Wielder of Heaven's Light

Linkin the Hedgehog is a character owned by Twilightwizard0309

Voice Actor

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Steve Staley. You might know him as the english voice actor for Neji Hyuga from Naruto and River Marque from IGPX.

Abilities and Powers

  • Linkin the Hedgehog wields a massive two handed golden sword, and has been taught swordplay by his father.
  • Linkin can move in flashes of light to get the jump on his opponents. This isn't how he runs, in fact, his running speed is that of an average hedgehog, but it is why so many people think he is faster then Sonic. Linkin can't remain in this "Yellow Flash" form for long, and only uses it during battle.
  • Linkin also can make weapons out of light energy, such as a bow and arrow. These 'light arrows' as he has dubbed them are his preferred long range attack. He can also make a prison out of light energy that temporarily paralyzes who ever is caught inside of the prison.
  • Linkin is a master tactician.
  • Linkin can also use his light power to give him a super form that is known as "Heaven Linkin." Wings of pure light grow on Linkin's back, and Linkin can permanently stay in his "Yellow Flash" ability for as long as he stays in the Heaven Linkin form. However, this requires the use of all of his energy, as he will become powerless for a long period of time after powering down. He only uses this form when battleing Demon Zant.



Linkin was born two hundred years in the future, after "The Day of Death". In the future, the forces of the Demon Zant are at war with the robotic hunters known as the Infiltrators, servants to their master, the artificial intelligance known as M.O.S.E.S., and the remainder of the Mobian and Overlander race are caught in the middle of the conflict. His father, known as the "Chosen Hero" was the leader of the Mobian/Overlander resitance. He trained Linkin in the art of sword combat. Soon, Linkin gained the skill to surpass his father. When he was ten years old, his father was killed on the battlefield. His death took a large toll on Linkin, and after his revelation of his father's death, Linkin accidentally discovered his light powers, which had blasted a hole in the wall of his home. For the next seven years, Linkin practiced using his light power. After he felt he had mastered it, Linkin joined the Mobian/Overlander resistance.

The Mobian/Overlander Resistance

As a part of the resistance, he became close friends with the resistance's current leader, Silver the Hedgehog. Silver the Hedgehog appointed Linkin as one of the resistance's highest ranked leaders. One day, Silver sent Linkin on a mission to recover a truckload of hostages from a squad of Infiltrators. Linkin was paired off with Aldez the Fox and Keish the Raccoon. He became close allies with them, and together, the three managed to rescue the hostages.

The Devil's Happy Day

The Mobian/Overlander resistance crumbled on the Devil's Happy Day. This day, the Infiltrators and the Slaves of Demon Zant made a simultanious strike on the Mobian/Overlander base of operations. Most of the Mobian/Overlander resistance was killed. It wasn't until Linkin transformed into his "Heaven Form" that the slaughter stopped. Linkin learned that his light powers were toxic to the Slaves of Demon Zant. Linkin was so angered by the slaughter, that his powers went out of control, and his powers caused an explosion that destroyed half of the Mobian/Overlander base. Aldez and Keish were caught in the blast, and the three were presumed dead by Silver and the rest of the resistance.

Eggman Nega's Offer

But, it turns out that the three didn't die. They were rescued by the rouge overlander scientist, Dr. Eggman Nega and his creation, Metal Silver. Eggman Nega proposed a deal to Linkin, Aldez, and Keish. If they acted as Eggman Nega's personal soliders, Eggman Nega would take them back in time so that they could keep this horrible future from ever happening, by killing Zant the Hedgehog. Eggman Nega's real intention, however, was to achieve dominance of the planet in the past. Linkin, Aldez, and Keish agreed to Eggman Nega's terms and they worked together to find the supplies for Eggman Nega's time machiene. Eventually, Silver and the rest of the resistance learned of Eggman Nega's time machiene. Silver and a team consisting of Will the Echidna, Maddy the Hedgehog, and Cosmic the Hedgehog raided Eggman Nega's base and were shocked to find Linken, Aldez, and Keish with him. Silver, Will, Maddy, and Cosmic battle Metal Silver, Linkin, Aldez, and Keish, and accidentilly sabatoge Eggman Nega's time machine.

Zone Hopping

The machine sent the nine back in time, but it had sent them to No Zone. From the No Zone, Eggman Nega, Metal Silver, Linkin, Aldez, and Keish head to the Sol Zone, and are followed by Silver and his team. Eggman Nega recruits Captain Whisker and his robotic pirate fleet in the Sol Zone. They head to Captain Whisker's hideout, wheree Eggman Nega builds a portal that will transport Captain Whisker's fleet to the Special Zone. They are attacked again by Silver's team. Aldez conjurs up illusions that distract them while Keish knocks Silver out and captures him. The fleet head to the Special Zone, stil followed by the rest of Silver's team. In the Special Zone, they encounter the master of the Special Zone, the Chaos God, Feist.


When Linkin was born, he was a very nice and happy kid. Since his father's death, however, it has made his personality grow cold. He usually dosen't want to get attached to things, for fear that something will happen to them, and he is overly protective of those he cares about, such as his friends, Aldez and Keish. He is hell-bent on changing his future, and will do anything to complete the mission, no matter what the costs.


  • Linkin's name is a cross between one of my favorite video game characters, Link, from the Legend of Zelda and Linkin Park one of my all time favorite bands.
  • Linkin's personality is based off of Link and Kyle Reese from the Terminator Movies.

Theme Song

No More Sorrow by Linkin Park

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