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Classic Universe (Sonic Mania + Sonic Forces)Classic Universe (Sonic Mania + Sonic Forces)/Part1Claude 'Claus' the Ocelot
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Claw of syconalClaws of the elementsCleo Carolacoon
Cliff McMuffinClock-Watch The Clockwork MobianClockwork the Caracal/Featured Article Interview
Cloe the HedgehogClose CombatClosed Roleplay:Feudal Travels
Cloud the HedgehogCloud the Hedgehog (Troll)Cloudtop Freedom Fighters
Cloudtop Freedom Fighters/MembersCloudy the CatClover Hagen
Clover Hagen/TropesClover the JackalClovis the Porcupine
Clyde The Solar HedgehogClyde the (Elemental) HedgehogClytemnestra the Celestial
Cobalt HeightsCobber the EchidnaCoco LaBouche
CoconutsCocoon CitystatesCodeBreaker FM
Codename: AvalancheCody Digitando the PorygonCody the Wolfdog
CoffinCold KnellCold the Hedgehog/History
Cold the Hedgehog/Personality and RelationshipsColdsteel the Hedgehog (OCA)Cole The Fox
Cole the EchidnaCole the Power HedgehogColina The Fox
Colita the FoxCollectCollette Cat
Coloa CephalopColonel Hivex the Yellow JacketColored Sonic
Colt VolverCombustionComet the Bear
Comet the Cat (Stardust's Brother)Comet the DogComic the Hedgehog
Commander Alan MakCommander DarthCommander James W. Krackens
Commander One's Chronological Sonic Fanfic TimelineConcordia Prinus the EchidnaConfederate Republic of Sugilite
Conficker The SableConfusion GasCongenital Reptilian Type Epidermal Scandendum
Conner the HedgehogConner the SquirrelConnie the Hare
Connor the rabbitConrad the PenguinConstance "Sparkie" the Rabbit
Consume SoulContemporary Brokluce RadioContinent Whale
Cookie the MouseCool the RacoonCooler the Hedgehog
Cooler the WerehogCoop the DogCooper the Squirrel
Copper the MinkCoralCoral the hedgehog
Core CityCore City GuardiansCore the Hedgehog
Cori the CharmeleonCorn Dog the HedgehogCorrosion (Element)
Corsin the BearCorvus the CatCoryn the Echidna
Cosmic BlazeCosmic RebootCosmo's Wicked Adventures
Cosmo the SeedrianCosmo the Seedrian (Blue Blur)Cosmo the Seedrian (IncaIceBunny's Universe)
Cosmo the Seedrian (Marshalia13's Universe)Cosmos HikaruCotton Guard
Countdown the FoxCounter-BladesCoyote Pack
Crag the WolfCraig the Brown HedgehogCrank the Wolverine
Crash The PorcupineCrash and SonicCrash the Hedgehog
Crazy Taxi (2011 video game)Cream's AdventureCream's Mission!
Cream & Amy: Dimension Defenders! (TV Series)Cream the RabbitCream the Rabbit/Darkest Shadow's Universe
Cream the Rabbit (BearfootTruck's Universe)Cream the Rabbit (IncaIceBunny's Universe)Cream the Rabbit (Marshalia13's Universe)
Cream the Rabbit (Sonic Adventures)Creda the Eternal WitchCreed the Wolf
CreeperhogCreeperhog/Elemental SpeciesCrepusculo the Meerkat
Crestere the GymnureCretaceous Adventures: Dino Emeralds 2Creō the Dragon
Crimson, God of DespairCrimson DesertCrimson Flame Continuity
Crimson The ForgottenCrimson The Forgotten/Boss FightCrimson the Echidna
Crimson the HawkCrimson the HedgehogCriss Maroon
Critical MoldingCritz the WolfCross-Country Pursuit
Crosshair the WolfCrossverseCrow the Wolf
Crown Jewels of AildaeCrown of LoveCrucifer the Demon
CrucitesCrunchCrunch the Lycanroc
Crush The EchidnaCrush the BandicootCrush the Zygarde
Cruz the CricketCry of the Dark Army Act ICrymson the Cat
Cryo the CatCryo the WolfCryo the Wolf/Featured Article Interview
Cryos the WolfCryosteelCryptic Track
Crysillis the UktenaCrysis the HedgehogCrystal's Nightmare
Crystal Crosses DimensionsCrystal Crosses Dimensions: The SequelCrystal Generations
Crystal ObelisksCrystal The FoxCrystal The Fox/Powers and Abilities
Crystal The HedgehogCrystal The RobotCrystal Unleashed: When Crystal first turned into a werecoon... and her last!
