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This is the complete list of spells Kiritsugu can utilize.

Gesture Magecraft

Gesture Magecraft refers to spells that requires the motion of fingers or hands. These spells are typically used by experienced magi for cast greater spells that requires multiple Magic Seals.

Fire God of Incarceration

  • Gesture Movement: Hand in a flat palm pose, raise in front of the body and wave to the left.

Fire God of Incarceration is a gesture magecraft that utilize fire. It's a powerful elemental magecraft that is able to melt solid objects.

Stage of the Play

  • Incantation: "Het show lette"

Stage of the Play is a incantation spell that forms the characters of a play to become a physical entity in the world. They are able to crash any enemies will down before vanishing.

Mental Magecraft

Mental Magercraft refers to spells that requires mental ability. To use, one need to send mana into their Magic Brain Cortex, and "chant" the spell the can use in their head, and with some spells, require a incantation.


Projection allows the user imagination to became a reality as a illusion-like object, having physical properties with mana. The use be hide is to think of a object and do it. More clear the detail of a object, more stable the object is when projected, and stay longer. However, despite Projection is able to replicate a weapon and gather its history for Kiritsugu to use it, he can not replicate a Divine Construct, as they are well beyond the natural laws and logic of mortals. Meaning, it be incomprehensible to replicate.

Man Magi consider this Magecraft useless, and is only ever used for immediate things such as a sacrificial object, or key. That being said, the use of Projection had also been banned of use due to the uses of being able to project keys.


Telepathy is a mental magecraft, and one of the harder spells to master. Telepathy is able to transfer their thoughts via the Mana in the atmosphere. However, it is a difficult task to do, as one need to have excellent sensitivity to Mana.


Magic Crest

Time Acceleration

  • Incantation: "Tempus"

Time Acceleration is a special Magecraft of the Emiya Family, It allows the user to manipulate time in a limited area, mainly the user's Flow of Time. This spell is considered to be close to "true magic", during the Age of Mythology where Magecraft wasthe literal thing. However, the use of this magic may cause Temporal Flow Distortions such as Temporal Disassociation or Temporal Mind Flow Distortion.

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