of the Past
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Hypera 0.0HyperionHyperioshire
Hyperlution syndromeHyperverseHypnosis
I'll Be With You, AlwaysI'm Ready To GoII - Trying
I Had an AccidentIan "Scar" Van HellsingIan Fy Pyroclasm
Ian the PorcupineIblis the DemigoddessIceFire (Element)
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Ice BeamIce Clan of KyanosIce Clan of Kyanos/Members
Ice Crystal The FoxIce Daiki the HedgehogIce Fang
Ice Fang the LycanrocIce Floe FallsIce Gate: Antarctic Blizzard
Ice PunchIce Seal: Ice ArmorIce the Cat
Ice the EchidnaIce the HedgehogIce the Hedgehog (MilesPrower11)
Ice transformationIcebreakerIcee the Hedgehog
Iceheart the Husky (Reboot)Icette the CryochidnaIcette the Cryochidna/Attacks
Icey the Alaskan RabbitIchiro the FoxIcy Outpost
Idle the DeadIgnatio the PandaIgnisium
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Infested Crisis City/Part1Infiltration: A Sonic Crossover StoryInfinite/Mobius Redrawn
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Interactive Story: the forgotten WarriorInvader MoubiusInvasion FM
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