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Lizanne the Foxster Lizanne the Foxster

Biographical Information
RelativesAloe the Fox is her mother, Chin is her father Marucho the Foxster is her older brother, Barkloe the Rooster is her younger brother, and Colita the Fox is the youngest sister of the family.And now Yuka the Hen and Mora the Fox her new twin siblings
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesFoxster (Half Fox/Half Rooster)
  • Hair:White
  • Fur:Green
  • Eyes:Brown
  • Green sweater
  • White pants
  • Yellow shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
AbilitiesGrowth, Karate
Super Formsnone yet
Other Information
American V.A.None
Japanese V.A.None
Theme Song(s)None yet
AppearancesNone yet
Original CreatorEAJ and Hikaruyami-have-fun


The oldest daughter and 2nd born that is half fox and half rooster of Aloe the Fox and Chin and she is a very well behaved child that listens to her parents and her fellow siblings without causing problems. Her hair color is white from her father and she has green skin color like her mother.


Like her mother she has growth powers to where she can reach giant size and a full fox transformation fox form where she can travel on four legs giving her speed and strong claws to fight with those who mess with her friends and family


she can use her claws which she was born with and learned Karate from her father as she was growing up with her siblings


She is a green fox with her fathers brown eyes and her hair is white like her fathers feathers which she wears in a ponytail. She also wears a green sweater with white pants and yellow shoes.

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