Little Planet is a small moon-like object that appears over Never Lake on Earth for one month out of every year. It is home to the seven Time Stones, and was the site of a great battle between Dr. Robotnik and Miles "Chopper" Prower.


Due to the time-travel properties of Little Planet, it is difficult to say exactly what happened in it's history, as it changes whenever someone uses it's time-travel abilities to go to the past.

What is known, however, is what happens outside the Little Planet, as regardless of the changes on the planet's surface, if they remain on the planet, little to nothing is changed in the world around it.

Capture by the Robotnik Republic and removal by an evil fox

Dr. Ivo Robotnik was up to his ears in battles against the Dark Warriors. Eventually, he had decided he had enough. Readying his troops, he set out for a land that he felt would be safe for his people. It was that time of the year, and he came upon Never Lake, where he would find the uninhabited Little Planet floating over it. Seeing a potential colonization project, Dr. Robotnik immediately got to work on his plans, making sure he was fully protected as he worked.

Within days, he had moved a few of his finest robots, one among them a robot hedgehog he had created called Metal Striker, onto the surface of the planet.

Dr. Robotnik himself then went there, to assist his robots in readying the planet for colonization.

A few days later, a very young fox by the name of Miles Prower had encountered the planet himself, and saw an opportunity to take the planet over in the name of the Dark Warriors. So he decided to fly there himself. So far as anyone knows, the Robotnik Republic's presence was removed from the surface of the Little Planet, and Dr. Robotnik himself had gone back to his capital city of Robotropolis.

The planet, like the rest of the EvilVerse, was destroyed by a Final Blast from Final Jezz, in a last resort effort to stop Armageddon the Evil. The EvilVerse itself being devoid of life, as per the successful campaign of the Dark Warriors.


The locations of this iteration of the Little Planet are the same as that of Little Planet Prime, however, the outcomes of these locations are the opposite from those of Little Planet Prime.

Palmtree Panic

Palmtree Panic is a tropical area, with lots of palm trees, hence it's name. This is believed to be the first location Chopper Prower conquered.

Collision Chaos

Collision Chaos is a colorful area, and is also very bouncy. It is believed that Chopper did battle with Metal Striker here.

Tidal Tempest

Tidal Tempest is set in ruins that are sinking below Little Planet's sea level. It is believed to be the 3rd location Chopper conquered.

Quartz Quadrant

Quartz Quadrant is a mineral mine created by Dr. Robotnik to mine construction materials for others to build their homes with. This is believed to be the 4th location Chopper conquered, taking the resources for himself.

Wacky Workbench

Wacky Workbench is a toy factory Dr. Robotnik created for children to play around in. It utilizes efficient technology that is completely safe. It is believed that Chopper Prower shut the factory down after conquering it.

Stardust Speedway

Stardust Speedway is a place built for high speed. It is also the location of a monument to Prof. Gerald Robotnik, Dr. Ivo Robotnik's grandfather, and for a time was also used by the Robotnik Republic's robots as an archaeology site. This is believed to be the 5th location to be conquered by Chopper, and is also the site of Chopper's second battle against Metal Striker, according to Metal Striker's data files.

Metallic Madness

Metallic Madness is Dr. Robotnik's military headquarters on the Little Planet. Built to be in harmony with the nature around it, the base is very energy efficient and supports the plantlife, with the plantlife supporting it in return. This was the last place to be conquered by Chopper, and is where Dr. Robotnik finally made his retreat from the Little Planet.

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