Lior is a city not too far from Fow Toth Town. It is a tranquil city located on the ocean, the land stationed in the ocean by strong metal bars rooted firmly into the seafloor. The city has a Venice type of style to it, shown by the numerous waterways cutting through streets and a huge fountain that connects the waterways in the center of the city. Lior gains money mainly by sea trade, and their economic stat is very steady due to the huge amounts of fish and seafood in the ocean. The city is big, but easy to navigate around, thanks to firm waterways above ground level that allows easy and quick navigation through Lior. The city is vulnerable to attacks from the seas such as pirates or armies from distant lands. In order to provide defense for Lior, the citizens have built a huge wall surrounding the floating city, leaving only 4 entrances on the fourth sides for ships to come through.


As mentioned above, Lior has a steady economy due to the massive amounts of seafood they fish up everyday. Other than oversea trade, Lior also invests in interstate commerce, or the trading of goods between two states of the same nation. It's not as successful as trade overseas, but it has proved to be helpful when sea trade is blocked by storms. Lior is well known for it's varieties of flowers and rare specimen/corals fished from the ocean, which usually fetches high prizes.

Lior's currency is referred to as Lio, and it does not work the same way money does in real world. 50 Lio and below are paid with coins, and anything above 50 Lio is paid with cash. Lior's currency has it's own specific sign that looks like a star with 3 dewdrops in the center. It is also the code of arms of the city.


Lior has a gigantic military headquarter stationed at the highest part of the city. It has a waterway connecting from the four entrances directly to there. Lior soldiers are all well trained in combat and stealth, but they're primarily trained in oversea combat. one who joins the army must have basic understanding of how tides and currents work, as well as how to steer a boat . Even though Lior's economic stat is well, they do not often invest in weaponries, limiting the army to using fishermen items such as harpoons and nets.

Not only does a soldier needs to know the basics of the sea before joining, he/she also needs to be physically able and intelligent, as well as understanding in different fields of science. To join, one must first take a verbal test, a written exam, then the performance, in which a to-be soldier must prove his/her skills by passing obstacle courses.

The military must also keep watch on the city's doing, and will patrol the city day and night. It is nigh impossible for a criminal to escape under the military's firm watch.


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  • The name Lior was taken directly from Lior of Fullmetal Alchemist. The name was chosen because of Tawny's unbelievable laziness.
  • The city also resembles Water 7 from the Japanese manga One piece, and the real life city Venice.
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