Lizzie the Cat, formerly known as Blizzard, is a character who makes her debut in Lucky's Quest. She is a Mobian white cat(breed unknown, possibly American or Domestic Shorthair) who greatly resembles her uncle Longmire the Cat, as well as the younger sister of Logan the Cat and close friend of Lucky Smith and Harmony the Saber.


Lizzie is a pretty pure white she-cat with thick, fluffy fur and bright blue eyes. Unlike her uncle Longmire, Lizzie does not wear any apparel.


Lizzie is a sweet, kind-hearted person, but is unafraid to fight if something threatens her or those she cares about, seen when she rushes to Lucky's defense with Harmony and Logan, bristling with fury.


Lizzie was born as Blizzard, and her brother as Log, to Longmire's sister Willow. After Willow passed away, Blizzard and Log traveled to Mobius to seek out their uncle Longmire, where they met Harmony and Lucky. The two cats join the travelers, and accompany them to Angel Island. When Lucky finds Finitevus and Infinite, and Finitevus tricks Logan, Lizzie, and Harmony to leave, Lizzie is shown to be hurt and betrayed by this, especially when Harmony lashes out and states that they no longer need the coyote pup. Lizzie later helps rescue Lucky when he is being pursued by Scourge, but when the pup is kidnapped, Lizzie, Logan, and Harmony contact the warriors and help them rescue Lucky, and Austin, Rosa, and Tundra when they are kidnapped as apart of a plan from Finitevus and Infinite.


Like her brother Logan, Lizzie can climb trees, though she doesn't do it as often as her brother.




Logan the Cat

Logan is Lizzie's brother, and she loves him, viewing him as her only family after their mother's passing up until they found Longmire

Harmony the Saber

Harmony is a good friend of Lizzie, and Lucky suspects the saber likes Lizzie's kind-hearted personality

Lucky Smith

Lizzie quickly became close friends with Lucky after sympathizing with the coyote pup over his murdered parents. When Lucky expressed his loneliness as apart of a family of dogs, Lizzie reassures him, helping him feel better.

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