Crystal and Chocolate involved in a Chao LegendCrystal and Threetails' Random ShenanigansCrystal and the Amnesic Flying Fox
Crystal and the Strange LiquidCrystal and the WispsCrystal the Bat
Crystal the Ice VixenCrystal the LycanrocCrystal the Wolf
Crystaline the WolfCrystalline EmeraldsCrystalline Mobius
Crystallized ChaosCrytus the FoxCthulhu the Cabbit
Cthulhu the PartyhogCult of LamperougeCuoleputure the Pheonolf
Cura the CatCutCutlass the Demonfox
Cutter The EchidnaCutter the EchidnaCy-Fox Unit 01
Cy-Fox v0.5 (Protocol Cy-Fox)Cyan the PigCyber City
Cyber WolfCyber the HedgehogCyberforming
Cybermals/Other MastersCybermania (series)Cybernetic String
Cybernetix the HedgehogCybiusCyborg Squadron
Cyclon BabelCyclone DerechoCyclone Interactive
Cyclone Sonic the HedgehogCyclone SuperGamesCyclone Technologies
Cyclone TempestCyclone VortexCyfos Estranyo the Starfish
Cymbaline the HedgehogCyncro the space hedgehogCynthia the Echidna
Cyo the LionCyphon IridenCyprus Archer
CyraCyra The Archer/Featured Article InterviewCyrax the fighters
Cyro the HedgehogCyroxCyrus Prower
Cysero the Jackal/AttacksD-8 Battle RifleD-Loc the Hedgefox
D.I.V.AD.U.F.U.S. (Samueljoo)D.W. the Rabbit
DT-1 "Shifter"D (Daemon)Daemon
Dagger the SharkDaiku Prinus the EchidnaDaiku Prinus the Echidna/Featured Article Interview
DaisitobaDaisy the DogDaiyu Guan-wei
Dakota SmithDallas SmithDallas and Dakota Trilogy
Dalru Bezel the VisionaryDalton "Hunter" GallantDamage Burn
Damia NyxDamien RockwellDamien the Raikou
Damon the HedgehogDan MitnickDan the Bear
Dana the PandaDane the HedgehogDangerous Determination
Dani the SquirrelDani the WolfdogDaniel
Danielle the HedgehogDankebotDannah the Griffin
Danni the BengalDanny The HedgehogDanny the Hedgehog
Danny the WolfDanny wolfDantae the Hedgecat
Dante NantalDante the FoxDaor
Daret LyonsDarien DelphiDario the Margay
Dark "Lee" HedgehogDark Chaos EmeraldDark Clan of Voidstar
Dark Clan of Voidstar/MembersDark Destroyer (series)Dark Destroyers (Series)
Dark Destroyers (Series)/Side CharactersDark Destroyers (Series)/UniverseDark Energy
Dark Enerjak (Burpy's Dream)Dark FusilladeDark Gaia (Sonic Adventures)
Dark IdolDark J Level 2Dark Lord Riven
Dark Metal SonicDark MihoDark Mint
Dark PalmDark PrincessDark Ruby
Dark ScorchDark Sonic (AOTBB Version)Dark Storm
Dark Storm the HedgehogDark Super Shadow
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