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Live Each Day is a fanfic by BearfootTruck. This is a one-shot story that does not star Sonic. Instead, it stars a similar-looking, yet ordinary hedgehog who goes home one day and gets an unexpected surprise…


One day, Gray the Hedgehog gets his paycheck and comes home after the end of a long workweek. As usual, he has dinner with his family (shrimp casserole, rice & mashed potatoes) and watches TV with them before getting ready for bed. However, he gets an unexpected surprise when Shadow the Hedgehog shows up. Contrary to what Gray thinks, Shadow's not there to hurt him. Instead, he questions whether Gray is really living life to its fullest. When Gray asks why Shadow is doing this, Shadow tells him a shortened version of his life story.

After this, Shadow tells Gray about a revelation he had: Recently, he had started questioning his promise to Maria because he had seen too many people like Gray; people who seemed to have everything, but were ungrateful for it. So, Shadow's ultimate demand is for Gray to be grateful for what he has because he'll lose it all one day. After this, Shadow leaves before the police show up. Finally, the story ends with Gray telling his wife how much he loves her & how much he loves his life.

Sonic Says

One day, Jet & Storm are walking down the street when they see an unoccupied house. Jet decides to break in, but Sonic stops them and explains that breaking & entering is a bad thing because it doesn’t just violate the law, it violates people’s trust. He also says that they should leave a message or note if they want to enter someone’s house, but nobody is there.





  • Smithfield is likely based off of the city of Springfield, Illinois.
  • Gray & his family are all named after shades of gray.
  • Gray & Gris' conversation about Mrs. Wildstar & her husband Derek are references to the anime series Star Blazers. However, this may not be the same Derek Wildstar from the series, as Gray mentions that he's had a number of ancestors in the Star Force.
  • The story’s title, the chapter titles (except "Sonic Says") and parts of Shadow’s speech are all references to the song "Wardance" by Art Interface.
  • Gray’s comment about being alive is a reference to the song "I'm Alive" by ELO.

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