Cquote1 Oh dear! I feel you should get those checked out, old man! You stress too much for so little! Cquote2
Lloyd in reply to his brother Jazper on his white hairs.

Lloyd the Culpeo is a energetic descendant of the Kaddyk family. He runs a thievery group known as the Lanun with his brother Jazper the Culpeo. He's quite outspoken and after an incident with a fraudulent government, caused him to turn away from the city's laws and assist the oppressed people of it.


General Appearance

Lloyd appears as a young, golden culpeo with bright emerald eyes. He is at standard height for a mobian, standing at three feet seven inches. He has decently long bangs that cover over his eyes, though not entirely. His hair is generally combed back and gelled upward to give it an energetic look. His build is very thin, yet built for agility and running. He has a black nose and white muzzle and belly, his tail is wolf like and long.

Attire & Clothing

As for attire, Lloyd generally wears casual clothing. However, during a heist his clothing changes quite a bit. Lloyd commonly wears fingerless black leather gloves that stretch to his higher wrist, a silver bracelet (right hand) and watch (left hand), black capris with green linings, a black sleeveless jacket with green patterns, grey crossed belt, sandals, and a black scarf with green linings that appear as crosses.


Lloyd is what you'd expect to be an easy going guy, and really he is.

Calm and easy going, Lloyd isn't one for much of a fight. He's a talker, likes to talk and taunt rather than fight. Rarely does Lloyd ever get angry or sad, it actually takes a lot to make the guy even frown. Always eager to smile, Lloyd loves to keep a wide grin on his face. He's open to people and loves the company of others, regardless of who they are or what they might be. He doesn't really discriminate on anyone. Lloyd loves to flirt with females and joke around. Though he's devoted to those he becomes friends with.

Lloyd is young, cocky, and energetic. He loves showing off what he's capable of and taking credit for things, some times even things he's never worked on or was helped with. He very much knows what he can do and how well he can do it. Lloyd is not one to accept not being able to do something, regardless of what it is, he will most likely want to learn or try it out.

This leads to a passionate hatred that he has of being told what to do and how to do things. He likes to learn everything on his own and is very stubborn to ask for help. Sometimes he'd just run into a situation he doesn't know. He does this with good reason though. He calculates things in his mind, always taking the time to think for things. Though, sometimes he's just plain indecisive, never knowing what to do because of all the alternatives in his head.

Despite being quite calm and energetic, Lloyd does indeed have his times of mood switching. He's very moody, not really overemotional, but moody. One minute he'll be happy, then just plain normal, never in between. When upset, it's quick and easy to make him happy, one would be surprised.

But, there's a dark side to Lloyd. He's not really one you want to set off and anger. While it may take a lot to anger this calm soul, once angered, there's no way back. In dead set rage, Lloyd's mind becomes a bloody battlefield. He's not his usual kind self, he becomes.. violent, reckless. Odds are, you cross him you will die by his hands.


Born in Macabre Cove, Lloyd was always a boy for action even as a little pup. He was born into the family of the Kaddyks, a poverty driven household. They lived in the slums of Macabre City, the life he had as a kid wasn't really easy.

Going to school was hard. With a small amount of schools selecting students of lower social classes, Lloyd and his brother didn't really have many options besides the standard public school. This school was filled to the brim with bullies and a corrupted teaching staff, Lloyd had to get tough as a boy. Though none of this really pierced into the Culpeo's mind or personality, Lloyd's always kept kind even at the worst of situations.

As time passed for Lloyd, school gradually became easier. He attended his classes regularly and had generally good grades. He got into a decent high school in Macabre City, one that wasn't like his grammar school. Lloyd actually became quite the good student later on as years progressed, this lead him to be the class' intellectual in most cases.

He was quite the argumentative Culpeo, willing to debate anything with anyone. He was talkative, charismatic, and good looking. Eventually, Lloyd became quite comfortable with his success in school. Often skipping class to meet up with chicks across his school. Some times, he'd go after the girls in relationships just to strike a spite war with their boyfriends. This all lead to a lot of fighting during his high school years, many of which were solved by his senior brother, Jazper the Culpeo.

As time passed, he calmed down during his last high school years. With his brother graduated, Lloyd felt generally lonely in school and missed his brother quite a lot, especially when he was off to work in Macabre City's Law enforcement. With his brother doing law enforcement, Lloyd was inspired to join the police force in order to connect with Jazper again.

Lloyd wasn't anything to laugh at in law enforcement. With his logical mind and amazing reflexes, the Culpeo did his job as a police officer quite well. He took many years of combat and gun training alongside his brother in order to be in tip top shape. No criminal would stand a chance against the two brothers.

Things were not as good as they seemed though. While time did its charms, Jazper began to figure out odd coincidences in every crime that took place in Macabre City. He noted that the citizens are being brutalized, but.. the brutalizers were the police. With every case arising, it would only serve as a media distraction to cover up governmental affairs. These were all realized when Jazper dug further into secret service files at work.

Disgusted and out raged, Lloyd wanted out of policing and quit his job along with his brother. The two knew what they had to do, they knew they had to give back to the hurt citizens and save those under bars. That's when the duo of brothers decided to become thieves and take back what the people rightfully deserve.



Lloyd has the natural talent to manipulate air. It is a birth trait handed to him by his father via genetics. While not being completely skilled with air manipulation, Lloyd has enough experience with it to get by. He knows exactly how to use it for the things he wants. Whether it be traveling, flying, or lifting his enemies off his feet; Lloyd loves using his air powers.





  • Lloyd was originally an adoptable on Deviantart. I was given points by little sis so that I could pair this character up with her purchase and create a duo. Lloyd was also different in concept, he had been a wolf before the final species being Culpeo.
  • Lloyd was planned to be a pirate, the idea was too extreme so it was changed to a Robin Hood-esque thief who fought for the poor in his area.
  • His birthday is June 24th, he is the mixed cusp of Cancer and Gemini. He has more Gemini traits than he does Cancer however.
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