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Fanon Fright: A Halloween RoleplayFanon Punch Out!Fanon Vs. Capcom: Cross Dimensional Clash.
Fanon of HurricaneFantasia/CarnivalFantasm the Psychic
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FasarFast FashionFate Averruncus
Fate the CatFateful Encounters Part 1/Chapter 2Fateful Encounters Part 2
Fatemaker WolfFaust/AttacksFaustinko the Hedgehog
Faux, Folx of LightFawa the Flying FoxFawks the Kitty
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Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg/MilitaryFeesho KingdomFefnir the Oxdragon
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Fey WaywardFeye the FairyFiamme
Fiamme/AttacksFiaor ArchipelagoFiert The White Hyena
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Fine LineFinn & Sonic at the Olympic GamesFinnegan Sarsaparilla
Finnick the LycanrocFiona's ConflictFiona's Secret Date
Fiona Fox (CyotheLion universe)Fiona Fox (Marshalia13's Universe)Fiona Fox (Mobius Redrawn)
Fiona Vixen (Sonic Adventures)Fiona the WolfFiore
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Fire PalmFire SonicFire and Ice
Fire transformationFireballFirebomb
FirebreathingFireflower the KitsuneFirefly Scent
Firestorm the FoxFirst Infinity WarFit to Survive
Flab the DemonhogFlamara the FennecFlame Fighters
Flame Haired Burning Eyed HunterFlame JetFlame The Phoenix
Flame the CatFlame the Cat (Emperix)Flame the Rabbit
Flame the TorracatFlamefly SteamFlamethrower
Flaming CometFlaming SpindashFlanger The Hedgehog
Flapper the Dark Swim chaoFlare "Spitfire" the Cattle DogFlare Barrier
Flare BurnFlare The Inferno HedgehogFlare the Demonhog
Flare the GeckoFlare the PhoenixFlare the Sound Wolf
Flare the WolfFlare the hedgecatFlash Cannon
Flash Spark 4.0Flash StepFlash the Lion
Fleeing Evil SagaFleet of the Black AbyssFleet of the Black Abyss/Members
Fleetway Hyper SonicFlint the HedgehogFloodon Flowris
Florence DeRancaFlower "Karina" ProwerFlower The Fox
Flower of the WindFluffy the Highland FoldFluminato
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Food Con CastawaysForest FreewayForest Zone
Forgotten Tales: The Aries TournamentForlorn ForestForrest Wolf
Fortnite: Mario & Sonic EditionFortress Angel ZoneFortuna the Panther
Forza the FoxFoshiFotiagos Imperium
Fou the PhoenixFou the Phoenix/Featured Article InterviewFow Toth International Speedway
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Fox the Brave (Light Mobius)Fox the CatFracture the Badnik
Fractured ForgeFragmentary PassageFraicheur the Cacomistle
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Freckles JeeperchompFrederick the RabbitFredrick the Deer
Free-Join RP: Beetle BlastFreedom Fighters (Kingdom of Acorn)/Marshalia13's UniverseFreedom Force
Freedom Planet (2017 film)Freeze A. AerionFreeze A. Aerion/Abilities and Powers
Freeze A. Aerion/Attacks and SkillsFreeze A. Aerion/HistoryFreeze A. Aerion/Misc.
Freeze A. Aerion/Personality and RelationshipsFreeze FrameFreeze Palm
Freezing SlashFreezle the EchidnaFreijus Ceralnjir the Manta Ray
Frenchy the BandicootFresiaFreya
Frezik the HuskyFrida TsuntiagoFrigid Chase
Froggy (Sonic Adventures)Froilan the SalamanderFrontline-type Heavy Tank
Frost The CatFrost the HedgehogFrost the MerMink
Frost the WolfFrost the Wolf/RelationshipsFrost the Wolf (Burpy's Dream)
Frost the Wolf (MalikTH)Frostbite SpearFrostbite the Hedgehog
Frostbite the Human?Frostbite the WolfFrostina, the Goddess of Snow
FrostingFrosting the HedgehogFrosty
Frosty BunkerFrozen FlareFrozen Plateau Zone
Frozen transformationFuankfur the HedgehogFuchsia the Bakeneko
Fuchsia the FoxFuego the Inferno CreeperhogFunky Town: Wrath of the Black Ideya
Funky Town (Show)Funky Town Story Book TheaterFunky the Echidna
Funky the Sea EchidnaFurameru The HedgehogFurion The Hedgehog
FurostoFury AttackFury Swipes
Fusion(character)Fusion BusterFusion Chant
Fusion PulseFusion the HedgehogFuture City
Future SightFuyu the PorcupineFymairang (Crack Pairing)
G'ling the N'rrgalG.C.N-007G.U.N Coliseum
GE-17 Enhanced Battle RifleGLaDOSGUN's Mini-Militia
GX GeneGabranth the HedgehogGabriel Strange
Gabriel the HedgehogGabriela AngelGabriella the Cat
Gaia DimensionGaia StonesGalactic Might
Galactic RingsGalaxi the RabbitGalaxina the Seedrian (TreeofLifeX9's Universe)
Galaxina the Seedrian (TreeofLifeX9’s Universe)/galleryGale The HedgehogGale the Storm
Galitea the GhostGalvanic BlastGame World
Ganoderma lucidumGaraja the WolverineGarasion the Great
Garnet the CaracalGarnette the PhoenixGarrett the Fox
Garth ChaosGaryGatling Fire
GaudiaGauntlet, the EchidnaGauntlet the Mech Beetle
Gavin the Mongoose (Archie Fanon)Gavriil the WeaselGelid Forest
Gelid Forest Freedom FightersGelidiumGem Dagger
Gemalen the MoleGeminiGemma the Tunnelhog
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General KousakuGeneral NibutuGeneral Phillip Hedgecat
Genesis Freedom FightersGenesis Search and Rescue (Private Roleplay)Genie The Hedgehog
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GenoGeo DanceGeo Sedim
Geo SpearGeoffrey St. John (Marshalia13's Universe)George the Mongoose
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