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Magic cards from an early Crucite civilization. These cards have varying effects based on exactly which card is used, some being either really useful or can prove to be a detriment to the user. It's said that if all cards are united, the holder will know true power.


Many cards seem to be held by different people at the moment. No one person has ever held all of them at once.

  • Sirus Mionium seems to have been created from a combination of the Empress, Emperor, and all Cups cards, which would explain it's branwashing abilities and hydrokinesis.
  • The Fool and High Priestess cards were found by Frida Tsuntiago  and Antonio Tsuntiago respectively while they were running from their former home after Frida sparked a revolution. At the moment, neither of them know anything of the cards' powers.
  • The Strength card is used to power Gyro the Mechanical Ram, though nobody aside from his creators are aware of this.
  • Hierophant and the Wheel of Fortune are owned by Capon, having found them while creating the first Scrap Town, used as the symbols for both Scrap Towns. Currently unaware of the cards' abilities.
  • The Devil card and all Pentacle and Wand cards were converted into Hersephenes' Diamond-Eyes, though only the higher-half and the Devil are owned by him.
  • The Death card is contained within Mujona the Gizumon and is used to power it, though cannot be used.
  • The World and Tower are used to power Orbit Mk. IV, though only the tower may be used.
  • The other half of the Wand and Pentacle cards, along with the Magician and Temperance cards are part of Willow Infiern's card-collection. She currently has little understanding of how they work, and only uses them as a last resort.
  • The Sun and Moon cards were carried by Sartorius Vhan throughout his life, and later bestowed them to Shining Raymundo and Alice the Purrloin respectively.
  • Judgement had landed nearby a large cemetary, absorbed what little energy was left from the many corpses contained within, and had essentially gave life and a body to itself.
  • The rest are either owned by Jared, Hoyori, or are scattered across the planet, with some having unknown owners at the moment.
  • All EX cards do not yet exist.


Tarot Read: This involves simply pulling a tarot card from her deck, and the card essentially activating a specific effect, which will vary on what is pulled.

  • 0: Fools Gambit; will make the opponents visioned obscured, where they percieve everything as constantly warping and distorting. 
  • I: Magicians Wisdom: the user is granted immeasurable knowledge for a short time. 
  • II: Priestess' Light: coats the terrain in a blinding light, slowly restoring it to it's original brightness level. 
  • III: Empress' Word: grants the user mind-control powers that only work on animals, whether Mobian or normal. 
  • IV: Emperor's Word: grants the user mind-conrol powers that only work on humans. 
  • V: Hierophant's Vision: Grants the user unimaginable sight, even allowing to gaze through all possible futures for a short time. 
  • VI: Poisonous Love: any targets are instantly attracted to the user. Slowly drains users soul-energy while in use. 
  • VII: Bravery Chariot: grants temporary invincibility to the user, damaging any who come into physical contact with user. 
  • VIII: Justice Heart: The user is given a huge amount of emotional strength to succeed, which can basically bring them back to their feet in situations where one would normally be dead by then. Wounds and scars are not healed by this card, but their internal energy quickly maxes out and grants them the will to fight further. 
  • IX: Hermit's Lunacy: causes the user to become extremely flexible, but highly insane, often contorting in ways that one would to intimidate a foe. 
  • X:Nightmare Roulette: Opens a vast pocket-dimension, swallowing the user and any targets/onlookers. A large triple-roulette apears, and begins to spin. What the wheels land on have an effect on the attack's outcome. (bar=damage to all, determined by number of bars) (Lemon=burn damage towards opponent) (Bell=Increase of Wealth to user, determined by number of Bells) (Skull=Immense damage to user, determined by number of Skulls) (Cherry=Heals user of battle-damage, amount healed determined by number of Cherries) (7=UNDISCOVERED) REQUIRES IMMEDIATE CONTAINMENT AND MUST NEVER BE USED.
  • XI: Atlas Strength: grants the user impossible strength and resistance for a short time-period. 
  • XII: Hanging Garden: sends a magic seed into the ground, which quickly sprouts and increases to immense size, utterly destroying the landscape and creating a difficult to travel terrain to traverse. 
  • XIV: Temperamental Cleansing: heals both the user and target of all physical ailments. 
  • XIII: Death: Never pulled. All life in a given radius, including the user, dies. REQUIRES IMMEDIATE CONTAINMENT AND MUST NEVER BE USED.
  • XV: Devil's Pact: bestows immense dark power upon the user, may cause possesion of body by wicked spirits.
  • XVI: Towering Onslaught: spawns up to 16 large balls of light that then rain down and obliterate the land. 
  • XVII: Star Fire: grants temporary Pyrokinesis, though can only spawn white-hot flames with no control of damage.
  • XVIII: Lunar Eclipse: Spawns a massive lunar Chakra-and-Chain for the user to weild.
  • XIX: Solar Eclipse: Spawns a massive solar Shield-and-Spear for the user to weild.
  • XX: Judgement Day: Both the user and the target's souls are weighed depending on their actions. Misdeeds and burdens increase the weight of ones soul, and the heavier is subject to unspeakable torture at the end. REQUIRES IMMEDIATE CONTAIMENT AND MUST NEVER BE USED.
  • XXI: Lindwits' World: Never pulled. Resets the universe back to it's original state.
  • Sword (Number): Used to fortell future outcomes. The numbers determine whether a future event will be bad or good depending on the number (low=good, high=bad, 5&6=neutral)
  • Pentacle (Number): Rips open portals to the afterlife, allowing spirits to roam free and attack. Number pulled determines amount of holes.
  • Wand (Number): Grants magical capabilities or heightened emotions. Strength of these effects determined by number pulled.
  • Cup (Number): Grants different forms of prosperity to the user, ranging from food/water to material possessions. Amount determined by number pulled.


On an early-numbered Crucite planet, there was a Woman by the name of Lord Lindwits who used her powers of the arcane to conquer and become supreme ruler, though was still called lord due to that being her actual name. As time progressed, Lord suffered from age, and, to preserve herself further in history, had undergone a magical ritual to force her life-energy into a simple deck of Tarot Cards. These cards were then scattered throughout the masses, and used for brutal eradication of life as Lord herself died soon after. Throughout time, many cards were lost, stolen, or given away as valuable artifacts within different Crucite groups, and many had large influences on the results of multiple generations of Crucite civilization. Eventually, all of the cards ended up on Mobius and seem to be getting found by it's many inhabitants. At the moment, very few owners of the cards seem to even know about their power.

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