The Little Planet, also known as the Miracle Planet, is a planetoid sround Sonic's world that appears only for one month of every year (3 days every month in Sonic the Comic), in the skies above Never Lake. The planet is host to the Seven Time Stones, Chaos Emerald like stones that keep the planet temporally locked. The planet appears in Sonic CD only, and is cyberformed by Doctor Eggman when Sonic visits. There appears to be a chain that anchors the Planet to Sonic's. Whether Robotnik put this there or not is unknown, but in STC, the planet can warp away regardless of the condition of the chain.


The planet has only two notable forms of life: The vast expanses of Nature, and the occaisional butterfly. However, onced the planet was Cyberformed, the flower seeds were used as organic batteries for Badniks. Depending on the Future that Sonic visits, the plant life could be extinct or have retaken the world. In some futures, the plants and machinery have grown together in a mutualistic relationship.

The planet itself is seemingly capable of generating infinite energy in Sonic the Comic, which was used twice by Metallix the Metal Sonic and the Brotherhood of Metallix. 


The Little Planet's climate is pretty consistent. Usually, the enviroments are warm, exotic, and can easily support life. However, as time changes throughout Sonic CD, so do the enviroments. Additionally, when the Brotherhood of Metallix took over in Sonic the Comic, they completely cyberformed the planet. The planet is currently in its original state in all Canon

Notable Locations

The Little Planet is divided into seven zones (in the 2010 remake, there are two scrapped ones) each with it's own ecology. In addition, each of these zones is divided into three time periods (past, present, future). All seven zones contain a hologram of Metal Sonic and a Badnik Generator.

  • Palmtree Panic
  • Collision Chaos
  • Tidal Tempest
  • Quartz Quadrant
  • Wacky Workbench
  • Stardust Speedway
  • Metallic Madness
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