This is an article about Liu the Rabbit, a character created by Spyken (Emidikun on DeviantArt) on October 3, 2012.

Liu is a ninja rabbit from the future and is the little sister of Lance (who was shunned by his clan for the loss of the the Midori). 


Liu is a light brown rabbit with long dark brown hair and eyes.

She wears a green vest with rolled up sleeves, a black/white shirt, a brown skirt and deep purple/white shoes. She also wears little glasses. 

Ten years later, her jacket is shorter and has the sleeves rolled down. She wears a tight black shirt and a tight brown pants. As a secretary she wears a short sleeved black top with a white blouse underneath, a black skirt and black heels.


Liu has a great empathy and is nice to everyone, which is rather weird considering the way she was treated. She has never been seen angry and, by Lance's account, would be a instoppable force if it happened. 

She can be quite shy, as when she is around Max.


Early life

Liu is the second child of Dahlia the Rabbit and Jim the Hare . Her parents’ love was forbidden by her grandfather and as such Lance was sent away with his father. She would be born a bit later.

She grew up alone with her mother for 5 years, continuously harassed by other kids of being a bastard. She would let it pass and cry home. After Lance was allowed to return to the clan due to her grandfather’s health, he was to be the next head, she always was around him. Due to this, they became very close. Lance trained very hard for years to make his grandfather accept him and trained his sister in his free time.

The stolen glory

When he was fifteen, Lance was to be crowned next head of the clan. The ceremony consisted of taming the clan’s katana, the Takai Jixyanpaa sword,and slash his initials on the wall of heads. Lance proved worthy of the blade and succeeded. But they were attacked a few minutes later, by Eggman Nega .

The clan proved too powerful for Nega’s machines and the victory seemed achieved. But then they saw that Nega had taken Dahlia hostage. He said he would kill her if they didn’t give him the Emerald. Lance was told by his clan to act like a true leader. The boy hesitated long and ended giving the Emerald to the man. In response Nega said he would let his mother live, but that she would be his slave and fled. The entire clan was enraged at Lance for his choice, as it had not given any good results.

The next day Lance fled.

Peace Enforcers

When the clan learned of this, they declared him a ronin and erased his initials. Witnessing this, Liu went to search after him and told him the news. He said he didn’t care and wanted to continue but she showed him something she took from home; the Takai Jixyanpaa sword. She said that she believed in her brother and that he still could get his honor back. Liu’s words touched him very much, although he didn’t show it. When Thomas (Max) Pirlingham sent an announcement about making a difference by joining him in fighting against evil, they were the first to respond. She idoled Max since then.

Two years later

Two years passed and during this time Eggman Nega attacked en masse. Every plan of his was stopped by the Peace Enforcers. On a attack in a big city, Spikes the Hedgehog reappeared and saved the day. After robot-cleaning the town, Spikes was attacked in his back, only to be "saved" by Keith the Echidna. Spikes commented that he was slow, with Keith replying that he doesn't have superspeed. This was the rebirth of Team Atom, Max' former team.

When not saving the world of Nega, they search their lost ones. 

Strengths and Powers

Genious intellect: As she was forbidden of learning fighting techniques from her clan, Liu interested herself in machinery, making her a capable inventor and skilled mechanic. Her interest grew after Eggman Nega's attack. While not at Max' level, this has led to the creation of various pieces of gadgetry.

Great agility: Having been trained by Lance, an expert ninja, Liu is very agile, allowing stealth movements and attacks. 

Hand-to-hand combatant: Liu was trained by her brother to be able to defend herself and has thus a very great fighting potential.

Instant tactitian: Liu has shown multiple times making a strategy from in-battle observation.


Kindness: Liu's kindness has been exploited more than once, turned into naivety. 


Various gadgets: Liu uses a lot of her gadgets in battle.

Relationships with Other Characters

Characters by the same creator


  • Jim the Hare: Having never seen her father before, their relationship is a bit strained. While both of them have great love of eachother, they have some difficulties showing it.
  • Dahlia the Rabbit: Liu shares a good bond with her mother, having been raised alone with her during 5 years. She was the only person before Lance which Liu fully opened up to.
  • Grandfather: While he still sees Lance as the son of the stranger, he never showed any bad sign to his granddaughter.
  • Lance the RabbitWhen Liu encountered her brother, she was both shocked and happy. Being the two outcasts of the clan, they grew very close. Liu is the primary reason Lance became who he is today.


  • Thomas "Max" the FoxShe came to admire Max and his ideals since the first day she met him. They come along together well due to their multiple similarities. She has a (not so) hidden crush on him.
  • Liu and kyxen s shopping spree by sonicsketch
    Kyxen the LynxBeing the two only girls of the group (not counting Nathris due her age and brothers) Kyxen declared Liu as her best friend. She regularly forces Liu to do girly things with her and tries to give her tips to get Max' attention.

Other characters



  • Eggman Nega (prime): She hates what the scientist has done to her clan.


  • Despite her obvious infuation with Max, he remains oblivious to this fact.


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