Black ArmsBlack Beast 13Black Chaos Emerald
Black CrescentBlack Death (Sonic Adventures)Black Doom (Sonic Adventures)
Black Doom SagaBlack DragonBlack Hole Lightning
Black Ideya BeckyBlack JewelBlack Lightning (Element)
Black MariahBlack RoseBlack Skunk
Black the HedgehogBlackheart the darkhogBlackmane Family
Blackmoon the HedgehogBlackshadow the darkness hedgehog of blackshadow'sBlackvein-class Heavy Mech
Blade "Metal Head" The HedgehogBlade The HegdehogBlade the Fox
Blade the WolfBladedancer/Disaster ClubBladelocke Cutter
Blades of DarknessBlades of LightBladez the Hedgehog
Blair HotshotBlake the wolfBlast Burn
Blast the HedgehogBlast the LycanrocBlaze Kick
Blaze Kojo the Cat (Megalus Version)Blaze the CatBlaze the Cat/Darkest Shadow's Universe
Blaze the Cat/Disaster ClubBlaze the Cat/MegaPhantaze's UniverseBlaze the Cat/Mobius Redrawn
Blaze the Cat/TomFeatherhill's continuityBlaze the Cat (AU)Blaze the Cat (BearfootTruck's Universe)
Blaze the Cat (Game)Blaze the Cat (IncaIceBunny's Universe)Blaze the Cat (Marshalia13's Universe)
Blaze the Cat (Sonic Adventures)Blaze the Cat (Sonic Blades version)Blaze the Cat 2
Blaze the HedgehogBlaze the trail through Green Hill ZoneBlazing Rivals
Blazing WillBleu the CatBlight The Porcupine
Blinding SpearBlirack The JackalBliss Babbage the Sheep
Blisslight FamilyBlitz the Wolf/Featured Article InterviewBlizzard
Blizzard "Blitz" Frostbite the CryoveniBlizzard the CatBlizzard the Wolf
BlizzbladeBloktavia Rytangel the BearBloodSonic
BloodSonyaBlood (Element)Bloodlust the Vampfox
Bloodstone the HedgehogBlossom ParadiseBlossom the Seedrian
Blue-Pop TunesBlue BlurBlue Blur/Soundtrack
Blue Blur/WorldbuildingBlue Blur/ Featured Article InterviewBlue Blur: Curse of Mobius
Blue Blur: The Video GameBlue Ridge ZoneBlue Typhoon
Blueberry the puppet foxBlueflameBlur (Film)
Blur the hyenaBlurr The HeadgehogBob Kem (Sonic Revolution)
Bob the DogBobby the BearBocoe (IncaIceBunny's Universe)
Body SlamBohdana the JackalBokkun/Darkest Shadow's Universe
Bokkun (IncaIceBunny's Universe)Bolt ColemanBolt the Cheetah
Bolt the FerretBolt the ManectricBonesy Bomber
Boogie 101BoohbahBook Four: Insanity
Book Four: Insanity/Chapter OneBook Four: Insanity/Chapter ThreeBook Four: Insanity/Chapter Two
Book Four: Insanity/PrologueBook Three: The InvasionBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter Eight
Book Three: The Invasion/Chapter EighteenBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter ElevenBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter Fifteen
Book Three: The Invasion/Chapter FiveBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter FourBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter Fourteen
Book Three: The Invasion/Chapter NineBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter NineteenBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter One
Book Three: The Invasion/Chapter SevenBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter SeventeenBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter Six
Book Three: The Invasion/Chapter SixteenBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter TenBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter Thirteen
Book Three: The Invasion/Chapter ThreeBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter TwelveBook Three: The Invasion/Chapter Twenty
Book Three: The Invasion/Chapter TwoBook Three: The Invasion/EpilogueBook Three: The Invasion/Prologue
Book of AllBoom BladeBoomer the Pikachu
Boost ElixirBoost the Hedgehog(Video Game)Boost the Hedgehog 2
