An explorer of the seas, and a very good friend to Abit the Hedgehog. She mainly controls transportation in the Adventure's Brigade. She has a passion for the open air, especially out in the water. She loves boats, and is fully capable of navigating them herself. Lindsey is a highly skilled cartographer, meaning she is capable of making and reading most and many maps. She shares, Abit's love for exploration, but is far more sensible (and smarter) than he is. She tends to have a short fuse when it comes to being annoyed. However, she shows many signs of having a warm and caring nature to her.


Lindsey lost her pirate father out at sea when she was only six. Ever since then she dedicated her life to studying the oceans, and travelling around the world. She has a love for the open sea, and also has a love for ships. She herself shows some mannerisms of a pirate. She was taught everything she knows, by her mother. The sea soon took her mother as well. After the passing of her mother, Lindsey stayed with her grandparents in Apotos, where she remained on land. Lindsey at often times felt very trapped. She still studied the water, and maps. However she felt herself constantly depressed.

Meeting Abit

Lindsey met Abit, at the local market. She saw him having a hard time studying a map. She asked him if he needed help to which he agreed to. She easily translated the map's information to him, and he thanked her. He in fact asked her to join him on his adventures. This was Lindsey's chance, it was her chance to finally explore the oceans of the universe. She gladly excepted. She dropped the groceries on her grandparents porch along with a note.


Lindsey is a very ambitious young girl. She has a passion for the water, as well as her trusty tools she uses to aid her. She is highly intrested in Earth Science, as well as navigation. She loves to study on new maps of worlds around the galaxy. She is a very smart, and responsible person. That along with her cartographer skills convinced the group to leave the maps in her care. Lindsey has a very bright and cheery optimisim, but it can be eclipsed by her extreme impatience for idiotic things. She has a very short fuse in these situations, and can come off as very harsh. She may be warm to people, but she is not naive. She is a smart girl, who enjoys the seas, as well as storms and the wind. She tends to zone out annoying people. Lindsey is a very responsible, short-tempered, and intelligent girl.


Abit the Hedgehog

The two are very good friends, but it remains that way. Neither see any romantic potential in the other. They in fact view each other as brother and sister. Abit tends to annoy Lindsey, making for hilarious conflicts between the two. The two back each other up in any situation, and constantly rely on one another. Abit admires Lindsey's navigation skills, but finds his adventuring skills, along with his strength and speed, to be a more essential asset to the group.

Saffron the Echidna

Regal the Tasmanian Devil

Aria the Jaguar


  • Lindsey is based off of both Lindsay (My Sims:Kingdom) and Melody (The Little Mermaid II) in terms of personality, and Lindsay in terms of appearance.
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