Living Arsenal is an Earth-elemental technique, which is derived from the Earth Barrier technique.


This technique can be used if and only if the user has managed to gain control of their Earth Barrier. With this control, the wieder is capable of manipulating the shape and form of their Earth Barrier. Such examples include slimming down or bulking up the form of the technique depending on the will of the user. This makes both movement and offense much more viable options than before. However, such alterations only brush the surface of this technique. The true power of this technique is the power to literally transform any part of one's Earth Barrier into some sort of weapon. Bladed, blunt, even firearms are viable options, depending only on the skill of the user and the earth avaliable to them. With such variety in the technique added to the defensive prowess of the original Earth Barrier, these abilities turn the wielder into a literal living tank, nearly unstoppable unless sufficient force is dealt or weaknesses are taken advantage of.





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