Bopha the HedgehogBoris the StantlerBossy Boots
Boston Classical RadioBotanic Woods ZoneBoulder the Lycanroc
Boulder the Lycanroc/Pokémobius: ChaosBoulder the Lycanroc/PowersBounce Attack
Bow of PurgingBoxer The Black BearBraeden the Cat
Brainwashed team sonicBrainzBranch (boss)
Brandine the HoatzinBrandon the T-RexBrave Bird
Braveheart the FoxBraveheart the Fox (Dark Mobius)Braveheart the Fox (Light Mobius)
BraxxiansBreadwinner the HedgehogBreanna the Cat
BreezieBreezie/Mobius RedrawnBreezie the Hedgehog (Marshalia13's Universe)
Brenda the SkyhogBrian the huskyBricktop the Fox
Bridgette the MagmarBright New DayBriser Bow
Britney the PorcupineBrittney the PrincessBriyanna the HedgeFox
Broker's LairBroker's Lair/Chapter 1: RookieBroker's Lair/Chapter 2: Boots on the Ground
Broker's Lair/Chapter 3: Into the LairBroker's Lair/Chapter 4: AlarmedBroker's Lair/Chapter 5: Showdown
Broker's Lair/Epilogue: The DecisionBroker's Lair/Prologue: EscortBronze the Wolf
BroskiBrotherhood Project: StHBrrrgh
Bruce the JackalBruciare the CatchillaBrunhilde the Orca
Brunia, Champion of HelussaBrutus the GolisopodBryce the Wolf
Bryson the HedgehogBtR's Knuckles Clan notesBtR Silver the Hedgehog
Bubbles the CatBubonic the HedgehogBubsy the Cat
Buck the BeaverBud Green the FoxBuer, the Black Wheel of Decay
Bulk UpBummer CampBunky Octopretzel
Bunnie D'Coolette/Marshalia13's UniverseBunnie RabbotBurn's Story : Chapter 1 ; Lost Past and New Future!
Burn The HedgehogBurn The PheonixBurn the Pyrohog
Burnice the CatBurning EnergyBurnout's Main Set of Cars
Burnstro the EchidnaBuster the Wolfdog/Alpha the WeredogButterfly Effect
Byakuren the SquirlbyByrne the HedgehogC-6 Sniper Weapon System
C.J. the MinkC.R.O.K.C. D.R.A.A.G the Chimera
CCCH-1 Harmonic Sniper RifleCHARACTER THE LYNX
CLOUD-99CRATER The NightopianCackle the Cockatrice
Cade the FoxCadence the CheetahCadogan the Arctic Hare
Cahaya the CacomistleCaius MesserCal-K-Leb (Author)
Calamari the SquidCalamisCalamity Opals
Caleb HedgewolfCaley the MerfoxCaliber masters
Calibos the AbyssdwellerCaliburnCall-ista the Reindeer
Calvin the CatCalvin the Cat/AttacksCalvin the Cat/Roleplay Appearances
Calypso, the Sentient BlessingCameron the BatCamilo
Can You Spare A Dime?Candace the HedgeFoxCandi Cockatiel
Candice the CatCandlelight the EchidnaCandlelight the Echidna/Relationships
CaolvesCapcom vs. Sonic the HedgehogCapon
Capprio DjangoCaptain "Ratface"Captain Houndbeard
Captain IronclawCaptured in Denial's GraspCaptured in Denial's Grasp/Episode Text
CapurnaCaradoc the ShrewCarass the Lorikeet
CarbonCarbon the HedgehogCarda-Ko
Caribe CancionesCarlo the HedgehogCarlos Maricina
Carlos the HedgehogCarlotta the SealCarly X
Carly the CatCarmela the Vampire BatCarmen the Dog
Carnage the HedgecatCarnegie FMCarolina the Jackalope
Caroline the WolfCarrie Krueger (boss)Carrie the Cat
Carson MercuryCarson the FoxCarson the Hedgehog
Carter the CrocodileCarterlonCarthul
Cartoon CentralCartoons For Changes GamesCasanove Musaboru
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Cass the RaikouCassandra ConspiracyCassia Comet
Cassidy the RaccoonCassie MythosCassie the Rabbit
Cassy the EchidnaCastle of SatellitesCastor the Platypus
Cat Chao GardenCatano ArnoCatdragon
Caterina-Everyone ConflictCaterina DiffCatoblepas
Catoblepas/SubspeciesCaulderCause of Drowning
Cave RunwayCayo the FoxCecelia the Wolf
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CelesteCelestia879's ContinuityCelestia The Wolf
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