Ling is a young girl from the village of 永恒河. It is a small town located on the coasts of Chu-Nan. It has beautiful sights with beautiful mists of water,animals and flowers. Ling wasn't always in 永恒河 however.


Ling the Mouse

Ling the Mouse
Biographical Information
  • Physical:10
  • Freak
  • Monster
  • Young Blossom
  • Young Warrior
Physical Description
  • Fur:Black
  • Eyes:Green
  • Hair:(Dark Blue)Almost Black
  • Pink bow
  • Pink sandles
  • Pink kimono
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations "The Heng Warriors"
  • Martial Arts
  • Mind Transfer
  • Speed
  • Slight Weapon Knowledge
  • Illusion Control
  • Demon Form
Super Forms
  • Demon Ling
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Stephanie Sheh
Japanese V.A.
  • Nana Mizuki
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFamotill

When Ling was still an infant her and her family were forced to seek refuge from the terrible emperor known as JianJun. He destroyed the villages of her town and they fled. They spent years travelling and looking for a place safe from the tyrant. However they could never escape the tyrant as he conquered more and more land. They finally entered a village of tranquility. A village that JianJun would dare not invade in fear of the legends that are said to be present within the village. Their life had almost completely gone back to normal. Ling's father and mother got a job. Her and her two siblings began school, and everything was okay. However due to her strange energy and aura she was left alone. The children kept their distance, but Ling could still hear the whispers and laughs. They hated her because of a demon that grew within her. A demon that was put into all new born children once JianJun came to power. Most children died from the exccessive amount of power, but Ling was different. Ling had already had abilities that were strong thus allowing her to control the demon for the most part. Due to Ling being strong considering her age she was accepted to become a member of "The Heng Warriors". She became the youngest member to ever join. She was the only young member just the youngest. Her goal is to bring honor to her family, and to protect her home as well as all of Chu-Nan.


Ling is very quiet. She usually takes the "back seat" letting everyone talk before her. She never really gives her imput and tends to shy away from strangers. She can easily become intimidated, and gets frightened easily. She will however get more agressive when defending someone or something close enough to her. She doesn't like to see others being picked on or hurt and will come to their aid. Ling also has a soft spot for nature, and people who are called monsters. She tends to show emotions that may make those who don't think she is weak.


  • Lily Flowers
  • Rice Patties
  • Her Family and Friends
  • Butterflies
  • Chu-Nan
  • Playing the Flute
  • Watching the Water or Boats
  • Playing
  • Drawing


  • Bullies
  • Being Afraid
  • Her Powers(To A Degree)
  • Being Underestimated
  • Being called a Monster or Freak

Biggest Fears

  • Spiders
  • Dark
  • Her Demon
  • JianJun
  • Damage to Nature
  • Failing her Loved Ones
  • Dishonoring Her Family


Ling has a strange ability that allows her to create illusions. She can control brain wave flows within the brain triggering the person experiencing the illusion to actually go through it. She is somewhat fast and strong as well. When reaching her demon stage Ling's stength and speed increase drastically. She uses claw attacks in this state while in her regular state she performs martial arts. Ling is also a very skilled artist able to potray anything in her artwork.



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Feng the Yak
Xifeng the Phoenix
Ting the Panda
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Chuanli the Tiger
Huizhong the Grasshopper




"For my honor!"

"I'll fight!"

"I..I..don't know"

"I apologize sincerely!"

"I won't dishonor you!"

"I am not a monster ,and I am not a freak!"

"You people? Just because we are forced to live with a demon does not seperate us as lesser beings!"


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