Little metropolis

Little Metropolis as seen from the beach.

"Little Metropolis, the twin of the Grand version. Great place for sports and a quiet life, if you don't take notice of the active volcano."
Rouge the Bat introducing Shadow the Hedgehog to the town.[Author]

Little Metropolis is the twin of Grand Metropolis, which was created many years afterwards. Formed by a group of echidnas abandoning Ocean Palace and Seaside Hill, the town is ancient but urban in appearance, though not futuristic as it's sister. The town is governed by the Mayor, who is responsible for the well-being of Little Metropolis, and had ties to the Mayor of Grand Metropolis before the HEXAeco Power Company took over the city.



Seaside Hillpic

The Islets of Seaside Hill.

"Remember when I told you about the Ocean Palace that the Queen made the echidnas build? Well, it wasn't finished till the reign of Pachacamac, her son, and inbetween their times as rulers, some of their subjects left the construction of the castle. They found their own little island where there was an active volcano, and it was there that they made Little Metropolis."
Lady Haven telling stories to her grandchildren.[Author]

The island that Little Metropolis is situated on was discovered by the few echidnas who left Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace and sook to form their own colony. Despite the fact that the island's skyline was dominated by an active volcano, they created their own quiet little town. One of them, an echidna named Tenstars was made the first Mayor of Little Metropolis, as the town was called, and he governed the island justly. Once learning of the Elemental Emeralds, Mayor Tenstars brought three of them (Forest, Ember and Mountain) to the island to protect them from the forces of nature, yet let them flourish. Each jewel was placed at it's own monument; the Menhirs of Ember, Forest and Mountain were created to home them. Another notable monument was the Ancient Ruins of Little Metropolis.

Grand Metropolis


Grand Metropolis.

"Once Grand Metropolis was finished, the old island was mostly forgotten, and the few inhabitants that still lived there stayed in a small part of the western area, while the Ancient Ruins of Little Metropolis and the surrounding areas of the east were forgotten. Even the Elemental Emeralds became myths."
Butterfly the Rabbit reading on the island's history in order to locate the Elemental Emeralds.[Author]

Later on in history, an island bigger than the one of Little Metropolis came from underneath the ocean. This island was used by most of the inhabitants of the smaller town to build Grand Metropolis, a big, modern city. It took hundreds of years to complete, and, when it was finished, the Little and Grand islands swore to have an unbreakable alleigance, though the new city would be under the control of the Mayor of Grand Metropolis, not of the older town.

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