Linard Television, otherwise known as Linard, is the newest television network in the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg. The station is free-to-air, which means that it can be picked up with an antenna. Because of its large coverage area, LTV is the second largest broadcaster in Emeraldsbourg. LTV's stations are not liberalized; all stations have the same appearance. LTV runs off of advertising revenue and some government grants. There is no charter, thus the LTV can perform any tasks it wishes to perform on its local network.

There is one interesting fact about Linard, though; the station only has affiliates in Emeraldsbourg's smaller cities and on the islands, because MobiMedia serves the larger cities (Parkview, Emeraldsville, Owisagan, Mobius Corners and West Allis.)



In late 2009, MobiMedia Broadcasting filed several applications with the Mobian Communications Commission to start a new terrestrial television network. The broadcaster wished to compete with STV (now PBC,) but couldn't because its transmission footprint was mostly limited to the major cities (Parkview, Emeraldsville, Owisagan, Mobius Corners and West Allis.) To be able to become a dominant force in the Emeraldsbourg media market, it would have to start up a new sister television network.

To prevent overlapping and accidental duplication of programming, the new network (by-now called Linard, for the company's founder, Lockie J. Linard,) would only serve Emeraldsbourg's smaller cities and islands. As a consequence of this, cable companies in rural areas/small cities could only receive Linard stations, not MobiMedia stations.


Linard does not serve any of the large cities, as part of its agreement with MobiMedia. Thus, the network has more stations than MobiMedia. Linard's coverage area also serves the Islands.

Midlands Market

  • LRDJ-TV 3 - Digital 34/PSIP 3.1 - Joshowici
  • LRDD-TV 6 - Digital 56/PSIP 6.1 - Davidson & Northeast
  • LRDO-TV 9 - Digital 55/PSIP 9.1 - Oshawa City (Although Oshawa City has its own market, MobiMedia counts Oshawa City as part of the Midlands Market)
  • LRDP-TV 10 - Digital 61/PSIP 10.1 - Prairie Hill

Owisagan Market

  • LRDI-TV 11 - Digital 3/PSIP 11.1 - Wyattsburg
  • LRDE-TV 17 - Digital 29/PSIP 17.1 - Edwardton

Allis Valley Market

  • LRDL-TV 7 - Digital 77/PSIP 7.1 - Salemsville
  • LRDX-TV 32 - Digital 60/PSIP 32.1 - Connordale
  • LRDY-TV 22 - Digital 45/PSIP 22.1 - Lylatown

Emerald Coast Market/Eastern Lowcountry

For organizational reasons, Eastern Lowcountry stations will be considered part of this market.

  • LRDA-TV 19 - Digital 33/PSIP 19.1 - Alexandertown
  • LRDS-TV 21 - Digital 52/PSIP 21.1 - Stewartstown
  • LRDB-TV 8 - Digital 58/PSIP 8.1 - Blacksville
  • LRDK-TV 13 - Digital 71/PSIP 13.1 - Surryville
  • LRDH-TV 15 - Digital 74/PSIP 15.1 - Hobrwart

Emeraldsville Market

  • LRDM-TV 23 - Digital 14/PSIP 23.1 - Milner
  • LRDC-TV 20 - Digital 47/PSIP 20.1 - North Peak/Perkins Coast


  • LRDR-TV 44 - Digital 67/PSIP 44.1 - San Rico

News Programming

For the most part, Linard simulcasts MobiNews Emeraldsbourg on its stations, as well as local MobiNews newscasts/bulletins at 7:00. However, most of the Linard stations also produce their own newscasts for their local community, all branded as Linard News. These programs usually air at 6:00.

All Midlands Market Linard newscasts (except for Oshawa City and Joshowici,) are produced/taped at LRDD studios in Davidson. Oshawa City and Joshowici newscasts are recorded live from their studios.

Wyattsburg and Edwardton newscasts are produced/taped at LRDE studios in Edwardton. In addition, Allis Valley Linard newscasts are produced/taped at LRDY in Lylatown. Emerald Coast and Emeraldsville Linard newscasts are produced at their own studios.

Island newscasts are produced at LRDR studios in San Rico.


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