Cquote1 Loki, what's happening to you? Why won't you accept me for who I am? I'm afraid, not of you, but for you. You just won't let go of her. You won't let go of Astrid. Loki, I'll always be your sister. But I can never be Astrid. I am Lithium Chronos. That's who I am... and I won't become anyone else. Cquote2
Lithium the Lynx

Lithium Chronos is an android that was built by Loki to replace his deceased sister, Astrid. Lithium was constructed to resemble a female Mobian Lynx.


Construction and Early Life

Lithium at first started out life looking like a robotic Lynx, with no fake fur or anything to cover her metallic parts. However, Loki refused to give up and continued to make more and more realistic looking bodies for Lithium. As for Lithium, she never looked forward to a new body, as Loki would take her old one apart and replace it while her program was still active. She found the process to be extremely painful, but Loki dismissed her complaints. Lithium ceased to speak anything of it, and instead suffered through it all.

Eventually after several years of work, he constructed the body that Lithium currently has.

For the first few years of her life, Lithium had lived in isolation, with only Loki for company. It wasn't until her final body was constructed that she got to see the outside world for the first time. And it wasn't until that day Loki told her the reason for her creation- as method of "resurrecting" his dead sister.

Running Away

Lithium the Lynx: The Rise of Enerjak

 The Ultimate Test of Might





Lithium was constructed to look like a pure white female Mobian Lynx. Her short, spiky-ish hair is a pale blue, almost silver in colour. Her eyes are a vivid neon green. Lithium stands about 3'2 in height, and her final body was constructed in a way that gave her a somewhat muscular build.





  • Lithium was originally conceived as merely a reboot version of Manchester the Lynx, except Lithium ended up becoming an all new character. However, Lithium's middle name is "Manchester" and will essentially be a replacement for Manchester the Lynx.
  • I was listening to "Lithium" by Evanescence when I came up with this new version of Lithium the Lynx. As such, she's not only named after the song, but it's become her theme song.


IMG 20190317 182042

Concept sketch of Lithium.

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