This is a list of levels for the Terrible Luck video game based on the comic series of graphic novels and the animation adaptation.

Lerich's House

Info: Tails' plans crash lands on a strange land. They meet Lerich who takes them in but treats them like slaves. They know they must find a way to escape.
Missions: Tutorials

  • Mezz
  • Yonn

Meager Mills

Info: The gang boards a train and heads to Meagervill's Meager Mills. Something is up with Knuckles... could it be he is under some strange force, let's say, hypnosis?

Missions: (coming soon)

  • Mort and Sabrina

Majorka School of Magicry

Info: The gang gets boarded to Majorka School of Magicry, and encounters weird staff and a very rude girl named Caterina Diff, who thinks they are freaks. Could there be trouble lurking, which a certain beastly fellow who is tailing them could be responsible for?

Missions: (coming soon)

  • Angelina

Irrika's house

Info: Polly recommends the gang to stay with Irrika and Taffy for a while during her expidition and assures them she will be back very soon to help them with the plane. This Irrika gal sure is obsessed with things she thinks are cool, and they are it...for now. But wouldn't you know, that Lerich has found them. Can they stop him before he causes more trouble?

Missions: (Coming soon)

  • Irrika I

The Sable Village

Info: Polly hasn't returned from her expidition but has reffered them to another place, the Sable Village. The village is strange, with mysterious inhabitants. A man named Edwin is getting framed for Lerich's wrongdoings and is executed. Since Sonic's heart can't stand injustice, he points out Edwin was innocent and did not deserve to die. Bad news, the village dwellers don't agree with him. After all, they've had terrible luck and no one understands them and they have been given a bad rap in the village. The justice workers say they're responsible for the killing of Edwin, and have terrible and evil powers. The villagers, frightened and angry at the gang, put up wanted posters everywhere. Luckily, there is one person on your side, Ward, who helps you escape, but things don't go so well when the justice workers try and foil Ward. The justice workers seem very familiar, they are! It is Lerich and Irrika! After finding this out, they continue to be on the run and who knows where they are headed next?

Missions: (coming soon)

  • Irrika II

Rubiclad Retreat

Info: The gang narrowly escapes the angry villagers, but run into yet another unfamiliar location. The Rubiclad Retreat. They hear a voice talking, but there is no one to be found. The voice introduces herself as Alma, and she tells them that they need help with some files, and the gang feels up to it, and then Alma tells them to find Zedd in the hall. They meet Zedd and they help him out. But they keep seeing a girl in the corner with hair covering up her eyes. Zedd tells them that was Doren and described her as kind of a downer, but really isn't all that bad. Irrika comes in and ambushes them, resulting in a fire that seemingly kills Knuckles, but it isn't so, as he is still alive the next day. One night, Doren wanted to talk to Tails. He knew that she seemed to be standoffish before, but could it be that she's probably....jealous of their certain abilities?

Missions:(Unknown so far)

  • Irrika III (sub boss)
  • Doren


Missions: (Unknown so far)
Bosses: Feirce Creature

The Frigid Mountains

Lerich has captured Cream and the gang is trying to find her. They find a cave in the snow, where some hikers are quartered. One boy seems to know about their perdicament, and helps them out in their missions. Poor Cheese, without his rabbit friend, but it turns out Cream is more clever than Lerich, or anyone else, ever thought.


  • Eavesdrop on Lerich (as Cream)
  • Climb up the Mountain
  • Build a Trap for Irrika
  • Navigate the raft

Bosses: None

The Shipwreck

Info: The gang ends up washed into the ocean and gets picked up by a submarine which is captained by Captain Snappkot, but it turns out that Lerich has his own underwater craft as well and he's got his despicable friends with him.

Missions: (Unknown so far)

  • Caterina

The Tenpai/Stardrops

Info: The gang ends up at the Tenpai, another mysterious location, where many familiar faces have gathered. Caterina has gone stir-crazy and has new evil powers (the ability to grow her nails/hair, even one strand of her hair can be as lethal as the sharpest blade). When a volcanic eruption takes place, everyone tries to hitail it out of there, but many fail, resulting in many supposed deaths. As Sonic and friends, and Lerich, get on a hot air balloon, it seems like he's got them in his clutches, or does he?? They wind up on a stange land and Lerich tries to rule it, but of course, he never got to (thank goodness) and they find out it's the land of the Stardrops. Towards the end of this adventure, they face off against Lerich himself! It's all or nothing now!
Missions:(Unknown so far)

  • Caterina II (sub boss)
    • Lerich