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Crystal Crosses Dimensions: The SequelCrystal GenerationsCrystal Obelisks
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Crystal The RobotCrystal Unleashed: When Crystal first turned into a werecoon... and her last!Crystal and Chocolate involved in a Chao Legend
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Dannah the GriffinDanni the BengalDanny The Hedgehog
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Dantae the HedgecatDante NantalDante the Fox
DaorDaret LyonsDarien Delphi
Dario the MargayDark "Lee" HedgehogDark Bot City
Dark Chaos EmeraldDark Clan of VoidstarDark Clan of Voidstar/Members
Dark Destroyer (series)Dark Destroyers (Series)Dark Destroyers (Series)/Side Characters
Dark Destroyers (Series)/UniverseDark EnergyDark Enerjak (Burpy's Dream)
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Dark J Level 2Dark Lord RivenDark Metal Sonic
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Darkblade "Scarface" the HybridDarkeDarke/Doom
Darke/HashDarke/ShadowDarkforce the hedgehog
Darkioss The EchidnaDarkness' DefeatDarkness' Revenge: The Return of Kaylania the Fox
Darkness's conquest of the heavens, the hells, and his own home.Darkness (Element)Darkness Finds a New Power to Help Defeat Crystal
Darkness Kidnaps Crystal's Good FriendDarkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows/DefenseDarkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows/Gauges
Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows/Heroes of OldDarkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows/Movement & CancellingDarkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows/Offense
Darkness Trigger: The Cybermal Onslaught/CharactersDarkness and LightDarkness the Hedgehog (The Shadow Of Darkness)
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