The Link Empire is a dictatorship and communist state, known to violate many Mobian rights. It is controlled by the Link family, with Akrozin Link as the current dictator. The Link Empire is military power, and great enemies of the United Federation.


The Linkian economy is in a crisis level due to absolutely no trade, and overspending on it's military. It is in such crisis levels, that the people are starving and dropping dead in the streets. The nation was a communist state since Yose Link took over the throne, so all property in the country is owned by the government.


The Link Empire is 98% Mobian due it's nation's beliefs, the Linkian Social Class system is highly based on the Mobian Species of it's citizens. Other nations highly criticize the Social Class System of the Link Empire because of it.

  • Foxes [5%] (Social Class A)
  • Hedgehogs [10%] (Social Class B)
  • Cats [10%] (Social Class B)
  • Other [75%] (Social Class C)


Great War

Before the Great War, the area that is now the Link Empire was a small community ran by peaceful Mobians until the Overlanders invaded and captured it, naming the land The Micro-Overlands, the Overlanders then made the Mobians of the land slaves.


Not long after the end of the Great War, a slave named Exavior Link managed to escape to the Kingdom of Acorn. His plead for help has soon heard, and the Kingdom of Acorn decided to help free the mobians of the Micro-Overlands. Exavior then snook back into the Micro-Overlands, and managed to convince the slaves to turn on their masters. With the help of the Kingdom of Acorn, the slaves revolted and soon won.


The people then decided to form a full nation in case the Overlanders were to return. The people then decided to make Exavior the king of the new nation called the Kingdom of Link, and things were great.


Years later, Exavoir Link died. After his death, his corrupted son Yose Link took over the throne. Yose then made the Kingdom an communist state, as well as a dictatorship. To prevent another revolution, he forced the schools to brainwash the children to think that the evil dictatorship was pure and countries with freedom were evil. He also isolated the nation, cutting off all outside communications.

For years Yose's two sons, Akrozin Link and Cyan Link, competed for the throne. Right before Yose's death, he announced that Akrozin would take over the throne. Cyan then left the nation, making him the first mobian to do so since it's isolation. Akrozin then took over the throne, and continued his father's legacy.

Notable Areas

Link City

Link City is the only notable area in the Link Empire, and that's only because it's the capitol. Outsiders had stated that the city is frozen in time, do to the the country's ban on technology. The most famous building is Link Palace were Akrozin Link lives and works.


  • The Link Empire is the Mobian version of North Korea
  • Most citizens of the Empire call it pure mobius.
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